WPEngine vs Kinsta: Which One Is Good Hosting Solution of 2023? [Features & Pricing Compared]

WPEngine vs Kinsta

WPEngine vs Kinsta, If you are not sure which website host to choose, you have come to the right place. A lot of people ask us which one is better between Kinsta and WP Engine. In this guide, we will talk about five features that are different between these two companies so that you can decide if one of them is the right choice for what you need.

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WPEngine vs Kinsta


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WPEngine vs Kinsta


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Screenshot of WPEngine

WPEngine vs Kinsta

Screenshot of Kinsta

WPEngine vs Kinsta

Features of WPEngine

World-class advanced security

WPEngine monitors all the traffic going to your site and blocks attacks. It also updates the WordPress core to eliminate potential vulnerabilities. If a problem occurs, WP Engine has a one-click restore feature. WP Engine also protects against JavaScript/SQL injection attacks, brute force attempts, and DDoS attacks.

Installations that you can transfer easily

As a developer, you might create websites from your account. You don’t have to wait for the client to add you to their WordPress website. This saves time because you can transfer the site to them or host it on WPEngine.

Staging environment is quite impressive

The staging area is useful for developers. You can make changes or test new things without affecting the live site. Developers work on websites without messing up the user experience or functionality of the live site.

Performance on the top

High performance is when your internet can’t go down. WP Engine makes sure that it doesn’t go down. They guarantee that it will be up for 99.95% of the time, or about 4 hours a year. You can also get this service to 100%. If your internet is down too much, you get free hosting credit for this problem.

Amazing website loading speed

WP Engine is a good host for websites that want to load quickly. This is because WP Engine has a custom NGINX extension (this means the server prioritizes human requests over robot requests and offers load balancing). It also has a CDN which gives your visitors the content they need based on their location. This all happens for free with any of WP Engines plans.

Features of Kinsta

Automatic daily Website Backups

Kinsta is an easy way to make sure that your website is backed up. Kinsta backs up your website every day. And it keeps the backup for 14 days on the entry-level service, or longer if you get a higher plan. You can always restore a backup from your live site or from the test environment.

Stage your website with just 1 click

Kinsta hosting plans have a staging site. You can test new things on this site, and if you’re happy with it, you can push it to the live site in one click. Developers should be able to switch between different versions of PHP easily and use a tool that checks for errors in your website’s database every few minutes.

Data centers spread across the world.

There have been a lot of updates to help increase their global average speed. They’ve recently added new data centers and they have over 20 different data centers all around the world. The United States is well covered and they spread far and wide so from Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Sao Paulo, you’re covered.

Remove glitches and malware

If a hacker infects your website, Kinsta will remove the malware for free. They do this by looking at your website every minute with New Relic. They stop DDoS attacks from happening and they have very tight software-based restrictions to protect your WordPress site. But if you are coming from another web provider or if Kinsta detects that you have malware, then there is a one-time charge of $100 to remove it.

Take care of uptime (regular checks)

Kinsta will check your site every day. If they see that there is a problem, your site will be fixed within 30 minutes. Kinsta says that they will not let you down and that they promise 99.9% uptime reliability.

🏆 Winner: WPEngine
WP Engine is a good host & offers better features than Kinsta.

More about WPEngine

WPEngine was founded by Heather Brunner in Austin, Texas, United States. They started their company back in 2010. WPEngine is a company that helps people to have a website. They do this by providing hosting.

With their service, your website will have very good uptime, and it will be fast. This means that people who visit your website will not have any problems with it. There are many features you can add to your account for this company’s service, such as real-time threat detection and premium hosting features.

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More about Kinsta

WPEngine vs KinstaKinsta is a company that was started by Mark Gavalda of Los Angeles. It is a company that offers WordPress hosting powered by Google Cloud Platform. How long have they been around? They have been around since December 1, 2013, and have had great growth since then.

Kinsta offers a special kind of hosting. This kind of hosting is for people who have their own website. It makes the work easier. They offer something called “premium managed WordPress hosting powered by the Google Cloud platform.” This service is great for everyone, from startups to larger companies.

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🏆 Winner: WPEngine
WPEngine has more postive customer feedbacks.

WPEngine's Pricing

WPEngine vs KinstaWP Engine is a company that only offers a service for WordPress hosting. They have many different plans to choose from that are based on how many resources you need and how many sites. This will be easy to scale depending on what you need.

  • Startup- $25/month
  • Growth- $95/month
  • Scale- $241/month
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Kinsta's Pricing

WPEngine vs KinstaKinsta has many plans. Prices may change. You can upgrade your plan or choose a different one if needed, but you need to keep track of your monthly visitors and know what plan you need for them.

  • Starter- $10/month
  • Pro- $60/month
  • Business- $100/month
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🏆 Winner: Kinsta
Kinsta is a cheaper hosting solution in terms of pricing.

WPEngine's Support

WPEngine has plenty of support for you. You can get help any time of the day or night, 7 days a week. You will have access to live chat or email with someone who knows about WPEngine’s platform within your user portal after signing up. Agents were helpful and quick to respond when we emailed them. They answered all of our questions without difficulty.

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Kinsta's Support

Kinsta does not give people a telephone number to call, but they do offer 24 7 support. When I switched from WP Engine, my experience with Kinsta was much better because they have a ticketing system and scripts that help me solve problems. For example, when a plugin made my database grow too big, they gave me a script to clean it up.

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🏆 Winner: Kinsta
When I switched from WP Engine, my experience with Kinsta was much better because they have a ticketing system.

When you buy managed WordPress hosting, it is important to choose the right provider. You need to know what your requirements are and which one is best for you. Kinsta and WP Engine provide great hosting services that are good for anyone with business needs.

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🏆 Winner: WPEngine
Kinsta and WP Engine provide great hosting services. I recommend using WP Engine.

FAQs (WPEngine vs Kinsta)

💁 Is WP Engine a host?

WP Engine is a good host. They have excellent uptime and they protect your WordPress website with their security features like backups and real-time threat detection.

Is WP Engine fast?

WP Engine offers fast performance. It is 40% faster than before. And they say that the software on their platform has improved 15%.

🤷‍♀️ Who are WP Engine competitors?

The top alternatives to WP Engine are Pantheon, Kinsta, Cloudways, A2 Hosting, SiteGround, DreamHost and Bluehost.

🧏‍♂️ Who founded WP Engine?

Jason Cohen has experience in business and software development, and is the founder of WP Engine. He built the company's technology and product roadmap that he improves. Jason also helped four other companies grow to more than $1 million in annual revenue.

👉 What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a company that offers hosting for wordpress. They are on the cloud. It is very fast because they use Google Cloud Platform. Kinsta is a new company in the managed WordPress hosting market, so it is good to try them out if you need help with your WordPress website.

👍 Where is Kinsta from?

In 2013, Kinsta was founded. Its headquarters is in Los Angeles, California, USA 90024.

🙌 Is Kinsta any good?

Kinsta is a company that helps people with hosting their WordPress sites. They are on the Google Cloud Platform which helps make your site run better. They are new in the market but they are good.