Top 10 Sites to Do Surveys for Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies 💰

Did you know that you may earn free bitcoin by completing surveys? Survey sites can be an excellent method to make additional money. Some of these websites provide players with Gift Cards, while others offer cash payments, vacations, and more. Few websites, nevertheless, compensate users with Bitcoin. 

One of the simplest methods to earn Bitcoin is by completing internet surveys. These surveys are quick to complete and don’t include complex mathematical problems like mining. It might be challenging to find the best survey sites to earn bitcoin quickly if you are beginning your Bitcoin career. 

I’ve included some of the top websites that will pay you in Bitcoin for doing surveys to aid you in making wise choices. 

Some Sites for the Best Surveys for Bitcoins – Earn Crypto 💰


pawns app by iproyal

Through the, anybody may take surveys and make money online. These surveys are used by third party clients for various commercial research, such as pricing research, brand defense, and content distribution. Like most of these related passive income choices, your earnings depend on location, internet speed, and how long you keep the app or program running on your device. 

You can easily download the app from the google store on your smartphone or on a windows laptop. On your dashboard, you will see the surveys to be filled, which is how easily you can earn passive income. 

You will get $0.20 for each gigabit of bandwidth sold in addition to affiliate and survey income. This will raise the balance on your IPRoyal account. After you reach the $5 payment level, you may withdraw your money. Although local regulations may vary, you may use Bitcoin to make the payment.


InstaGC for instant gift cards by taking surveys

It is advised to sign up for as many websites as possible if you wish to do surveys in exchange for Bitcoin to increase your profits. One of the survey websites you should use to get some additional cash is InstaGC. The surveys available on the website now vary depending on the Country. As a result, your possibilities mostly rely on where you are. 

In addition to doing surveys, you may get money by betting on sports, surfing the web, and watching movies. Once you’ve reached the required threshold, you may exchange your profits for well-known cryptocurrencies or an Amazon gift card. On InstaGC, one dollar is equivalent to 100 points. To convert points to your Bitcoin wallet, you must earn at least $50 on your initial login. You may start withdrawing issues in Bitcoins after you reach this barrier by making $10.

superpay me reward program

You can earn Bitcoin with Superpay. I participate in free cash competitions to win even more money and perks. This website provides intriguing paid survey possibilities and posts new surveys daily. No matter where you are in the globe, you may join, but you should also be aware that certain countries can have more offers that apply to you than others when utilizing Superpay. 

There is a high learning curve, but it is a terrific place to go if you are interested in conducting Bitcoin surveys. You may obtain your money in addition to Bitcoin via a paid transfer through a Skrill or Paypal account. The minimum payment amount is $60 if you wish to get your money in bitcoin. Most chores need one dollar in cash.

BTC Surveys

BTC Surveys for earning btc

In one of the Bitcoin conversations on Reddit, a member revealed the survey website BTC Surveys. You may participate in surveys on the site for between two and fifteen minutes in exchange for $0.2 and $3 for every survey. The survey website connects businesses with consumers who wish to share their thoughts on various topics. Let’s imagine, for illustration purposes, that Tesla is interested in hearing what the European market thinks about a new feature they want to add. 

Tesla will thus pay for the website to get insight into the relevant market. The website will next conduct a poll for European visitors to complete. This is how the website compensates these individuals for their input. The website now has a reasonably shoddy phone app, but they want to improve it in the future. Additionally, keep a lookout for a referral scheme that would allow you to participate in your friends’ profits if they join the website. At first, the website offered $1 worth of Bitcoin for every $1 cost of surveys. However, the changeover eventually dropped to $0.90 as they gathered more supporters. Even so, it offers considerably more than most other websites.

Survey Time

You can do surveys for Bitcoin on Survey Time, a straightforward website. The fact that you get the prize in cash rather than points is one of the most excellent features of the site. As a result, money will be deposited immediately into your account. From any nation in the globe, you may do surveys for Bitcoin using your PC or phone. Furthermore, no bank account is required.

Additionally, no matter how lengthy or short a survey is, Survey Time will always pay you $1. Thus, you will get the same payment whether you complete a one-minute survey. The fact that there is no minimum compensation on this survey website is another fantastic feature. After completing only one survey, you may cash out and convert your winnings to Bitcoin anytime.

Bitcoin Bonus

One of the survey websites where you may make a respectable salary is the Bitcoin Bonus. Understanding how the platform operates may take some time since it differs somewhat from others. One benefit is that Bitcoin Bonus enables you to get prizes like Satoshi. Because you get actual Bitcoins rather than virtual cash that you subsequently exchange, it’s fantastic if you want to build your cryptocurrency holdings. The smallest Bitcoin unit is called a Satoshi, for those who may not be aware. 

One Satoshi is equivalent to 0.00000001 Bitcoin, for reference. You do not need to input personal information, such as your date of birth, gender, or age, when you sign up for the site. To join the survey site, all you need to do is provide your Bitcoin address. You get 500 Satoshi as a welcome bonus when you sign up with Bitcoin Bonus. 

You may earn 2000 Satoshi if you agree to confirm your email address (because it’s optional). According to the site, you may make 100,000 Satoshis for each offer. According to the current exchange rate, it’s roughly $9. Even better, if you introduce friends to the site, you will get 50% off of any fulfilled offers from your friends. You must withhold a minimum of 25,000 Satoshis.


CinchBucks is a straightforward website where you may earn Bitcoin by doing surveys. On the website, there are more jobs you may do to be paid. The website is now accessible in all countries except a few. Pakistan, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, North Korea, Niger, Cuba, and Iran, are a few of them. The primary currency of the site is known as CB points, and you earn these points for every offer you complete. 

You can do surveys, play games, view movies online, or sign up for newsletters using your email address to earn points. 100 CB points equal one dollar in earnings. You may use this money to buy rewards or to get a direct deposit into your PayPal or Bitcoin wallet. With the profits, you may also purchase digital gift cards for Fortnite, Google Play, Amazon, Minecraft, eBay, and iTunes.


People can purchase and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies on Coinbase in a secure environment. It provides a safe remote wallet and has an intuitive user interface. With Coinbase, purchasing Bitcoin is as simple as it gets. You may be able to start earning bitcoin right now with Coinbase Earn. Coinbase is searching for approaches to enhance its offerings and better comprehend its clientele. To do this, they seek Coinbase product customers and enlist their cooperation in research projects. 

It would help if you waited for an invitation and followed the guidelines to join. You might even decide to apply to join the user panel that is currently in operation. They undertake several studies, each one unique. Some discussions would want your thoughts on concepts or a fresh design, while others might inquire about the previous or present use of certain goods. Sometimes they want you to inspect a prototype, take a poll, or join a video chat. They demand truthful responses to their inquiries. Individual research consultations, including video chats and phone conversations, are reimbursed via Coinbase Earn. They will inform you of the compensation you will get before registering. They do not currently provide compensation for taking part in user panels or short internet surveys. However, the answers to those questions can open up further possibilities for you to participate in the compensated study programs.

Offer Country

Offer Country offers cash payouts through PayPal or Skrill. Additionally, you can buy with bitcoin and get gift cards from some of the more well-known stores. Offer Country allows you to earn Bitcoin by joining for deals, utilizing promo codes, installing applications, and completing surveys. 

Even though most of these chances pay out less than $1, they are pretty simple to complete. Over time, you can be assigned increasingly tricky assignments that are paid up to $5. There is a $1 minimum payment for cash. The minimum payment for Bitcoin is $40. A reputable website where you may be paid is called Offer Country.


Rewards1 is another excellent site for doing surveys for Bitcoins. Anybody can earn money online by doing paid surveys or participating in other offers or activities. Joining the Get to Paid website is accessible. When you sign up for this site, you can gain points by completing chores and online surveys. You can then exchange the points you accumulate for money, gift cards, game tickets, or even bitcoins. The minimum payment amount for Bitcoin is $5. You can then request your withdrawal after earning 500 points.


You have probably discovered the most excellent option on the list if you have been unsuccessfully searching for websites to do surveys for free Bitcoin. You should be aware that none of those mentioned above websites can help you make a respectable living. 

You should use many survey sites if you want to make more money. It is wise to make sure your choices are open since it is pretty unexpected how many surveys you will get from each site and how often. If you have the time, join all the websites above, do as many activities as possible, and make money while having fun!