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7 WordPress Affiliate Plugins To Skyrocket Your Affiliate Conversions

Has your affiliate website been built on WordPress?

In order to maximize your affiliate promotions, you need to make sure you use the following plugins on your site.

Having been an affiliate marketer since 2014, I tested dozens of affiliate marketing plugins to improve conversions.

I’ve compiled and presented the 7 WordPress affiliate plugins you need for your website in this blog post.

Best 7 WordPress Affiliate Plugins To Skyrocket Your Affiliate Conversions

#1. Notification Bar Plugins

My site uses Elementor. This app offers a free pop-up functionality that serves as a notification bar. Website conversions are greatly enhanced by notification bars.

All my money posts are accompanied by notification bars. I display notification bars for reviews of individual products.

Elementor popups, the ACF plugin, and the dynamic content features of Elementor are used for implementing the above.

Notification bars are also included in many popup plugins like Optinmonster. Another option is to use a free WordPress plugin, such as WP Notification Bars.

#2. Content-Aware Sidebars

By using this plugin, you can display different widgets based on conditions, increasing conversions. In addition to inserting shortcodes, you can schedule them to display at specific times and have them appear.

The sidebar can be a post sidebar, a page sidebar, a category sidebar, or anything else you want.

Consider including a post-specific bestseller list in the sidebar of your Amazon affiliate site. Your conversions will increase dramatically.

#3. Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins

A messy affiliate link is a problem. It contains tracking parameters as well as strings in the URL.

Visitors check links before clicking on the most of the time.

If affiliate links are inserted as they are, they appear quite fishy. Therefore, link cloaking has a great impact on affiliate link CTR and user experience. One of the best plugins for link cloaking I’ve seen is Pretty Links. This plugin allows you to cloak, track, organize, shrink, share and test your links. They can be done on any domain you choose.

This is a great plugin that tracks your links and gives you detailed statistics about link clicks.

Also, Pretty Links automatically adds affiliate links based on the keywords you specify in the settings. This is called the auto-linking feature.

There is also a pro version of Pretty Links, which has a number of significant improvements over the lite version. They have a pro version that I use, and it is well worth it. You can use it to track affiliate clicks and conversions easily.

WordPress offers a free version in its repository.

#4. Table Builder Plugins

Plugins that increase affiliate sales are available for free or for a fee.

Tables are created using an inbuilt block in WordPress Gutenberg. However, you can’t insert images for this method.

Therefore, you may have to try some other plugins.

TablePress plugins are free. If you want your tables to be responsive, you need the premium version entitled “Responsive Tables”.

There is also a plugin called WP Table Builder that allows you to drag and drop tables. It allows you to create responsive tables like comparison tables, pricing tables, list tables, and many others. Various options, such as merging and splitting cells, are available. The free plugin that I found to be most user-friendly to date is this one.

#5. AAWP

Using this plugin is a must if you run Amazon Affiliate sites.

A popular Amazon affiliates plugin for many years was EasyAzon. With the advent of AAWP, however, everything changed.

Aside from shortcodes, widgets, and PHP functions, the plugin comes with advanced features.

I particularly liked their PHP templating support for custom presentations. Create custom product comparison tables with the aid of a WordPress developer.

The AAWP easily integrates with Amazon product advertising API and provides up-to-date information like product title, price, and image on your site.

Comply with Amazon Affiliates’ terms and conditions completely with this tool.

They release plenty of new features regularly and actively develop AAWP. They also have extensive documentation and FAQs for implementing every feature.

#6. Popup plugin

Affiliate sales can be boosted with popups. However, you must make sure that the affiliate terms and services allow popups on your website before you start using them. You are not allowed to promote Amazon affiliate’s products in popups, for example.

Popups are again handled by the popup feature of Elementor. Use OptinMonster, Thrive Leads, and Poptin (free WP plugin) as well.

Before your visitors leave your blog post, you can offer them a discount or special offer.

#7. Coupons and Deals plugin

Adding a deals and coupons box to your WordPress site can skyrocket your conversions when you are presenting coupons and deals.

WP Coupons and Deals is a plugin you can use to accomplish this. Both coupon and deal boxes are displayed by this plugin.

This is a freemium plugin. It has additional features in the pro version. I’m sure you get the pro version of the plugin that pays for itself in leaps and bounds if you try out their free version.


A few of the best affiliate plugins for WordPress are listed here. Personally, these plugins have helped me boost my affiliate conversions greatly.

My blog post may have missed some affiliate plugins.

Can you tell me about your experience?

Is there a list of affiliate plugins you recommend?

Leave a comment if you have any questions.