Seo Vancouver – How to Hire a Search Engine Optimization Consultant?

Are you disappointed in your business website’s ranking? Well, you should join the myriad of entrepreneurs that trust the future of their startups in the hands of Vancouver SEO professionals

Nowadays, investing in a search engine optimization strategy is the only way for individuals to improve marketing, increase organic traffic, and target the right audience for their online businesses. There is a multitude of SEO professionals, such as, which provide clients with a wide range of digital marketing services.

The following tips will help you hire the right consultant.

Define your goals

The search for the right SEO consultant starts from yourself, referring to the specific goals that you intend to achieve. Bear in mind that these services aren’t universal for all companies but can be customized to match your business goals. 

For instance, owners of startups would undoubtedly need a full-service package, which includes setting up a completely new website. Conversely, businessmen that already have official websites would probably need to improve certain aspects of their online presence. Anyhow, SEO consultants are experts at performing digital marketing analysis to determine the exact requirements of potential clients, thus providing them with detailed plans. 

Nevertheless, for an SEO company to yield successful results, it’s paramount for its consultants to specialize in your industry. Hiring professionals that aren’t familiar with your line of business isn’t exactly a wise decision. 

Look for reputable candidates

Considering the extensive range of search engine optimization services in the online market, it’s crucial to select reputable candidates. The most fruitful way of compiling a list of promising consultants is looking for personal recommendations and checking online reviews. Read more about the tremendous impact of online customer reviews. 

Nowadays, reviews by former clients are considered an incredibly valuable source of information, regarding the professionalism, punctuality, and ethics of potential candidates. Naturally, you’d have to look for such reviews at trustworthy sites like Google, as the ones posted on companies’ websites aren’t exactly reliable. 

In case you aren’t fond of customer reviews, you could look for personal recommendations to get a better insight into the availability and professionalism of candidates. Don’t be discouraged from asking other business owners about the consultants they’ve worked with, as it’s the only way to acquire first-hand information about their experience. 

Check portfolios and case studies

Another indispensable aspect to consider when looking for the right SEO consultant is the ability to provide potential clients with an extensive portfolio and case studies. Besides scanning the vague portfolios on candidates’ websites, make sure you get in touch with the consultants to ask for a more detailed version. 

Moreover, portfolios and case studies are an excellent way of inspecting the range of services that SEO companies offer to their clients. It’s vital to ask for case studies that include the services you require so as to get a better idea of their strategies. The following link,, explains the importance of business case studies.

Use social media

Besides analyzing the official websites of candidates, remember to become their follower on LinkedIn and Facebook. It’ll help you explore the informal side of their interaction with clients, as social media encourages a less formal tone of conversations. 

Furthermore, you’re also advised to spare some time to read their blog posts so as to learn useful information about their expertise. Make sure you become a subscriber to their e-mail newsletters to be constantly updated about their offers and discounts.

Prioritize communication

Communication is of crucial importance when hiring an SEO consultant, as you’ll commit to a long-term collaboration with this professional. The consultant has to be responsive and available throughout the consultation period and provide answers to all of your questions. 

Therefore, make the most out of the initial consultations by asking relevant questions about the candidates’ experience, fees, and contract policies. These professionals are supposed to provide you with an approximate timeframe, after which you’ll experience the first results of the search engine optimization strategy. 

Consider pricing

Pricing is yet another significant aspect to consider when hiring an SEO company, as their fees need to match your budget. Some companies charge hourly rates, while others oblige clients to sign at least six-month contracts. 

Nevertheless, make sure you compare the fees of multiple consultants prior to making an ultimate decision. Bear in mind that incredibly low-cost fees should be considered as off-putting not appealing.

Don’t forget integrity

Integrity is of great value when selecting an SEO company, as the team of employees should be completely devoted to realizing clients’ dreams and visions. 

Since these agencies have versatile structures, it’s essential to hire a company whose structure fits your requirements. Click here to see how integrity benefits businesses. 


SEO is the future of your online business. 

Make an investment!