SkySilk Hosting Review – Cheapest VPS Server Ever

VPS (Virtual Private Server) plays a very important role in setting up an online business. The reason for the growth in usage of VPS in today’s life as VPS provides a tool which customizable tools for online business. At the beginning of online business people usually look for free VPS service provider. But the truth is most of the VPS providers that provide premium services are paid.

SkySilk is one of the most powerful platforms that provide VPS add-ons absolutely for free. SkySilk provides a range of tools and unlimited access to their services. The other VPS provider tools which are free are not enough power that gives usage of their tools and services for free. SkySilk is more cloud computing resources in a fraction of cost.

What is SkySilk?

skysilk review

When we talk about a tool make things easy for any developer, individual, business to utilize cloud computing resources. There is nothing better than SkySilk Cloud Services. SkySilk Cloud services is a cloud service provider which offers not only simple but also scalable and affordable cloud computing solutions.

The cloud services provider tool utilizes a combination of established hardware and open source software. These cloud resources can be used at any layer of the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS models.

One-Click Installation of Application and Security

SkySilk also offers one-click installation of awesome web applications like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and many more web scripts. The cloud services provider is currently in the beta stage and this is the only reason why SkySilk is providing services of the software for as low as $1.62 per month. The cloud services take care of your data as they have built-in Antivirus and firewall system installed. The designers of the tool have kept security in their mind and ensuring high services for the customer.

security at skysilk
  1. Credit card security and payment process security
  2. Security at the data center
  3. brute force attack protection
  4. DDoS protection
  5. Data transfer, user access and communication security
  6. Protection of the snapshots and backups

Features of SkySilk

The remaining VPS providers in the market do not provide sufficient resources and tools for a website application at this cost whereas when we talk about SkySilk which has good features and access to all tools and services that is required for almost all of the websites. SkySilk protects your data and makes a triple replicated backups which prevent in any loss of data by performing scheduled backups at regular intervals for free.

cloud computing pricing

SkySilk supports many open source apps and Operating Systems. SkySilk provides settings and plans which are easy to use and can be planned and configured by paying $5 per month.

This package is available in addition to the beta stage. SkySilk makes work easy by providing a suite of articles and guides which provides every information regarding the service. SkySilk provides a server which can be permanently scaled at any point and also receives temporary boosts that provide cost-effective ways to increase CPU and RAM for 24 hours. Ceph Pre-distributed file storage is optimized for no failure by the cloud services. The user can easily choose dozens of Linux apps and clean operating system installs to deploy in just a single second.

SkySilk user experience

You will get 500 reward points just for signing up on the platform and you can convert them into a 5USD deposit into your Skysilk billing. Now you can buy a cheap VPS server for free.

redeem reward points

I can see whooping 5$ balance to buy a VPS.

rewards and dashbaord

Here I am ready to launch my server for just $1.62 per month which means I am getting 3 months VPS hosting for free.

deploying a server

SkySilk provides a user-friendly interface from the login page to the setup. The dashboard provides pages through which everything can be known about SkySilk. Every option required by the user can be accessed on a single fingerprint. No one will ever need to search for anything on the dashboard as everything is available in front of there eyes.

Support Services

support at skysilk

SkySilk has one of the best support teams in the market when we compare to any other VPS service providers. Furthermore, there is an extensive support forum where you can find answers to almost all your technical and billing questions. However, the support team is skilled enough to provide guide you for your services in the very easy and short steps so that it becomes very easy to understand by you.

There are 3 ways to get help-

  1. Customer support knowledgebase
  2. Support Tickets
  3. Community Forum
  4. Live chat, email and call support

They have such a huge base of hosting support which provides a number of articles that are written that offers users very good support. These articles can easily be accessed by search engines. The articles themselves are enough to solve your quarries and technical support. The reason for their field team is to handle the customers who are at their beginning stage.

Plans and Pricing

cloud computing pricing

SkySilk provides a wide range of VPS plans that are required for designing of a project. We have mentioned above that SkySilk is currently free to use like any other VPS providers that exist in the market.

The premium plan exists for SkySilk which is free for the beta stage but once it is over, the user needs to pay some price for the continuation of tools and services.

detailed pricing of skysilk

SkySilk provides three plans that can be easily accessed and have different plans. Each plan is customized according to their price and the price of each plan is quite cheap. If we talk about a one month plan which provides unlimited VPS, it costs not more than $5. The package provides sufficient services and tools that would ever be required by any app or operating system. The pricing strategy makes SkySilk more attractive to the customers. The platform also provides a cash back rewards system which is called as SkyPoints that can be redeemed by various methods.

Conclusion: SkySilk Review 2019.

I have been using SkySilk for a few months and I have come to the conclusion that the SkySilk provides a user-friendly interface. From the login page to set up, things are easy to understand.

SkySilk provides most of the service for free which other VPS services does not provide. SkySilk is simple, cost-effective, innovative and has all the solutions in one. The rapid triple replicated of the VPS services provides 100% SSD cloud servers which ensure that data is scheduled backup and never lost. The flexible resources options provide monthly plans which meet any workload and budget.

SkySilk provides attractive offers for the user like earning of VPS rewards on every transaction. SkySilk has lots of free services and tools that can be accessed by the user except premium but there will be a free plan afterward. For now, SkySilk can be relied on as the services by them is best in the market at a lower price.