UpCloud vs Linode: Which Is The Best Cloud Hosting Provider Of 2023?- Comparison Of Features

When comparing two popular cloud hosting providers like UpCloud vs. Linode, you will find many similarities and quite a few differences. On the other hand, UpCloud provides industry-leading performance through faster-than-SSD MaxIOPS and native IPv6 support.

At a glance, Linode and UpCloud appear to have similar features. But what sets them apart is the performance of their hosts and how much security they offer for your data. Let’s see which one is better than the other.

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Screenshot of UpCloud

UpCloud vs Linode

Screenshot of Linode

UpCloud vs Linode

Features of UpCloud

Impressive flexibility and usability

With UpCloud’s flexible environment, you can quickly scale your website to handle high traffic. You can quickly switch between customizable resources and preconfigured plans tailored for different scenarios. This freedom allows businesses of all sizes to grow as needed while maintaining their initial investment in cloud servers & services.

Maintains consistency with Max IOPS

UpCloud’s high-quality cloud servers can provide industry-leading performance. They use their proprietary MaxIOPS technology for storage, enhancing the speed at which data is processed and transferred between internal systems of Upcloud services.

Simple yet powerful performance of its API

UpCloud’s API is a fully-featured tool that helps automate your cloud servers and the services they provide. You can create, configure, delete clouds with a straightforward command. The control panel provides all these functions, so you don’t have to do anything manually ever again!

Easy tagging and group accounts accessibility

With UpCloud, you can grant or limit access to your infrastructure by tagging servers with specific categories. Your team will be able to quickly find the necessary resources and applications they need without any hassle.

Consistent backups and server cloning is fabulous

UpCloud lets you create a staging environment to automate your deployments and make the converted cloud servers into templates. Additionally, it gives users access to take scheduled backups with accurate snapshots by using UpCloud to quickly retrieve data during disasters or when required.

Features of Linode

It can block the storage when it need

With the Linode dashboard, you can create your own cloud storage disks. You pay $1 per 10 GB with a speed-optimized HDD and ultra-fast NVMe disk space for each of these custom disks that you set up on the fly. This is an excellent choice to store ISO files, website backups, snapshots, or similar static data types rather than dynamic, like videos or live streaming events.

Offers Guaranteed 99.99% uptime

Linode is a company that guarantees 99.9% uptime for its services and mentions it in terms of Service documents on their website but does not explicitly show any statistics to track this number. You can still monitor your server’s uptime using free tools such as Pingdom or Uptimerobot since they’ll let you know if there are issues with your site being down.

Powerful tools and installer for your website

Linode stays true to its goal of providing a developer-friendly hosting solution, allowing you the flexibility and control over your WordPress site that other providers charge extra for. You can install it yourself or hire a freelancer who knows what they’re doing – either way, Linode will treat you right!

Easy and quick launch because of its API access

With an activated account, you can launch your server in seconds and focus on other aspects of growing your online business. The advanced API platform has DNS management and scaling capabilities that will help advance the core operations for any digital company or team members equipped with proper skillsets.

Amazing managed hosting

With managed hosting services, you can save time and focus on managing your business or blog. For example, Linode’s experts will automatically migrate one or more blogs from an existing server to the new account for free if it is being paid monthly for three months or longer.

🏆 Winner: Linode
Linode outsmarts UpCloud when it comes to talk about features. They have advanced live-monitoring and a lot more features.

More about UpCloud

UpCloud vs LinodeUpCloud, a highly renowned cloud computing service from Helsinki, is backed by CTO Joel Pihlajamaa. In operation since 2013, Upcloud has been acknowledged as the only hosting company in its field.

The input does not summarize well and lacks engaging language to keep readers interested. The output summarizes the information but also makes it more interesting with creative word choices such as “superior” instead of just saying that they are better than other companies or improved their services over time which would be what most people write if asked this question on an exam.

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More about Linode

UpCloud vs LinodeTo this day, Linode is still a popular VPS hosting service provider with an established history of being the first cloud computing company. Their staff consists of professionals and experts who have extensive knowledge of computers and programming.

In 2003 when they were founded, everything about their services was state-of-the art as they offered virtualized hosting before anyone else did, thus becoming the leader in that industry.

Linode is a great VPS host for developers because it provides the most up-to-date features and tools that continue to attract new talent.

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🏆 Winner: UpCloud
UpCloud. Because I am hosting my website on UpCloud already. Using it for more than 2 years straight.

UpCloud 's Pricing

UpCloud vs LinodeUpCloud provides cloud services with two options for pricing. The simple plan has a one-time fee, while the flexible price is based on the monthly usage of resources.

UpCloud recently updated its plans, and the pricing starts at $5 per month, along with a free trial and 30 days money-back guarantee.

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Linode's Pricing

UpCloud vs LinodeThere is fifteen straightforward standard cloud hosting plans that range from 1GB RAM plan to 96GB RAM plan. This can accommodate a business of any size.

The primary differences between these plans include CPU, which is the brain of your computer; Ram, short-term memory on a computer; Storage space where data gets stored and Data transfer speed and Network In for how fast it comes in your Linode.

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🏆 Winner: UpCloud
UpCloud is a bit cheaper in comparison with Linode.

UpCloud 's Support

UpCloud has a wide range of support options, including comprehensive tutorials and documentation in the community section. You can earn many account credits if you contribute with your suggestions to this resource! There are also email communications via their contact information on the website, live chat available 24/7, and phone numbers that appear prominently on each page of UpCloud’s site.

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Linode's Support

For beginners, Linode offers you free credits which are enough to test their services. You can have a look inside the dashboard and start a real cloud server without even paying for it (it depends on your usage). You should not expect dedicated support from them like you do in the case of managed WordPress hosting providers or managed dedicated server providers. The product they sell is subject to be maintained by yourself.

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🏆 Winner: UpCloud
Hard to decide about the support. Both are developer-cloud providers and UpCloud's support team replies faster.

Upcloud vs. Linode is the two top providers of cloud hosting services. Both companies offer several great features, but each has its own advantages over the other. Now it’s your turn to know what your requirements define the best out of these two. Know your preferences and choose the right one for you.

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🏆 Winner: UpCloud
Overall, Upcloud is best cloud hosting solution.

FAQs (UpCloud vs Linode)

Is UpCloud any good?

UpCloud is a great option for affordable and professional cloud infrastructure that provides 100% uptime. It has the fastest servers with up to 100000 IOPS, along with SSD-performance, and costs only $5 per month.

Is Linode trusted?

Linode, the premier cloud computing company that provides a ton of generous features. They have exceptional service and their network is great for those who want to launch large scale services with lots of data transfer involved.

Where is Linode located?

Linode, LLC is an American cloud hosting company that provides virtual private servers. Founded in 2003 by owner Christopher Aker and headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; it can be used to host websites or services for businesses or individuals via its web interface.

How many customers does Linode have?

Linode, a cloud hosting platform that services over 400,000 customers including The Onion and WP Engine. Customers can manage their virtual servers through the Linode Manager web interface.

What virtualization does Linode use?

The current virtualization stack at Linode is built on KVM. Previously, it used Xen and older servers may still be using that platform. Along with the increased performance of KVM over Xen, there are some differences between them as well Linode's current virtualization stack is built on KVMA previous version was based on Xen along with better performance several details have changed.

Can I use Linode for free?

Linode is offering a 7-day free trial so you can test out their platform and see if it works well with the apps that you're currently working on, before committing to anything long term. Their cheapest plan costs only $5 dollars per month!

Is UpCloud safe?

Customers from small and medium-sized businesses working in managed hosting, website development, eCommerce, SaaS or PaaS will be the key segments. Security is a top priority for UpCloud as they are fully GDPR compliant. The world's fastest cloud servers can be found at their eight global data centers located on three continents - Europe Asia and North America.

Why UpCloud?

UpCloud is a great option for hosting applications and services of all types. It can accommodate a variety of use cases, from simple Webhosting to high-demand online operations. The infrastructure provides the perfect environment in which to develop and run websites as well as provide opportunities for distributed scaling and resilience.

How do I connect to UpCloud server?

To make a VNC connection to your server, log in to the UpCloud Control Panel and click on Console from the left navigation bar. Toggle on Enable Connection under Virtualization Services section. You will find all of its details below it such as the password for this session which you can copy/paste into any tool that supports SSH tunnels like RealVNC Viewer or TigerVncViewer etc