UpCloud vs Vultr: Which One Offers The Best Hosting Of 2023?

UpCloud vs Vultr

Are you shopping for a virtual private server? If so, chances are that it’s because they’re useful to web developers and anyone else who needs them. You probably already understand why hourly pricing is popular too! Hopefully the Upcloud vs Vultr comparison featured today has told you more about our options. Read on below for even more information.

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UpCloud vs Vultr

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UpCloud vs Vultr

Features of UpCloud

Remarkable performance with MAX IOPS

The MaxIOPS block storage technology is far better than SSD storages because it doesn’t throttle performance depending on how much you pay. It gives high performance and reliability with the cloud technology, which creates your server within a minute. These servers are also very flexible as they can customize the amount of storage space needed for each user’s needs.

A cost effective and efficient hosting provider

Don’t worry about wasting time resizing servers when testing new ones. Upcloud is a server hosting company that allows you to pay only on the hour with no need for high costs.

Known for its scalable perfromance

Join thousands of businesses worldwide who rely on Upcloud for their website hosting needs. With our scalable plans, you’ll be able to meet the demands of traffic spikes and dynamic content with ease! If moving your site away from traditional shared servers is what you’re looking for, then Upcloud may just have exactly what it takes to make that dream a reality.

Guaranteed uptime of 100%

Making sure your apps are always running by using uptime monitoring tools is a great idea. Try Upcloud if you want 100% Uptime SLA and get paid 50x for any downtime over 5 minutes, or use Screpy to have full control of your infrastructure with total visibility into the root cause of every issue without sacrificing performance or security.

The choice for a reliable and secure hosting

Upcloud is a secure hosting service that stops traffic by IP address or Port with its firewall. It also offers flexible and convenient backup options, making it remarkably stable.

Features of Vultr

Amazing cPanel integration

According to 29 Vultr reviews, the hosting plans come integrated with either open-source or proprietary web control panels. You can use a graphical user interface (GUI) that gives you access to additional features for managing your website such as backups and DNS management tools.

It specializes in eCommerce integration

As a business owner, you should integrate e-commerce tools into your website to improve sales. Certain integrations may incur an additional fee so be sure to research the ones that best suit your needs. This feature was mentioned in 16 Vultr reviews and is one of many ways they provide excellent service for their customers as stated by those who have used them before themselves

Reliable security tools for your hosting plans

The security features offered within Vultr’s hosting plan are top-notch. Site backup, spam detection, firewalls, malware detection tools and more provide the peace of mind you need to run a successful business or website without any interruption in service!

Get the remarkable storage limit

Vultr provides great storage capacity. Along with a hosting plan, there are pre-determined and clear limits for how much data you can store on your site; however, if these normal usage amounts are exceeded, the limit will be expanded to accommodate more users.

Bandwidth allowance is what impresses you

Vultr offers an amazing amount of Bandwidth, and their hosting providers outline how much data you and your visitors are able to upload/download over a given period. You can pay for additional bandwidth as needed to accommodate web traffic.

🏆 Winner: UpCloud
Upcloud offers more features as compared to Vultr.

More about UpCloud

UpCloud is an inexpensive option for those looking to try out cloud servers. However, if you need more than the bare minimum and don’t mind spending extra cash on quality service, this company can be very helpful in providing that.

The tutorials provided by UpCloud are so easy-to-understand even beginners will find them useful while its customer support staff always responds quickly with excellent answers and solutions according to users’ online reviews.

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More about Vultr

UpCloud vs VultrVultr is driven by veterans of the managed hosting business, who have taken their 20+ years experience in complex environments and made it our mission to simplify cloud computing. Vultr allows developers around the world to has the access their servers in an efficient and reliable way.

They achieve this by offering standardized platforms for all customers, allowing them global footprinting with incredible performance. It takes pride in their standardized highly reliable high performance cloud compute environment, which can be launched from 17 locations worldwide.

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🏆 Winner: UpCloud
UpCloud has more positive customer feedbacks.

UpCloud's Pricing

UpCloud vs VultrUpCloud has two different pricing structures. The first is a simple plan that lets users select from any of its low-cost options, while the second offers flexible resources based on your needs without selecting specific plans for you to choose from.

  • 1 GB memory + 1 CPU + 25GB MaxIOPS storage = $7.5/month
  • 16 GB memory + 6 CPU + 320 GB MaxIOPS storage = $120/month
  • 128 GB memory + 20 CPU + 2048 GB MaxIOPS storage = $960/month
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Vultr's Pricing

UpCloud vs VultrVultr provides different pricing information on its website depending on the service you are looking to acquire. Vultr offers impressive plans for website hosting services. The list of their offerings is below:

  • Cloud Compute– $2.50/month
  • Bare Metal– $120.00/month
  • Block storage- $1.00/month
  • Dedicated cloud- $60.00/month
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🏆 Winner: Vultr
Vultr provides cheaper cloud hosting as compared to UpCloud.

UpCloud's Support

Not only does UpCloud offer extensive tutorials and community engagement opportunities, but there’s also live chat through email addresses or phone numbers that are available 24/7. In my experience, their average response time is way shorter than they claim it should be: one minute and thirty-seven seconds!

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Vultr's Support

Vultr offers support for different CMS tools. There are options to choose from, and they can be installed easily on the website with one click or rapid installation. Support is offered for a variety of server-side coding languages as well as multiple versions of web frameworks. Providers also provide support for database types within the control panel associated with your hosting plan.

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🏆 Winner: UpCloud
UpCloud offers tutorials for every problem & also has great customer support team.

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What do you want out of your web hosting solution? Whether it’s a simple, cost-effective site or one with special requirements that needs more support and resources from the host side, Vultr has what most users need to get by. UpCloud also strives for simplicity and ease-of-use as well but they have a good deal more on offer than just basic plans.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a web hosting service. The comparison between UpCloud vs Vultr shows how both offer some of the best deals in cloud computing, but which one is right for you?

Know your requirements and make the decision easy for you.

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🏆 Winner: UpCloud
I recommend UpCloud because it strives for simplicity and its ease-of-use.

FAQs (UpCloud vs Vultr)

What is Vultr used for?

Vultr is more than just a hosting provider. They strive to become the most reliable and efficient service for developers everywhere, offering standardized products as well as extreme ease of use

How good is Vultr?

Vultr is a reliable cloud service that has an excellent customer support team. Their quick response time makes them very helpful, and their cost-effectiveness keeps me coming back for more!

Who owns Vultr?

David Aninowsky, the founder and CEO of Vultr sat down with me at a remarkable occasion for some tea to talk about Cloud technology. We talked about his vision for cloud hosting company, Vultr as well as what's new in their latest product - Cloudways.

Is UpCloud safe?

Your data is safe with us. UpCloud offers the world's fastest cloud servers from 8 global datacenters in Europe, Asia and North America to SME working SaaS PaaS eCommerce development managed to host website services. We are fully GDPR compliant take security seriously

Who owns UpCloud?

UpCloud was founded in 2010 by CEO Antti Vilpponen. Currently, 79% of people approve the work done by their leader and founder.

How do I connect to UpCloud server?

Enable VNC connection by logging in to your UpCloud Control Panel, opening server settings and going to the Console tab. By default the service is disabled on new servers; a toggle switch enables it. Underneath you'll find details for your server's connection.