How to Use Instagram Stories To Grow A Loyal Following

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Contributed by Rohan Chaubey

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Instagram’s story feature was designed to kill Snapchat’s popularity. Instagram stories now has more than 200 million daily users whereas Snapchat only has around 160 million daily users.

The story feature on Instagram allows you post photos and videos that will vanish after 24 hours. Your Instagram stories will be displayed in a bar at the top of the feed.


That’s why Instagram stories are the best way to catch your follower’s attention. 

Tap “+” icon at the top-left corner of the screen or swipe left to reveal your story camera. You can also add pictures from your camera roll. Instagram shows photos captured in the last 24 hours.


6 creative ways to use Instagram stories for Business

  • Behind the scenes:You can come up with an unfinished product and in the process of making and put up a story about it creating a hype about your upcoming project.
  • Day in your life:Show your followers the highlights of your day. Give them an insight of your life and create interest among your followers. You can share photos or videos from a conference or meet up you are attending.
  • Live Questions and Answers:Instagram allows you to do live videos which disappear once you end the live broadcast. You can announce the day you are doing a live Q & A wherein your followers can ask you anything and you can answer them. Also, your processed product or launching of a new product can be presented live to your audience.
  • Run polls, competitions or offers:Offer your followers with lucrative discounts and engage them with the first order, maximum discount scheme.
  • Encourage followers to text you by clicking the ‘send message’ button on the bottom left of the screen to enter a giveaway or competition you are running.
  • Announce new posts and updates:If you are working on a blog post draft or new product updates, you can record a video teaser or capture a photo to share with your audience.
  • Collaborations:Like Snapchat takeovers, you can collaborate with other brands in your niche. Here’s how it works: Allow other Instagram users to create stories on your account, while you create content for their stories. Or exchange shout outs with other Instagram users. It’s a win-win cross promotion.

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Latest updates for Instagram stories:

  • Instagram launched a selfie sticker option. It lets you pin your selfie sticker in your story posts. Your own self-portraits can be turned into a sticker
  • You can save your Instagram live broadcasts once they are concluded.
  • Instagram offers geostickers just like Snapchat. It has been adding more cities with every update.
  • Only verified users can attach links to their Instagram stories. You can visit the link by tapping “see more” at the bottom of the story or by swiping up.
  • You can mention other Instagram users in your IG story.
  • Instagram also has an inline version of its Boomerang tool into stories.
  • Instagram stories can be seen in the explore tab as well.

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