Top 5 Backup/restore Service/Plugins for WordPress

Now that you know keeping a backup of your website data is damn important for anyone having a website. Whatever happens in the worst case, you can restore the website very easily. To help you save your site data & restore it you need a WordPress backup plugin.

The best thing that I recommend is having a backup on a cloud server. It minimizes the risk of losing your website due to server hack or server lost from the datacenter.

Just in case the server inside the datacenter lose connectivity from the internet, you will lose huge data.

Or say, some hacker hacked the web server. If you had all your website in a single cPanel account (as add-on domains which is not recommended), all sites are at risk.

Let’s not think negatively and explore some of the best backup plugins for your website or blog.

  1. WP Backup Free/Paid by MyThemeShop
  2. Updraft FREE/Pro
  3. VaultPress
  4. CodeGuard

VaultPress is the one I am using on my blog but we are going to start with FREE solutions to backup and restore your website.

#1 My WP Backup

The My WP Backup plugin is FREE. Yes. A free plugin does the job for you to store all your wordpress site data (Sql, images, posts, pages, themes and plugins) on dropbox or google drive.

I will definitely take you thorough the process to installing and taking your first backup using the plugin here.

Let’s start with installing the plugin first. Either download from the website or install it using your native wp-admin dashboard search.

My WP Backup Free Backup WordPress Plugin MyThemeShop

Add Plugins MyWPbackup

Right after installing the plugin, as usual, I will activate the plugin and head to the quick setup.

The plugin works on manual jobs. You can create any number of jobs to backup your data in different versions and that too manually.

MyBackup take backup or restore

Now the plugin asks me either to perform a backup or restore from a backup. I am using this first time. Obviously, I will be having no earlier backup to be compatible with this plugin.

So, clicking perform a backup will take me to the next window. See where.

First I will configure the job and setup a connection with dropbox (because I have 2GB of free storage here).

access token

You will find the dropbox authorization code once you click the “Connect Dropbox Account” button and authorize after the login.

Here is how I found it.

API Request Authorized Dropbox


Now the backup setup is done.

Let’s head towards running the first backup. (make sure you added a working email while configuring the first job. You will receive an email when the backup is complete.)

start the job

In the list of the backup jobs, I clicked “Run” and the above prompt was on my screen.

As simple is that, I will hit “Start”

doing the backup

See, the backup has started.

I will get out of here and wait for a few minutes. Waiting for the “congratulations email”.

backup complete

Just making sure that I have a file inside my “dropbox”

dropbox backup

Yes. This is real.

Now my website data is secure and I have that in my dropbox account.

Yoast SEO just said the readability is good. (ignore).

But. This is manual. If you want to run these jobs on automatic basis, go for the premium version of the plugin.

#2 UpDraft Plus

The straight forward plugin that does the same job for you as the My WP backup plugin.

Let’s take a backup in Updraft Plus too.

The process very similar to the functions of My WP Backup plugin. But a few things I am gonna share with are here.

  1. More places to store the backups (Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon, Microsoft Onedrive, Google Cloud, FTP and lot more.)
  2. Automatic backups with retaining a number of backups and deleting the older one’s.
  3. Advanced option without a need to upgrade

Let’s do it.

start backup updraft plus

No wonders. I downloaded the plugin from inside my wp-admin. (test website) on Nestify hosting

Once you click the “Backup Now” button, you won’t be having an option to send the backup file to the remote storage you want to store your backup in. I prefer clicking the button after setup.

updraft backup storage options

I can store the backup files anywhere. Dropbox, FTP, S3 compatible, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure on anywhere else from the above list.

But I can select one destination at the moment because I am using the free version of the plugin. (send one backup to more remote storage using the premium version of the plugin.)

I choose DropBox. (I prefer this without any special reason.)

select and authorize updraft plus dropbox

Just had to authenticate DropBox with the updraft plus plugin.  Following the link and this landed me on the dropbox authentication page.

API Request Authorization Dropbox

Allow without any further wait.

backup in progress updraft

This time I clicked the “backup now” button and it started in a few seconds.

Now I am gonna verify whether the files are being uploaded on dropbox or not. I just have to go to my dropbox account and look into the directory app>>updraft plus folder.


The files are there now. see

all backups in dropbox updraft

There are 5 files and that is totally fair because everything (DB, plugins, themes and files) are stored separately. Wanna have a look.

updraft plus backups done

I literally have no more words about this awesome plugin.

Now if you have got some budget for this. Let’s have a look into the premium solution.

Well, I use VaultPress by Automattic (a product)

#3 VaultPress by

I can show you how does it work. (bunch of screenshot that can give you a sneak peek view of the plugin)


I have completed the setup already.

VaultPress backups

Here is the look inside my dashboard. 212 posts, 26 pages, 23 Categories and 14 users with a huge number of comments, themes and plugins. well, over 6k files also. Everything is covered under the backup.

Backups VaultPress Dashboard

I like the feature of keeping the backup once a change is made in the website. If I add a post or page or anything in my wordpress site, it will be stored in the backup cloud.

No Google Drive, no Dropbox. Only WordPress cloud storage will be having my files.

Prepare Backup VaultPress Dashboard

backup content in vaultpress

Either I will restore my website to a previous date’s backup or download the backup files in local drive. Everything is possible.

I am using this because it is super easy and cool enough to keep my mind out of any mess.

#4 CodeGuard

The plugins seems to be much like other backup plugins with an additional feature: virus scanning.

Yet to test it out. If you have any good or bad experience with codeguard wordpress plugin, please share in the comment section below. Maybe I find it good be the description of the codeguard.

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Wrapping Up

I have given you a test-drive of the features of 3 plugins here. Any opinion or questions?

I hope you understood how to use WordPress backup plugins to save your site data.