SEO PowerSuite Review: Swiss-Army-Knife for SEO in 2023

Creating SEO strategies can seem daunting, especially if you haven’t been using SEO tools. 

But do they actually make things easier or is it just a ruse?

SEO tools make your life so much easier, but more importantly, they take out the guesswork of building your strategy by giving you the data you need to make smart decisions.

seo powersuite

SEO tools can help you out in several areas, including:

  • Site audits
  • Rank tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Page speed

There are many SEO tools that focus only on one SEO factor, but SEO PowerSuite focuses on being a complete suite of tools for all your SEO needs.

The biggest reason to use SEO tools is to unlock your competitors strategy. If you’re not, you’ll find it increasingly difficult to keep up.

The other thing to mention is that there are plenty of free tools you can use. The problem is, they don’t give you as much information as paid tools. This often means you have to jump through hoops to scrap any relevant data together.

Paid tools, on the other hand, give you deep insights in to the data you need to make a solid strategy you can use to outrank your competitors. 

What Is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite Review

SEO PowerSuite has played an essential part in many people’s SEO efforts, but what is it, and how can it help you?

SEO PowerSuite combines four top-rated SEO tools but places them all in one package:

  • Website Auditor 
  • Rank Tracker
  • LinkAssistant
  • SEO Spyglass

Because the suite gives you access to the four tools above, it allows you to hit every part of your SEO strategy from one provider.

SEO PowerSuite Review

But the best thing is:

You can integrate three very important free SEO tools:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Social Media
  3. Google Search Console

This enables you to create concrete SEO strategies with minimal effort, which is what makes this suite of tools so desirable.

But what does each tool do, and how can you use them? Let’s take a look at each tool in this exclusive SEO PowerSuite review.

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How To Use SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass can be used to assist you in a number of SEO tasks. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways to boost your ranking strategy SEO Spyglass:

View Your Competitors Backlinks

Building backlinks is an essential part of any SEO strategy; without it, you’ll always be one step behind your competition. 

SEO Spyglass helps you get a step ahead by revealing how many backlinks are pointing to your competitor’s website.

Simply enter your competitors URL into the search bar; one of the first pieces of information you’ll see is the number of backlinks pointing to their site.


You can export this list and combine it with Google Search Console to increase the number of results and then look to replicate those links for your own gain.

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Spot Harmful Risks

Here’s the problem with backlinks:

Not all backlinks are judged equally, which means having bad links pointing to your site can be extremely damaging.

This can end up costing you revenue and traffic: not something you want. And that’s where this tool can be beneficial.

Click on “Backlink Profile” then “Penalty Risk”, the tool will then provide you with a list of all the potentially harmful links pointing to your site.


The best thing is:

You can instantly disavow those links using the tool. Scroll down the list and disavow any link that could be potentially damaging.


From there, it’s a case of exporting the file and importing it into Google Search Console.

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How To Use Link Assistant

As mentioned before, building links is an integral part of your SEO strategy. The problem is, it’s very time-consuming. 

And this is where the tool Link Assistant can help. The SEO tool can help you:

  • Create email templates
  • Find email addresses
  • Find link opportunities
  • Contact web owners

So, how do you get started, and how does it work?

Getting started with the tool couldn’t be any easier. All you have to do is enter your domain URL when prompted.


After that, you’re good to start building some links. So, let’s get started on how to use its features:

Finding Opportunities 

Link Assistant makes it super easy for you to find targets/prospects to link to. To start the process, click on the “Prospects” and then “Look For Prospects” This can be found at the top left corner.


The tool will then request that you select a search method you want to use. You can choose Guest Post, Reviews, Commenting, Giveaways, Forums, Links Pages, Links Submission Forms, and Directories.


Once you’ve selected a search method, you need to add a selection of keywords you want to rank for.


To complete the search, follow a final couple of steps and hit submit; it will then give you a list of opportunities.

Find Email Address Quickly  

One of the best things about this tool is how easy it makes it to find contact details for the sites you’re interested in. 

To find the contact details for one of the URLs on the list is super easy and only takes four steps:

  1. Right-click on your chosen URL
  2. Hover over update
  3. Contact Info
  4. Submit

The tool will then extract any email address that’s connected to the site in question.

Send Out Bulk Messages

Managing your outreach is one of the hardest parts of link building, but Link-Assistant takes the hard work out of it.

This is because it allows you to outreach to a bunch of people with minimal effort.

You see, once you’ve created a list, you can select the people you want to contact quickly and easily by using “ctrl + left click.”

Once you’ve selected the ones you like, click the email button, which is found at the top of the page.

From here, you can make an email template; make sure you heavily edit the template they give you, so it’s suitable for your niche.

Once it’s ready, click “Bulk Send,” and you’re done.

How To Use Website Auditor

Without having perfect on-page SEO, it’s doubtful any of your link building efforts will take effect, which means all the hard work you put in would have been for nothing.

So, how do you make sure your on-page SEO is perfect?

The only way to do this is by auditing your site regularly, which can be done using SEO PowerSuite’s Website Auditor tool.

This tool allows you to:

  • Audit your site
  • Find valuable keywords
  • Steal content strategies and
  • Optimize your content 

To get started with the tool, you’ll need to enter your domain URL when prompted and click next

Audit Your Site

Getting a complete audit of your doesn’t take long with this tool. Simply click on “Site Structure” and then “Site Audit.”

Don’t play around with any of the settings; just submit the information and get the crawl started.

Once the crawl is completed, it will display all the problems with your site using one of the three codes:

  1. Error
  2. Warning
  3. Info Pages

Select one of the problems from the list to learn more about the issue and how to fix it. Work through the list correcting any issues.

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Find New Keywords/Steal Content Strategies

This is one of the most powerful features of the Website Auditor tool. It’s called the TF-IDF tool, and what it does is very beneficial.

It basically searches for all the keywords your competitors are using, and you should be.

To use the tool, go to “Content Analysis” then “TF-IDF”:

Select one of your competitor’s pages that you want to steal the data from. It will then give you a list of relevant keywords your competitors are using.

It will also give you guidance on how many you should add or remove from your own content for optimal keyword optimization.  

How To Use Rank Tracker

Tracking your rankings is no simple task without SEO tools, but it’s also one of the most exciting things to watch. There’s nothing better than seeing all that hard work starting to take effect.

Using the Rank Tracker tool provided by SEO PowerSuite can help you:

  • Monitor your rankings
  • Track featured snippets
  • Reveal keyword difficulties

The tool lets you track an unlimited amount of keywords for mobile and desktop rankings. Here are a few things you can do with the tool.

Find Out Keyword Difficulty

Finding keywords that you actually have a chance of ranking for is the key to success and should be your primary focus.

The rank tracker tool can gauge how challenging it would be to outperform your competitors. 

The process is pretty simple; you can learn more from Matthew Woodward in his complete SEO PowerSuite review.  

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Hopefully, this article has helped shed some light on one of the most popular SEO suites in the market. There are free versions of the tools you can use, but they don’t provide half as much data.

Who use SEO Powersuite?

SEO Powersuite users are loving the software as they keep adding more features. For example, I took this tweet from twitter.

seopowersuite review on twitter

Backlinks index, scraping, content analysis and everything; you will find all the required features in the tool that makes you a pro in SEO. SEO is vast and always changing.

That’s why you also need a tool that keeps adapting its technology to match the current expectations while maintaining the data requirements.

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My Review about SEO PowerSuite?

So far I have had my hands on it and used it for my client projects, I feel that there is a lot of data. Lots of data that helps you generate good insights for your organic SEO campaigns.

Quick review

SEOPowerSuite Review $399


SEO PowerSuite has played an essential part in many people’s SEO efforts, but what is it, and how can it help you?

  • Rank Tracker
  • Website Auditor
  • SEO SpyGlass
  • Link Assistant

Why you should buy?

Buying the subscription is costly and it is not for personal use if you’re just starting the game of SEO. When you have advanced needs to tap into SEO optimization and have a team who can handle different aspects of your website’s SEO, go for it.

By using the four tools effectively, you can build a powerful and effective SEO strategy. So, what are you waiting for?