ViceTemple Review: Best Adult Website Hosting 2023

Vicetemple Review


This Amsterdam-based company comprises a team of 12 people who work remotely. The team offers hosting services along with awesome themes and scripts.

  • Loading Speed
  • Powerful Server
  • Trust & reliability


  • The pricing is cheaper than other platforms
  • Choice of CMS and one-click installation¬†
  • Handling unlimited traffic on every plan


  • Limited services and products
  • There is no free trial¬†

Since 2015, adult websites are attracting a large number of visitors as compared to viewers in previous times. Moreover, this increase continues to grow at a high rate and this is the reason why many people are planning to start their website in the adult industry. And to start one such site, you need a powerful hosting plan which is why I am writing this Vicetemple review.

An adult website is not like any regular website because there are specific features one looks forward to having. Be its great speed, HD videos/images, high accessibility, and even high uploading speed. The good news is, you can get all of it at ViceTemple. 

So, let’s see what we can get from this detailed ViceTemple review. 

ViceTemple review

What is ViceTemple?

There are thousands of website hosting platforms out there. But, ViceTemple is the one that specializes in hosting just adult websites. It first came into action in the year 2016 intending to offer all the solutions to the requirements of any adult business.

This Amsterdam-based company comprises a team of 12 people who work remotely. The team offers hosting services along with awesome themes and scripts. Therefore, even if you are in search of ideas to make your website up-to-the-mark, the team is there to help you out.

Services and products by ViceTemple

While launching your naughty websites over the internet, you must know what all you have and what you will be needing to make the best out of it. So, talking about ViceTemple, let’s see what all services and products does it offer. 

Web Hosting 

Host your website with the web hosting ViceTemple provides. You will have an easy-to-use cPanel, various options of dedicated IP, high data storage, and unlimited traffic. This is one of the best services the company offers. So, go for their web hosting and stay online no matter what happens. 

Adult VPS

The company offers VPS that you can use your naughty activities over the internet. As far as benefits are concerned, you will have a stable network, 100 Mbps guaranteed bandwidth, unlimited traffic, and much more. Moreover, you get the choice between SSD VPS and STORAGE VPS in case of extra space. 

Adult servers

Get the dedicated server with unlimited traffic a range of bandwidth, and full root accessibility. This server is designed with modern processors that help the company to handle a lot of traffic all the time. 

Domain services

Having a domain name is a must for a website. Therefore, so find your best domain name at ViceTemple with a wide range of domain extensions. So, be it .com, .porn, .xxx, or any other extension, you can register the domain name of your choice. 

Clone scripts

Clone Script is a product that allows you to design your website with the functionality and format like a proven website. Hence, ViceTemple offers you the clone scripts.

— Pornhub Clone Script – HubX
— Xvideos Clone Script – VideoX
— Redtube Clone Script – RedX
— Xhamster Clone Script – HamsterX

Features of ViceTemple

To start any website, the person looks for specific features to fulfill the purpose of the website. Similarly, when it comes to starting with an adult website, ViceTemple offers outstanding features. So, let’s see what we can have. 

They welcome all types of adult content. 

The adult industry has a variety of things to offer. It can be particularly about images, pornographic videos, adult jokes, fantasy stories, or even dark fetish content. ViceTemple allows you to have anything you want on your website. Moreover, they treat every content as the same and provide equally fantastic support to their clients.

Ability to handle huge traffic

An adult website often attracts huge traffic on regular basis. Therefore, ViceTemple helps you handle a large number of visitors. Besides, it is designed to handle high traffic on multiple domains. That too without compromising the bandwidth or even lighting speed of the website. 

The FTP Access

ViceTemple gives you FTP access with your personal IP. This is to help you connect and edit your files with FTP and not the interference of ViceTemple. 

Work with the statistics

The team of ViceTemple uses a built-in usage statistics display by tracking the website’s resources. This simply helps them when to upgrade or downgrade the website. Moreover, assuring the website’s growth. 

Anytime Support

The team of ViceTemple works 24/7 for a better user experience. Therefore, if you have any queries or want to solve an issue, you can contact technical support via live chat, email, or even ticket system. 

It ignores copyright issues

Copy of content in the adult industry is one common and unstoppable thing. Any content over the internet copies at a lighting speed that is impossible to prevent. Therefore, ViceTemple ignores this idea of duplicating as well as copyrighting claims. 

One-click functions

If you think you need to have coding knowledge for starting your website then you are wrong. Because ViceTemple works with one-click installation of themes and plugins. Besides, you upgrade and downgrade any function using this feature. 

All-time Server monitoring 

ViceTemple monitors your server all the time. This 24/7 server monitor helps the user to keep the website active all the time. So, no matter if you are online or offline, your website and activity will stay active all the time. Server monitoring is a very essential part to oversee how well a web server is performing. While they have their own server monitoring enabled on their infrastructure, you can also deploy a server monitoring tool for all your servers.

Works with a money-back guarantee

One of the best features of ViceTemple is that they work with a super-convenient 45-days money-back guarantee. So, if you go for ViceTemple and find it unsatisfactory, you can simply ask for a refund. Besides, they will easily pay your money back with any questioning or statement. 

Lets you have full privacy

Obtaining the utmost privacy for your adult website is a must. Hence, buying hosting with ViceTemple will allow you to have full privacy of your website. Moreover, you will have full data integrity. Once you change the password of your panel, the team will not access the files you store on your server. That’s amazing. Right?

These awesome features will make your work a lot easier and make ViceTemple an ideal platform to start your adult website. Now, let’s move forward with our ViceTemple review. 


Talking about the pricing, ViceTemple offers very reasonable plans at lower prices. When it comes to web hosting, the plans are divided into:

  1. Playboy- $5/month
  2. Stallion- $10/month
  3. Mattress Actress- $20/month
  4. Kinky Goddess- $40/month

The price range of Adult VPS starts from $15/month and goes to $795/month.

The price depends upon the required memory, SAS, and more factors.

Moreover, the price of the domain relies on what extension you go for. So, if you choose the .porn extension, you can purchase the domain at $185/year.


Now, it’s time to look at the performance in this ViceTemple review. Yes, ViceTemple guarantees smooth working of the website with unlimited traffic but how does it make it happen? Well, the best part of the company‚Äôs performance is its uptime. The team guarantees a 99.99% uptime guarantee throughout the year without any stop. Besides, if you find any disappointment, you can ask for a refund anytime.¬†

You can have a wide range of operating systems for updated or even older versions. This offers great speed, support, and convenience to the user. The team’s 24/7 server monitoring helps a lot to keep the activities and all the website functions online. Besides, its built-in usage statistics display helps best in tracking the website’s resource usage. 

Control Panel

vicetemple dashboard

The Cpanel of ViceTemple is pretty easy to understand and operate. Every function on the Cpanel can be nicely understood. The menu on the Cpanel has everything you want to know. From services, billing details, domains, tickets, and support, every menu item has its own page to show you the details. 

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan, add anything new to your services, change your password, change security settings, and even more on your Cpanel. You can even check your email history from this area. Moreover, you can also find the statistics for your website’s performance along with the affiliate network. 

Customer support

In case you find some difficulty and want to contact the team, you can do it using your Cpanel. There are a variety of options available be it email, live chat, or even open tickets. However, there is no option to contact the team over the phone call.

How can you use your customer support system? You can get access to assessment, knowledge base, check-out downloads, and network status with ease. Besides, if you contact the team, they will surely reply to you in a few minutes and solve the issue as soon as possible. So, in a nutshell, it has an excellent support system. 

Moving further with the ViceTemple review, let’s see how does it work.

How to use

In this ViceTemple review, let’s go step-by-step and see how it works. 

  1. Visit the website and click on the ‚Äėadult web hosting‚Äô. This will lead you to a page with multiple plans.¬†

  1. Choose the plan of your choice and click on ‚ÄėPurchase‚Äô.¬†
  2. Once you click the button, you will head to the domain page. You can register a new domain name, use an existing one, or even transfer an existing website.

  1. Have a final look at your plan, select the period, and move further with the payment. 
  2. Submit all the details and make the payment. 

  1. Once all the formalities are made, you will be given access to your Cpanel. 
  2. From cPanel, you can get access to all your services from ViceTemples. Now, this place will give you access to your website. 

vicetemple dashboard

  1. Simply install the CMS of your choice and generate an ID password to get full access to your website. 

With these easy steps, you can get access to your website. Also, in case you find any difficulty uploading and sharing naughty ideas, you can contact the team anytime. They will be there to help you out 24/7. 


Let’s the security factor in this ViceTemple review.

Adult websites, be it porn, webcam, or even stories, often look for something that would offer their utmost security and privacy. You can get it at all at ViceTemple. First of all, the company offers you full data privacy in which no team member will access your private space on your server. Besides, this allows you to have full privacy and the utmost security of your data or whatever you upload on your website. 

The team regularly takes the backup of your website be it files or any database. This is done using its built-in back function. Besides, we cannot ignore the fact that ViceTemple provides you FTP access with your personal IP. With this, you can edit and connect your files using this FTP client accessibility. 


  • The pricing is cheaper than other platforms
  • Choice of CMS and one-click installation¬†
  • Handling unlimited traffic on every plan
  • Free SSL on every plan¬†
  • Availability of clone scripts from the best adult websites
  • A wide range of domain extensions is available.¬†
  • Excellent support systems
  • The monthly payment is available
  • Amazing Automatic backups¬†
  • Storage between 15 to 180 GB.¬†
  • Add unlimited domains to your plan.


  • Limited services and products
  • There is no free trial
  • No option to talk to the team over a direct phone call.

Personal Thought

In my opinion, ViceTemple is overall a great platform with excellent support and privacy every adult website operator looks for. Even though it has some flaws such as no free trial or not many services, it is still an amazing platform from where you can share your adult fantasy and ideas with the viewers. Therefore, it is a must-try for people who want to start their adult website and enter the naughty industry.

Wrapping up the ViceTemple Review

Ending this ViceTemple Review, all we have to say is that it is a fantastic platform to step into the world of pornography with a bam. That too when you have access to the scripts of some of the best companies in the industry. So, without any second thought, start your website with ViceTemple today.