10+ Best Sites to Take Surveys for Amazon Gift Cards 🛍 in (year)

Survey sites might be a terrific alternative if you search for free internet jobs. The incentives you can earn for completing surveys differ from website to website. Examples of incentives include goods, money, gift cards, credits for various services, etc. Amazon gift cards are a popular incentive that websites often provide since you can use them to make purchases on Amazon, making them equivalent to cash. 

However, not all websites offer this option, and those that do are a waste of time. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 sites below where you can do surveys in 2022 for Amazon gift cards, making it simple for you to identify legitimate and worthwhile sites if this is your chosen method of earning money through online surveys.

❤️ Some of the Best Survey Sites for Amazon Gift Cards

1. Pawns.app

pawns app by iproyal

Pawns is a GPT (Get paid to) website that allows anyone to earn a passive income online by taking surveys. You can get money by completing compensated surveys that are viewable on your dashboard. Once you download the app from the google play store or on a windows laptop, you automatically get surveys on your dashboard. 

You can now do surveys to earn credits in many countries. You can then purchase gift cards with the recognition. They compensate you with Amazon gift cards, which you may use to spend on Amazon afterward. You can even withdraw your earnings in your bitcoin wallet.

2. LifePoints

lifepoints main site

The online survey app LifePoints offer a $20 Amazon gift card in exchange for completing surveys and other little tasks. You will mainly be asked to submit your thoughts and experiences on shopping, traveling, and other pertinent services to earn gift cards with LifePoints. 

lifepoints google play store android app

The LifePoints app is quite simple to use, and after you’ve achieved the $5 withdrawal barrier, you can exchange your earnings for Amazon gift cards.

3. InstaGC

InstaGC for instant gift cards by taking surveys

 instaGC is another trustworthy GPT (get paid to) website that rewards users with Amazon gift cards for doing online surveys. As the name implies, this platform enables rapid redemption of your winnings. The average cost of an instaGC study is $1. 

The most significant part is that after completing just one survey, you can instantly exchange your profits for an Amazon gift card. This implies you won’t need to do several surveys, earn money, and work hard to cross the finish line.

4. Ipsos i-Say


Ipsos i-Say is another fantastic survey website that pays you for giving your opinion. For instance, on this site, you may get 45 to 90 points for completing one survey. Ipsos i-Say pays for surveys and rewards you for participating in polls and competitions. 

When you complete a set amount of surveys, you get loyalty points, and you are paid $1 for each person you bring to the site. The good news is that i-Say offers a low $5 minimum withdrawal requirement, allowing you to buy Amazon gift cards as soon as you get 500 points. Additionally, your gift card will be in your email inbox shortly after you make your request.

5. MobileXpression

MobileXpression for amazon gift cards

In comparison to the other websites in our list, MobileXpression is a little unique. This is not a survey panel where you are forced to complete questionnaires actively. You may download this software, and simply by having it installed, you can contribute to studies on internet use, which can assist online services. Naturally, you won’t reveal your identity. With MobileXpression, you can earn gift cards simply for having an app loaded, which is fantastic. You will have made enough points after only one week of membership to obtain a $5 Amazon gift card.

Along with receiving gift cards, you will automatically participate in fantastic prize drawings each month. After 90 days as a member, MobileXpression will plant a tree in your name to benefit the environment. It is only accessible in a few countries and on a few devices. Although this is subject to frequent change, as of the time of writing, it is actively hiring in the US, UK, Canada, and Norway. You may check the availability using the URL below (it must be from a mobile device), where you can also discover whether they are currently hiring for your particular gadget.

6. Tellwut

When you first visit Tellwut, it seems old-fashioned; however, if you reside in the US or Canada, you may discover surveys here that aren’t available on other platforms, which is why it’s on our list. 

Even though you shouldn’t anticipate receiving many surveys, the ones you do are usually simple to complete and often cover intriguing and pertinent subjects. You may purchase an Amazon gift card after you have earned $10. Many more gift cards are available, albeit some have a more significant payment threshold.

7. Univox Community

Although Univox Community is primarily a survey site, there are other methods to earn Amazon gift cards, like accepting offers, taking part in giveaways, introducing friends, and more. It has a good selection of surveys and is quite simple to utilize. You need to be aware that, despite their website claims, they don’t always welcome members from all nations. Limited membership is accepted; thus, sometimes, it is closed to new applicants. 

Therefore, if they are not accepting new members in your country, you may just return and check again in a few weeks. Depending on how long you have been a member, you may withdraw your profits after you have earned roughly $10. You may get compensated with PayPal and other gift cards and Amazon vouchers. Additionally, you will get a $2 incentive just for joining up and completing your profile.

8. Superpay.me

Superpay.me provides you with various daily survey possibilities and the chance to make money by viewing movies, accepting online offers, clicking advertisements, and more. Participation in the quarterly contest where the top 20 earners get prizes—the top earner of $350, a huge bonus—is also automatic if you make money on the website. You can select from several fantastic incentives (including Amazon gift cards). 

Once you’ve earned $5, you can acquire an Amazon e-gift card, which you can use immediately to make purchases on Amazon. No matter what nation you are in, you can access it, which is fantastic. The number of possibilities, however, varies significantly across countries. Superpay.me is more difficult to use and navigate than many other websites. It could take some time first to understand how it works. Thus, if you want to sign up, simply be ready to invest time learning how to utilize the site, after which it may provide fantastic prospects.

9. Survey Junkie

One of the most popular and lucrative survey sites, Survey Junkie, lets you exchange your earnings for Amazon gift cards. The value of each survey on Survey Junkie ranges from $2 to $100 and depends on how long it takes to finish. However, there are more ways to get money with Survey Junkie than doing surveys. 

They provide a variety of jobs you can do to earn money, such as: Participating in online focus groups, Product testing, and using the Pulse browser plugin. You may exchange your Survey Junkie points for Amazon gift cards after you reach the $10 withdrawal barrier.


If you are interested in earning rewards by doing online surveys and other small online chores, I hope you have found this list helpful and know how to start with the best platforms. This is not a comprehensive list of all the survey sites that provide this option, as was said at the beginning, but rather a list of the ones I have discovered to be the best if you are especially interested in earning Amazon gift cards.