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Travod Review
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Planning to establish your brand globally? You must first create a strong word power to communicate the customers and rule the local markets worldwide. I know it can be quite challenging to have command over several different languages and settling up your business in several different countries across the globe. Even your online business either an app or a website requires much efforts to expose it in different parts of the world when your dream is a global success.

Now when you think of establishing your business in different parts of the planet, the big question is to which service provider to opt when it comes to language translation and transcription? However, you can count on certain copper-bottomed companies such as Travod International that help businesses to establish and expose their business globally by providing superb services related to translation, localization and also multimedia. To avail more info about the brand let’s get into the impartial review of

Travod International

Professional translation services by TRAVOD International is an international translation agency that offers customized translation services to its clients worldwide for a better business and quality revenue from different parts of the world. It is in the business for more than eight years and provides support and services in more than 100 languages. You also get your content localized, proofread and edited by the experts if needed. Transcription is done in a matter of minutes. In a nutshell, has made business easy -across the globe!

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Highlighting Features

Over 100 Languages


Have a business spread across Asia, and want to establish it perfectly with professional translation support in Chinese, Japanese and Arabic language? makes it possible for you. Whether it’s Asian, European, African or Scandinavian, Travod International is the answer for all. It can offer more than 100 language translations including:

  • French
  • German
  • Danish
  • Portuguese
  • Korean
  • Swedish
  • Spanish and
  • Swahili

This means, now you can think beyond the boundaries and set your bars high with Travod’s 100 plus language translation support. Yikes!

Vast, Valuable Services

american language

One must employ language translation to best serve its global customers and skyrocket its success. But not just translation, you also need more related services. This translation agency bestows several other valuable services for your valuable enterprise. The services it provides include:

  • Translations
  • Localization
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Multimedia support
  • Desktop publishing and
  • Project management.

What else do you need to build your business globally?

Also, the company serves several industries. Whether you are a tech engineering business or a medical firm; whether you want Legal/law translation or your business deals with finances; whether you are into media, travel or automotive, Travod is going to help you out no matter what your business type or industry is.

Pocket-Friendly Price

price travod

Travod International respects your budget and offers an array of quality services that also suit your pocket. You can even calculate your estimated cost according to your needs on their website. You can contact them to know their pricing structure instantly; their response time is less than 20 minutes! You would definitely get value for your money.

Subject Matter Expertise works by the principle of excellence. Their ever-growing global network comprises more than 25,000 professional translators, interpreters, reviewers and expert linguists. Thus, you get an accurate content that’s perfect for local experiences.

Expertise is something that every business seeks in the company that it takes up services from, and Travod International doesn’t disappoint you with that.

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Great Technology

If up-to-date technology is your choice, is your best friend. Why? Because Travod and technology go hand in hand. It uses modern CAT and QA tools to remove language barrier and offer you a quality experience. These tools are best for an effective project monitoring, terminology management, and workflow automation. Also, it’s DTP tool for desktop publishing can easily convert any sort of file (document) into a fully functional and editable text to make it ready for translation by expert linguists. It means when you work with Travod International you give your business in responsible and safe hands.

The Bottom Line

There are not many reliable companies for language translation that are also cost-effective and fast at the same time. But when we talk about Travod, it provides the best value professional translation services at the cost that you can easily bear. Moreover, you will gain some exceptional turnkey solutions to make sure that your business communicates straight to the customers, regardless of their location on the globe. It ensures your global success and customer satisfaction through the list of features and services it provides.