WriterZen Review: The Best AI Content Research Tool 

Are you looking for an all-in-one content research tool to drive organic traffic on your website?

If you need such software, this WriterZen review is for you. With the WriterZen review, you will learn how the tool works. So let’s begin the review with its features and plans & pricing.

WriterZen Introduction

writerzen homepage

WriterZen drives organic traffic on your website by providing high-quality content databases taken from Google. 

With no credit card required, you can kick-start with the WriterZen 7-day free trial period. You can cancel the plan anytime and get your refund. 

Avail of the WriterZen lifetime deal with no credit card required.

Let me tell you more about WriterZen products to help you in boosting your site SEO. 

WriterZen Products

At WriterZen, you can access Topic Discovery, Keyword Explorer, Content Creator, and Plagiarism Checker. Let me explain these products one by one. 

Topic Discovery:

The topic discovery tool by WriterZen helps you establish your domain expertise. You can get more crawling by Google bots by searching for high-quality topics. 

You simply need to enter the keyword, and the tool displays clusters of topics. The link to the topics published on the websites can be checked with the number of traffic volumes. 

The tool ensures you get unique keywords that don’t get repeated. This helps increase website visibility and increased traffic on a particular page resulting in overall website performance. 

For a single seed keyword, you can access the top 100 competitors. These competitors are ranked by Google, so it helps you build content strategies to organize like them. 

Access Google search insights and related keyword searches by Google. You can identify how the pillar content gets connected to each cluster topic with the mind map view. 

You can store all your topics and keyword searches in the personal database and access it anytime. You can filter the search results and get the most relevant content strategy.

Keyword Explorer:

The keyword explorer tool helps you search for high-quality keywords that ensure the integrity of your content. The keyword suggestions are taken from the Google database only. 

The tool shows search volume for a particular keyword over a period of 12 months. 

It also shows the intent level of the keyword. This helps you check a keyword’s popularity on Google. 

Cost per click or CPC shows the price of the keyword on Google for every click by a user. The keyword difficulty level helps you decide whether it is easy or difficult to rank on Google. 

The Keyword Golden Score targets long-tail keywords so you can rank on the first page of SERPs. 

The patented Golden Filter helps you uncover low competition keywords with high search volume. 

For a seed keyword, you can get Google suggestions that are nothing but questions people ask. 

Content Creator

The competitive analysis for a given seed keyword helps you reveal the strategies of the top 20 competitors. You can find competitors’ keywords that they rank for and structure your content to rank like them. 

The GPT-3 powered AI writing assistant is a game-changer for your content SEO planning. By using key entities, you can let Google crawl your content more accessible and rank it higher. 

The content editor is designed like a world-class editor to help optimize your content. 

You get live suggestions, note-tracking features, and competitors’ salient data with the live editor. You get to determine the metrics with essential trends and SEO analysis. 

You can create projects for your team and share insights without sharing your account credentials. 

By dividing the task to each team member, you can track the progress in the same dashboard. 

Plagiarism Checker

I need not explain what plagiarism means, but still, people fall prey to it. To avoid such mistakes, the WriterZen plagiarism checker could be handy.

Before you publish your content with all the research, make it plagiarism-free. 

To maintain your integrity on Google, your content should be professional and not copied. 

The inbuilt plagiarism checker identifies text uniqueness by identifying duplicated content. This happens in real-time right in front of you. 

Once the results are in front of you, you can download and share them with your team. 

WriterZen Pricing

Basic: $27/month

The plan offers 50 keyword searches per day, 25,000 keyword credits per month, 5000 AI writing words/month, and more.

Standard: $41/month

If you have a small team, then choose the standard plan. The plan offers 75 keyword searches per day, 40000 keyword credits per month, 8000 AI writing words/month and a lot more. 

Advanced: $69/month

For big agencies and enterprises, this plan is best suitable. The plan offers 150 keyword searches per day, 100,000 keyword credits per month, 15000 AI writing words/month, and more. 

You can additionally purchase the AI writing assistant at $99 per month.

How To Sign Up For WriterZen?

On the homepage, you can see the Get Started Now button. Click on it to sign up with your email address, like Gmail. 

Now enter the credit card details and click on Subscribe. You can now access your WriterZen dashboard. 

The system will prompt you and guide you step by step. First, it will ask you to choose your beginner, intermediate, or advanced expertise level. 

Answer a few more questions and get started with your WriterZen journey. 

The system provides tutorials like videos and a knowledge base to understand its works. 

If you are all set, choose any service like Keyword Explorer. Enter the seed keyword, and the system will show you hundreds of results for the particular keyword. 

writerzen begin keyword explorer

You can check the top competitor URLs that rank for the seed keyword. 

Similarly, you can try out other WriterZen services. 

WriterZen Review: Pros and Cons


  • 7-day free trial with no credit card required.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • GPT-3 powered AI writing assistant.
  • Uncover top competitor URLs for a seed keyword. 
  • Get new content ideas by entering a seed keyword. 
  • Important metrics help you decide the type of content and keyword to use for your website. 
  • Easy onboarding process.
  • Dedicated customer support.


  • All the plans come with limited AI writing words per month. You have to additionally buy the AI writing assistant plan. 

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With the WriterZen review, you must have understood its importance in boosting your site SEO.

Try out WriterZen now with the free trial and get your site rankings a boost in the SERPs.