SpyFu Alternatives- The Best SEO and Backlink Spy Tools in 2023

Market research is one of the crucial steps when it comes to transforming your business for better performance. If it’s about the online industry, you have got to have a look at what your competitors are doing to stand out as the best platforms. Therefore, for that, various platforms offer these services, and Spyfu is counted amongst the best ones.

So, let’s see some of the best Spyfu Alternatives.

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Spyfu, known initially as GoogSpy, is a Scottsdale-based that offers accurate and unlimited SEO and PPC data at pretty reasonable prices. It was first launched in 2005 as a platform that shows keywords used on Google Ads. 

At Spyfu, you can look for any domain and see where can you get them at Google. This helps the companies to look for keywords for organic growth and ad variation to perform better on the internet.

Top Alternatives & Competitors to SpyFu

Good SEO, excellent content marketing, thorough competitor’s research, PPC, and whatnot. The internet demands a lot when it comes to doing great for your online potential customers. There is nothing better than SemRush which is undoubtedly the best ever SEO solution you can have. Hence, one of the best Spyfu Alternatives. 

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Trusted by over 6 million marketing professionals, and used by more than 500 companies, SemRush is one amazing go-to marketing tool.

pricing semrush

What can you get with it?

  • Its pricing is divided into three monthly plans. Pro- $119.95, Guru- $229.95, and Business- $449.95.
  • SemRush is best known for On-page SEO, Keyword Research, Local SEO, and tracking rank
  • There are around 50 tools to choose from to get the best business from your online platform.
  • Special things to use at SemRush include competitors PR Monitoring, PPC Keyword Research, and Website Monetization
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Another best one-stop solution to all your SEO-related problems is SEO PowerSuite. This great all-in-one SEO package is what every business needs. It has plenty of tools to help you have traffic, backlinks, performance analysis, and much more on this platform. 

SEO PowerSuite is the platform that more than 5,00,000 experts use and trusts the most. But why should you choose this over SpyFu? Here are the reasons. 

  • It is available for free.
  • If you want the pro version, you have two options to choose from. Professional- 596/year and Enterprise- $1396/year
  • Tools offered by SEO PowerSuite include Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, LinkAssistant, SEO SpyGlass
  • You accurately monitor ranking, detailed link analysis, and keyword research
  • Get everything you need for your on-page SEO
  • It works with 100% safety and is perfectly search engine friendly

When we say an All-in-one SEO solution, it might seem very complex. Want to ease it up? Here is the tool that can help you do that. It is SE Ranking that makes your ranking work a lot simpler. 

From Keyword Grouper, API Acess, to SEO Reporting tools, SE Ranking has a lot to offer you. Besides, keep an eye on your SEO Potential, traffic analysis, snippet crawler, index status, volume checkers, and mobile app. 

  • Get 100% accurate keyword rank tracking
  • Audit your website with in-depth records
  • Unlock competitive SEO and PPC research
  • Continuous checking and monitoring of backlinks
  • All this in 3 monthly packages: Optimum- $31, Plus- $71, and Enterprise- $151
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Here we are with the platform that will provide you guidance coming straight from the professionals. Serpstat one great SpyFu alternative you get you on board with rank tracking, grouping keywords & tags, enable local research, and much more. 

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Serpstat is trusted by over 5,00,000 professionals across the world. You can have your best digital marketing and in-house SEO for your enterprise and SMB. 

serpstat pricing plans

  • Peek into your competitor’s advertising analysis
  • Get the best keyword solutions from your potential audience
  • Understand content marketing in-depth and get ideations
  • The plans here start from $48 a month and can exceed according to your requirements

Starting with the Spyfu alternatives, we cannot ignore  Moz which is one great platform for your smart SEO solutions. It is best at auditing sites, tracking ranks, analyzing backlinking, and keyword research. 

There are three plans one can go for at Moz, Moz Pro, Moz Local, and STAT. All these three are best at themselves. What can you get with Moz?

  • Enjoy the premium services with Moz Pro at just $149/month
  • Get help from the experts no matter if you are an amateur looking for SEO education
  • Get a 30-day free trial in All-In-One website SEO
  • Understanding your visitors, track your ranking, audit your website by the trusted platform
  • Create the best optimization of your page, find link opportunities, and get a detailed custom report
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Up next we have BrightEdge which is one of the best SEO solutions for you if you want real-time research. It shows recommendations and ranking results that help you perform your best on the internet. 

 Be it research, ranking, or recommendations for improving your online performance, BrightEdge is the solution you need for your great future. Why? Here are the reasons:

  • You can expose the activities of your competitors
  • BridgeEgde helps you understand your potential customer’s requirements and queries
  • You can look for content marketing strategies, improve social media performance, and do a lot more with BrigthEdge
  • There are plenty of products and solutions to choose from
  • For great SEO, you must go for its ‘Win At SEO’
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Up Next we have WebCEO which is as best as Spyfu for your Digital marketing and SEO keeping in mind your competitors’ performance analysis. If you are a beginner, WebCEO can be a good choice. However, it is best known for Agency-level companies that are looking for something more reliable. 

It has pro-level SEO tools, can manage hundreds of clients at once, and is perfect to deal with your SEO needs. What more can you expect?

  • It comes with four monthly plans: Solo- $39, Startup- $99, Corporate- $299, and Agency unlimited- $99
  • It helps you impress your customers and clients with a beautiful SEO report
  • The best solution for white-label marketing
  • Its SEO solutions help you earn good revenue and make a big profit
  • It has 20 years of experience in this field and is being happily used by 1,350,000 businesses worldwide
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Claiming itself to have the smartest marketers, Searchmetrics is nothing but simplified digital commerce. This platform has three major solutions to serve: SearchMetrics Suite, Digital Strategies Group, and SearchMetrics Insights. Here we will focus on the Suite which is based on content performance. 

SearchMetrics is literally a great platform even if you don’t what to do next to improve your work. The team is great at offering you consultation be it for digital marketing, SEO, or even content. Let’s dig in more:

  • Its SEO research tool costs $89 a month
  • SearchMetrics offers its services from more than 30 countries
  • You can get access to SERP feature insights, domain down breaks, and much more
  • Understand search trends and stay a lot ahead of the competition
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Moving on with the list of SpyFu alternatives, it would be wrong if we did not mention Majestic. This is the favorite platform for most developers and marketers. Majestic is the tool for you if you are looking for something to set up the link to your website.

Try out its free version and see the magic happening. However, to get rid of the limitations, you must go for its pretty outstanding premium version. What more will you get?

  • Its plans are divided into three parts: LITE: $49.99/month, PRO: $99.99/month, and API: $399.99/month
  • You will come across all the results related to that page URL or even an entire site
  • Majestic is the platform where you can get trust flow, citation, trust, and tropical flow
  • It allows you to analyze millions of things in every package

Last but not least we have SiteImprove which undoubtedly matches its name. Why? Well, all because of its all-in-one solution be it for content marketing, SEO, or profile growth. With its digital potential, your website can become digitally advanced with simple solutions. 

SiteImprove is the platform that provides you the services based on your digital goals that fit your size and industry. 

  • You can have its SEO tool at just $79 a month which is pretty reasonable
  • Get your hand to your overall digital difficulty and complexity
  • Know your actionable insights and make your potential decisions 
  • Start your digital growth ASAP
  • Collaborate with the companies that would help you grow faster


Spyfu is a great source for you to do your best in the digital world. But this is not just it. There are plenty of Spyfu alternatives that you must try. So, do have a look at them and make your website the best space for your online customers.