Best Surveys for Money in Paypal – Do Surveys for Money via PayPal πŸ”₯

Online surveys are a good way for me to earn money online. They provide everyone who wishes to make a little additional money in their leisure time with a simple and cost-free option without needing specialized knowledge or skills. Surveys for Paypal money is not a myth, See how you can do Surveys for money in PayPal.

In terms of payment choices, I choose surveys and applications that use PayPal. Many websites that conduct online surveys provide gift cards, cheques, or other types of compensation. While they are OK, I prefer websites that at least provide PayPal as a payment method since it is the most adaptable and often the quickest.

 Let us check out some of the best survey sites that pay money through PayPal.

 Some of the βœ… Best Survey Websites for PayPal Money πŸ”₯

pawns app by iproyal

Β Anyone can make money online by taking surveys in the application. It is a “Get Paid To” service. Your responses are used for market research, such as pricing research, trademark protection, and content distribution. Once you reach the $5 payment level, you may withdraw your money. PayPal can be used as the payment method. Your country selection box will display.

pawns app payment withdrawal process

You can get paid in several ways in a foreign country (and also different virtual gift cards). You may have to wait one or two days for approval after choosing a payment method (typically, an email notifying you of a payout request will be delivered to your inbox; click on “VIEW REWARD” to continue). When you select “REDEEM” to start the withdrawal process, the cash-out amount will show up in your account.


swagbucks for surveys to earn money onliine

 Popular micro-tasking website Swagbucks enables users to earn SBs, the platform’s rewards, by taking part in several tasks. Swagbucks has paid over $400 million to its platform users, and consumers applaud the speed with which they get PayPal payments. The average survey payout on Swagbucks is $0.50.

As a result, active users who spend 30 to 60 minutes each day responding to surveys might make $30 to $60 per month. Additionally, the site offers a free $5 sign-up incentive to new users who accumulate at least 2500 SBs during the first 60 days of their account. The minimum payout for PayPal payments on the site is $5. Instead, you can get their profits in gift cards, beginning at only $1.

Pinecone Study

pinecode study image

The reputable survey platform Pinecone Research needs the invitation to use. You must either register your interest on the Pinecone Research website or search for invite links on websites you frequent to get an invitation. With typical surveys earning up to $5, the site has one of the most significant survey rewards available.

Pinecone provides loyalty benefits, so the longer you utilize the site, the more profits will grow. The portal also offers chances to test products. Earn $9 for each product you test and provide comments if selected for product testing. You may withdraw your money by PayPal, cheque, or gift card, and the minimum payout is only $3.


prizerebel take survey earn money

Through the micro-tasking website PrizeRebel, you can do surveys for PayPal money. Users may also do other activities to earn money, including viewing movies and signing up for offers. The typical survey payment is around $1, and you will be paid immediately after the survey is finished.

Thanks to the transparent platform, it is easy to check the expected reward and time required for each work. Users may utilize this to develop a strategy by picking activities that pay more. The referral program, which rewards you with 20% of your referral’s profits, is another way to increase your earnings. Gift cards have a $2 minimum payout requirement, whereas PayPal payments only need $5 to be cashed out.

Opinion Outpost

opinion outpost homepage

The platform, Opinion Outpost, has been in operation for more than ten years and is a member of the Data group. You may make money by participating in surveys that pay between $0.50 and $5 for every response. The platform’s minimum withdrawal amount for PayPal payments is a mere $10.

In addition, you can receive your profits in the form of Amazon gift cards or donate them to the American Red Cross. You won’t have to wait long to earn your prize after cashing out since withdrawals usually are completed within 72 hours.


toluna homepage for survey taking

Since it’s founding 20 years ago, Toluna has built a solid reputation as a leader in market research. The site provides long-form surveys that may last up to an hour and pay up to $16. Payment is made via PayPal. Members may also make additional money by reviewing things and doing surveys. Members may enter the platform’s regular sweepstakes draws to win rewards worth 1,000,000 points (3000 points equal $1).

Additionally, up to a maximum of 10 friends, you may earn 500 points for each person you suggest who signs up for the platform. Please keep in mind, however, that you will need to utilize the site often because points expire after 16 months of account inactivity. The site also has a $30 minimum withdrawal requirement, which is rather hefty. A gift card may be an alternative if you want to cash out sooner, and they start at only $10.

Ipsos iSay


Ipsos group, one of the biggest market research firms in the world, owns Ipsos iSay, a reputable survey website that pays through PayPal. There are more than three million site users globally, and you may be paid for sharing your honest opinions in online surveys. You may make up to $1.50 for every survey, and you’ll be paid even if rejected.

Regular drawings also give you a chance to win extra rewards. PayPal payments have a minimal $5 minimum payout requirement, and regular users of this site may make up to $50 every month. Getting to your account might take up to 3 or 4 weeks.


The well-known market research firm Nielsen has a long history in the field. The business pays people rewards in exchange for their opinions through surveys. However, Nielsen’s main objective is gathering user behavior data, providing one of the most excellent methods to make additional money simply by installing the mobile app.

You may make up to $50 a year just using the app, and it will gather data on your mobile activity in the background. The site does not provide paid surveys via PayPal, but it gives withdrawal options similar to PayPal. Users can exchange their profits for gift cards and other tangible goods.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is regarded by many as one of the most significant survey platforms and a fantastic method to access PayPal-paying surveys. Your sincere feedback may help businesses improve their goods and services, and you can get compensated for it.

 On the site, each survey pays an average of $1 to $3. The company furthermore gives new users a $1.30 sign-up bonus after they finish creating their profile. You can withdraw your winnings using PayPal or an eGift card; the minimum cash-out amount is $10.

Opinion Inn

A market research platform called Opinion Inn has only been operating since 2014. But over time, it has developed a solid reputation for dependability and credibility. New site users will earn a $10 incentive for joining up and completing their profile.

Additionally, Opinion Inn offers survey rewards on the upper end of the scale, with typical polls earning between $3 and $5. The platform’s $25 minimum withdrawal requirement is rather hefty. However, because there is a $10 sign-up incentive, you must make $15 from surveys for your first payout. So, you may consistently make enough money to pay out in a short period.


These ten websites have PayPal surveys for money, and all allow payments through PayPal. However, in certain situations, you may want to accept the incentives if they are more valuable to you. 

Getting Paid in PayPal is a terrific option since it is much faster than waiting for a cheque to arrive in the mail. You may even use PayPal as a bank and make purchases wherever. Anyone with an email address may create an account without paying ongoing fees.

I would recommend at least giving it a try,, as it has the highest earning potential and different ways.