Top 10 Smartproxy Alternatives and Competitors

What is the smartest way to access blocked content restricted by your country or region? The best solution is to use proxies, so here’s a list of Smartproxy alternatives. You can choose any proxy provider depending on your budget and needs. #1 is Bright Data as always, but look out for some more smart proxies.
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Smartproxy Residential Proxies

Out of many residential proxy platforms, Smartproxy is the only decentralized platform. There are many free tools provided by Smartproxy. These include the on-site dashboards, browser extensions, API, and more.

The advanced proxy rotation service lets you switch to a new proxy without extra effort. You can choose proxies in your preferred location around the world. All the proxies are anonymous, meaning you never reveal your original IP address.

You can pay via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, or even Bitcoin.

Top Alternatives & Competitors to Smartproxy

brightdata homepage

Bright Data is the #1 Smartproxy alternative with new features released every day. The support is available 24/7 with a real-time network performance dashboard.

There are dedicated account managers to help you scale your business. You also get tailored solutions to get the right thing you need to accomplish your goals.

The residential proxies are 100% compliant with quick response time and 99.9% uptime guaranteed. You can access over 72 million + advanced rotating residential IPs around the world.

oxylabs homepage

Oxylabs is another powerful proxy solutions provider with global coverage in major countries worldwide. Companies and individuals use Oxylabs for SEO, ad verification, price monitoring, and more.

The proxies are reliable and stable, so you won’t face any issues while scraping. You have access to 24/7 support so you can get your issues resolved anytime you want.

The team of Oxylabs strives to expand the current proxy pool and fit everyone’s needs. All the products offered by Oxylabs are insured and certified by ISO and Technology Errors & Omissions.

netnut homepage

Netnut provides a 7-day free trial for every user. You can sign up and create an account and later choose a proxy of your choice.

You can choose between US Datacenter IPs, rotating residential IPs, or Static residential IPs.

A real-time dashboard with statistics on usage and total requests can be found. The reseller program allows you to add sub-users and manage their usage effectively.

Setting up a Netnut account is easy and gives you access to the proxies instantly. The platform is a faster Smartproxy alternative because Netnut has a built-in smart IP rotation management layer.

nimble residential proxies

Nimble is one of the best Smartproxy alternatives because of its effort. The major focus here is that the price is almost similar, yet, Nimble outweighs Smartproxy. 

Firstly, Nimble focuses more on providing high-quality data without any hassle. They will set the data within minutes rather than taking days for you to get started. Plus, the data is entirely reliable. 

Even if you are a newbie to proxies, you won’t feel left out if you use Nimble. The interface is user-friendly. Nimble focuses on what you want, rather than being an AI tool following instructions.

limeproxies homepage

Limeproxies provides on-demand services like price intelligence, market research, and more. They are experts in data types including eCommerce, price & product comparison, company profiles, etc.

You can access proxies from over 1000 subnets with 1 Gbps unmatched speed. You also have the choice of 50+ locations with 24/7 support and high-speed bandwidth. 

You can start with a 3 day free trial with no credit card required. You can easily access new IPs with the automated IP refresh feature.

soax homepage

Soax is another elite proxies provider and competitive Smartproxy alternative to look at. The proxies are available for all GEOs and are 100% whitelisted.

The Soax dashboard helps you to easily configure the proxies with usage statistics. You can export your proxies easily as txt, CSV, or HTML and also share them with others via a link. The reason you should choose Soax is its flexible pricing, whitelisted IPs, and completely secure.

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Conclusion: Which is the Best Smartproxy Alternatives this year?

From the list of Smartproxy alternatives, Bright Data is the topmost competitor. My opinions might be a little biased but looking at the features, Bright Data is the top choice as Smartproxy alternatives.

If you are using any other proxies apart from the list in this article, then do share with us. Your sharing will help our readers get more knowledge about different proxies.

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