The 11 Funny/Worst Website Names Ever in 2023 and beyond

Startup founders, marketing directors, and anyone with a bit of business acumen should research and test their website names before registering and launching them. If you don’t research you will end up like these worst website names that everyone is talking about.

You might ask your peers for feedback. In the end, it is the point of entry for most customers. In other words, it represents the brand. The company cannot survive without it.

Unfortunately, this is not always true. These eleven examples illustrate when perhaps a little more thought should have been given to choosing a domain name.

List of the Funny and Worst Website Names Ever


whorepresents worst website names ever

Not sure what to get a prostitute for their birthday? You may think that this is the kind of site that you would visit, but actually, it is a database of company or celebrity management information.


Isn’t it possible that the Teachers Association could come up with a domain that is a little less creepy when they want a forum for teachers to discuss ideas and collaborate?


Watchers of Arrested Development will appreciate the importance of domain names for therapists.

Furthermore,, which had become California Counselor, was more prominent.


Powergen, an Italian company, may not have considered the combination of country of origin and company well enough.


As the Cook Islands’ local domain is, the global car rental company was stuck with it.

Some talk has circulated about the Cook Islands changing their country name to eliminate the Telecom Cook Islands, for example, uses the as its domain ending.


There was an unfortunate description of the goods offered by this scrap metal company. What an awful slogan!



This is a website for art, not a story about a beach incident.


The domain name may not suggest this is a place for buying, selling, and exchanging children’s toys, or as their website proclaims, “the ultimate recycle.”.


Perhaps the small nursery located on Mole River Road, in New South Wales, Australia, should have thought more about the name of their establishment. Their website did take some time to change to Mole River, but their nursery name lives on.


penisland finest quality pens

It has often been cited as an example of a bad website, and Pen Island, which is a strange name for a company selling pens, has drawn a lot of attention.

Do they sell pens on this tropical island? This attention-grabbing URL appeared to be the focus of memes, Reddit jokes, and marketing 101 lectures, but was there more at play?


oldmanshaven cabins

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Conclusion: Why are these worst website names?

When an apostrophe is not present in a URL, it brings up images that many people might not want to think about.

I wrote this article to poke fun at badly chosen domains when I started writing it. What are you talking about? That’s awful! These websites would make readers laugh.

Based on my research, I believe some of these worst website names did it on purpose because they are very clever. More people visited their site, they got a lot of publicity, and they got exposure through social media sites and articles like this.

All of which would not have occurred if their domain name had been boring.

Having chosen Mole River Nursery from the beginning, would it have been able to receive thousands of unique visits and potential inquiries?

There is no doubt that Pen Island fooled most people. They would realize it’s a joke if they read their website and looked at their logo.

Yet they appear to have fooled many visitors into thinking an innocent pen manufacturer made a huge mistake. It is a shame that the website creators did not capitalize on this opportunity to monetize the website. Maybe they are content with the joke itself.

Some companies have changed their domains, and have redirects in place, after realizing their unintended double meaning. It is evident that their traffic has increased.

Others, such as Powergen Italia and Teachers Talking, recognizing the power of their URLs, turned them into opportunities and sold their domain names to enterprising cyber companies.

Maybe these awful domain choices were actually chosen by a marketing professional or entrepreneur who had a strategy behind them. Obviously it isn’t suitable for big brands, but it could be a good solution for startups seeking PR and traffic.

I hope the list of worst website names would have helped you realize the importance of domain names. So, next time you choose a domain name, make sure it doesn’t have different meanings.