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5 Best Voluum Alternatives: Track, Analyze & Optimize

Making money online has never been easier than in the 21st century but you need to track & optimize your campaigns that help you make money. Today, I will show the 5 best Voluum alternatives to keep your campaigns live and running with insights to help boost your performance.

Today we will talk about better Voluum alternatives as a marketing tracker.

The best and most profitable way to making money online is with affiliate marketing, and 90% of affiliate marketers use Voluum as their affiliate tracker.

Since, Voluum is expensive, I will show some cheap affiliate trackers that you can choose within your budget.

Voluum Introduction logo

Voluum Introduction

Whether you run Native, display, pop, email, search, push, social, video, paid, or organic, Voluum lets you track all of it.

Many experienced digital marketers from around the world recommend Voluum because it allows you track, optimize & automate your campaigns.

It is an all-in-one ad tracker that helps you monitor your ad campaigns in real-time with robust reporting.


Voluum Features:

  • With direct tracking pixel, your advertising process will never be slow in any region.
  • Monitor impressions of your banner ads and get an overview of how they are performing.
  • SSL certificate secures your domain tracking directly in your Voluum account.
  • Multiple cost models like CPC, CPM, CPA, or Revshare.
  • Set up your campaigns clutter-free with 35+ templates.
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Top Alternatives & Competitors to Voluum Introduction

ThriveTracker is one of the most powerful platforms in the market and the #1 Voluum alternatives of all time.

As soon as you go through the registration process, you get a well-structured exhibition email!

On ThriveTracker, you can easily build campaigns in bulk and also get accurate data. You get access to granular data such as specific browsers, periods of the day, or targets.

Furthermore, you get to optimize your banners to the max. It’ll be simple for you to get sequences between the best banners, spots, or campaigns.

You can additionally explore split testing. You can constantly split the traffic between your landing pages and check the best-performing ones.

Aside from these excellent features, you’ll also be able to take advantage of awesome algorithms that automatically optimize your campaigns based on CTRs, ROIs, and loss.

In this software, you get that optimal performance with the Cloud Service that’s united with the Amazon cloud infrastructure. ThriveTracker is so sure of its performance that – according to the platform – “no tracker performs faster than ThriveTracker.”

thrivetracker best voluum alternatives

ThriveTracker Features:

  • ThriveTracker can provide Infinite scale and an Endless number of redirection domains
  • A Cloaker/Bot filter is incorporated in the pack
  • You’ve got a path to multiple-user access
  • You can manage and restrict options for each sub-user
  • A Landing Page Pixel for click tracking is available.

Integration and Capabilities

ThriveTracker is easy to integrate and it’s “Mobile-friendly” as it’s optimized to have the lowest latency on mobile traffic.

You’ve got data for the country, carrier, OS, device, browser, and additional parameters. It allows you to set up a combination of rules to redirect traffic to another landers or offers, set day-parting and week-parting, setting up both hours and days.

Additionally, you’re able to create split tests:

  • Test several offers for the same landing page
  • Set up separate landing pages for one specific offer

And you get to do this without having to edit a particular line of code. With so much data available, you only have to test and retest.


As expected from a huge tracking system solution, ThriveTracker has got reports with a high degree of data. Its tree reports structure is very clear and you can connect and analyze a large number of variables.

You’re able to arrange by Campaigns Created, Country, Carrier, Devices, Landing, Creative, among different parameters. For these combinations, you’ll be capable to visualize stats as Clicks, Conversions, CTR, CR, Costs, Profits, among others.

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With a free RedTrack account, you will be able to track 50,000 events per month completely free. Now you must have understood why RedTrack is the best free Voluum alternatives in 2020.

There is no comparison with other trackers such as Voluum, where it is necessary to purchase a plan to use them.

The price of is substantially lower and a better alternative to Voluum and AdsBridge. The developer RedTrack team is still new and super motivated to beat Voluum.

Their customer support is almost immediate. This will never happen with Voluum.

redtrack cheap voluum alternatives

RedTrack Features:

  • They have a dynamic payment function that will be perfect for you if you are using a CPA with smart links ‘smartlinks’.
  • You will also be able to track the conversion for smartlinks. They made postback linking very easy and there are many CPA networks included in RedTrack. These include Peerfly, Crakrevenue, Clickbank, Mobidea, Adcombo, MaxBounty, and more.
  • Track the conversion from your website
  • They also made it easy to track the conversion from your site. All you need is to save the CPA postback link in the CPA bids panel.
  • So be sure to provide your CPA with an identification code. I usually use {clickid} then on the postback the parameter related to, {clickid} which can be something like {aff_id}
  • So all you have to do is place the link generated by on your website, this will be redirected to the offer of your website.
  • Once you set up the postback in your CPA and the identifier will match the click, what will happen is this:
  • Someone will click the link on your website.
  • It will be redirected first to your website and then to the CPA offer.
  • Once the action is performed by the user, the postback will return a success or a non success on the conversion parameter that we have set in the CPA, through the postback.

The steps you need to follow to do this are mentioned below:


  1. add your site as a traffic source. (just name it without parameters).
  2. add your network and offers. (make sure they have clickID and postback set correctly).
  3. post the URL back in your affiliate network (CPA).
  4. Create a campaign and generate your tracking URL.


  1. add the URL hindered by redtrack without parameters on your website.
  2. when the click happens, it will go to your website first and then to the CPA offer.
  3. when the conversion occurs, the CPA will call the redtrack postback URL so that it knows if the conversion has taken place.
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ClickMagick is a web-based link tracking software created to control and track links and ads of all stripes.

Unlike most other click tracking devices, ClickMagick includes all bases of your sales funnel. From the initial opt-in to the final upsell or downsell, it’s so simple to keep tabs on your funnels.

Also, follow-up emails and clicks that lead to any actions or sales won’t go unseen with ClickMagick. That’s how precise ClickMagick is!

clickmagick cheapest voluum alternatives

ClickMagick Features:

1. Links:

This is where you build your tracking links. ClickMagick will serve each tracking link you create here and collect other data of those who pass by it.

Data may include area, web browser, type of device, and others. A few key points here include: conversion tracking, pixel code, split testing, and password.

2. Organic:

This is where you can trace all the organic traffic to your page. Traffic of search engines, referrals, and even direct traffic from users typing your URL in their web browser.

However, all organic traffic originating from secure websites (those with HTTPS) cannot be revealed. Secure websites are limited from passing referrer information.

3. Rotators

For web traffic providers, “Rotators” is the most important tool. This feature enables you to split and give one link to varying targets based on the rule you assign.

You can decide how your links rotate in various rotator modes such as sequential, spillover, fulfillment, and random.

It’s pretty much like split testing, except there’s no testing. It is helpful for those who sell ads — banners, solos, or even PPC.

4. Content

The “Content” menu has three powerful features. These are: MagickPops, MagickBars, and Timers.

5. Tools

Under the “Tools” menu are a few of useful tools such as Batch Editor, Data Importer/Exporter, IP Lookup, and IP Manager.

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AdsBridge is not a new affiliate tracker, so nearly all the experienced marketers know it well. If you have good traffic to your campaigns, use AdsBridge and scale it up and be certain of results.

If you think as to how it can help you with all your affiliate marketing needs, then just review the below features offered by AdsBridge.

adsbridge tracker

AdsBridge Features:

Below are some of the astonishing features by AdsBridge for all the marketers who are studying to scale up their campaigns.

  • The Web & Mobile Tracking
  • Precise Targeting
  • Landing Page Builder & Free Hosting
  • Automatic Campaign Optimization
  • Extra-Fast Redirects
  • Unlimited Custom Redirect Domains
  • Multiple Campaign Reporting
  • Real-Time Stats & Reporting

Now, let me show you 3 best features which I like the most:

  1. Manual Cloaker/Bot Filter
  2. A/B Testing for best result
  3. Multi-User Access & Roles
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Improvely is an amazing tracking suite and one of the cheapest Voluum alternatives for controlling conversion results and detecting click frauds of your online ads and campaigns.

It is an all-in-one program for click fraud detection, landing page split testing, affiliate marketing, and click and conversion tracking.

It is created for various types of users, from freelancers and startups to SMEs and large agencies.

This software is important for agencies and marketers who want to protect their advertising budget, optimize their marketing strategies, and boost their income.

It streamlines your marketing processes and lets you work efficiently on your own, with your team, and with your clients.

It is a multi-faceted program with the proper features and tools to measure and manage your sales and the performance of marketing campaigns.

improvely affiliate tracker

Improvely features:

  • Conversion tracking

You can keep a track of all the clicks, conversions, and revenue in one dashboard. The tracker provides traffic reports, funnel reports, customer profiles, and more.

  • Fraud Detection

With increase in number of click frauds, you lose money. But with Improvely click fraud detection your competitors will be caught & reported.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Become a super affiliate with insights to campaigns that generate high commissions, cloak your affiliate links, and integrate with multiple affiliate programs.

  • White-Label

If you are an agency, then you can provide white-label services with your brand name and earn their trust.

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Conclusion: Best Voluum Alternatives in 2023

I hope you guys liked the 5 Best Voluum alternatives in 2023 to track, analyze & optimize your ad campaigns. If you have any suggestions, then please do share it in the comments section.

Affiliate tracking tools are a game-changer for affiliates and those who don’t use it cannot succeed in affiliate marketing. So, if you want to progress and become a super affiliate, choose any of the affiliate tracking tools, and become a pro.

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