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Overall Verdict

922 S5 Proxy Provider is an ideal solution catering to businesses of all sizes. Delivering swift, dependable, and secure internet access for both you and your team, they present a range of proxy types & plans tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Out of 10


  • Over 200M IPs spanning 190+ countries for diverse coverage.
  • Target by Country, state, city, ISP, and Zip-level precision.
  • Real-time link protection enhances security.
  • Versatility with API function, simulator integration, user & pass authentication, and antidetect browser support.
  • Supports Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS platforms.
  • Boasts an impressive 99% purity rate.
  • Affordable pricing options with heavy discounts.


  • No free trial
  • Limited proxy types
Overall Rating: 5
Price: 15 $ /month

Are you looking for a safe browsing experience without compromising the traces of your original IP address?

With the 922 S5 Proxy Provider, you can ensure online productivity and protection, providing peace of mind as your business thrives.

Let’s explore more in my honest 922 S5 Proxy review covering its features, use cases, pricing, and steps to sign up.

What Is 922 S5 Proxy?

922 S5 Proxy review homepage
Proxy Types:ISP, Static, and Residential proxies
Devices:Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS
Use Cases:Data collection, price monitoring, etc.
Starting price:$0.04 per IP
Total IPs:200 M + residential IPs
Countries:190 +

922 S5 Proxy stands out as a highly successful proxy service, excelling in residential proxies with impressive success rates. Specifically designed for tasks such as website scraping and overcoming geo-restrictions, their residential proxies offer optimal performance.

Utilizing their advanced Secure Encrypted Protocol (SEP) technology, 922 S5 Proxy establishes a robust security layer, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data. This is achieved by channeling all traffic through their high-end servers strategically located in various global regions.

The service also includes valuable features like the ability to permit or restrict specific domains and target websites to filter out undesirable content. Furthermore, they provide an API for seamless integration with third-party applications and services.

What sets 922 S5 Proxy apart is the authenticity of their residential IPs sourced from nations worldwide, delivering exceptional speed, connection stability, and security. This allows businesses to choose IPs from any country, city, or operator to conduct operations with utmost flexibility.

922 S5 Proxy Types

ISP Proxies

922 s5 isp proxies

An ISP proxy serves as an intermediary between a user and the Internet, utilizing an IP address assigned by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). When a user employs an ISP proxy to access the Internet, the IP address associated with the proxy is displayed instead of the user’s actual IP. 

In contrast to datacenter IPs, often associated with anonymity concerns, ISP IPs are more trustworthy and authentic. They represent legitimate home-based internet connections, making them a safer choice for various online activities.

Each ISP IP comes with a variable validity period, allowing it to remain active for up to 12 hours online. However, it’s important to note that once an IP expires, it cannot be reused. To continue using an ISP proxy, a new IP balance needs to be consumed, ensuring a fresh and secure connection for ongoing internet access. This dynamic feature of residential proxies contributes to both security and reliability in online interactions.

Residential Proxies

922 s5 residential proxies

The 922 S5 residential proxies support two different modes which are Randomize IPs and Sticky IPs. The Randomize IP feature automatically replaces IPs in the pool so you need not rotate IPs manually. Sticky IPs are valid for up to 60 minutes. You can then select another IP for the same location or from a different location.

You can select over 200 M+ safe & reliable residential IPs ranging in over 190 + countries worldwide. All the IPs provide high anonymity and above 99% purity as they appear as a real user thereby minimizing detection and blocking issues.

Additionally, each IP from 922 S5 Proxy is dedicated to a single user, mitigating the risks associated with shared IPs and providing exclusive access. This feature is particularly significant for tasks requiring IP exclusivity, such as accessing sensitive data or conducting confidential business transactions.

922 S5Proxy also supports both randomizing IPs and sticky IPs modes. The former automatically substitutes IPs within the designated pool, while the latter mode involves remaining fixed on a single address for a configurable duration of 1-60 minutes.

I recommend purchasing residential proxies from 922 S5 if:

1. You must manage diverse social media accounts across various locations.

2. You’re a merchant looking to effectively circumvent website restrictions for seamless resale of goods and maximizing profits.

3. You represent an enterprise seeking to amass crucial market intelligence data, including pricing details, consumer behavior insights, and product trends.

4. You’re an advertiser searching for tools to verify the accurate display of your ads in specific localities, ensuring unhindered visibility without blocking.

5. You’re an individual user seeking anonymous internet browsing, concealing your real IP addresses, and safeguarding privacy from online trackers and data collectors.

922 s5 proxy vs 911 s5 proxy

Static Residential Proxies

922 s5 static residential proxy

The 922 Static Residential Proxy is a unique offering that combines the robust anonymity of residential proxies with the high speeds of datacenter proxies. Derived from the actual ISP’s residential IP addresses, this proxy is well-suited for applications such as online content streaming, data collection, and financial operations. Notably, unlike dynamic proxies, a static residential proxy maintains the same IP address across multiple sessions.

In my evaluation of a static residential proxy from 922 S5, I observed an impressive average uptime of 99.9%, which is pivotal for executing high-speed online business operations. The proxy demonstrated reliability during real-time data processing and continuous monitoring, contributing to a highly satisfactory experience.

Currently, the most sought-after locations in residential proxy list include the United States, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Germany, and Australia, etc. If your targeting aligns with these regions, prompt action is advisable due to the popularity of these locations.

FeatureISP ProxiesResidential Proxies (922 S5Proxy)Static Residential Proxies (922 S5)
Type of IP AddressResidential IP from ISPRotating Residential IPsStatic Residential IP
Anonymity LevelHigh, appears as legitimate home-based connectionHigh, appears as a legitimate home-based connectionCombines residential anonymity with datacenter speed
Validity PeriodUp to 12 hours onlineUp to 30 daysLong-term, with the same IP address across sessions
Main UsageSneaker copping, SEO optimization, and web scrapingNetwork data extraction, social media marketing, eCommerce, and website testing.Network data extraction, social media marketing, eCommerce, and website testing.
Link StabilityHigh, reduces lost or timed-out connectionsHigh, reduces lost or timed-out connectionsExtremely high (99.9% uptime)
IP ModeNot specifiedSupports both randomizing and sticky IPs modesFixed and long-term  IP address
Popular LocationsUS, UK, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Brazil, France, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc.Supports both randomizing and sticky IP modesUS, Taiwan, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc.

922 S5 Proxy Use Cases

use cases of 922 s5 proxy

Ad Verification: 

To eliminate fraudulent clicks on advertisements worldwide, the imperative for ad verification becomes evident to ensure the accurate targeting of your ads. 922 S5 provides adept verification solutions alongside highly reliable residential proxies, enabling you to enhance the effectiveness of your advertising efforts while securely and privately preserving your marketing budget.

SEO Optimization: 

922 S5 proxies are well-suited for endeavors that involve substantial traffic generation, such as web scraping and SEO initiatives. Leveraging the 922 S5 proxy allows for the deployment of web scraping applications to systematically navigate websites. Employing a SOCKS5 proxy for network data collection proves to be a highly efficient strategy for evading detection. Employ a local proxy for conducting site audits, competitive research, scraping SEO data, and analyzing search engine rankings across various countries.

Snap-Up Merchandise: 

Given that merchants’ sales tend to be region-specific, and a significant volume of buyers is anticipated, the conventional methods of making purchases may yield a relatively low success rate. Enhancing the likelihood of successful transactions often requires the establishment of multiple accounts with the bot. However, such practices are typically restricted by businesses, and suspicious accounts are subject to bans. To circumvent the merchant’s punitive measures and improve success rates, utilizing 922 S5 is imperative to present each account as an authentic user.

Price Monitoring: 

Engaging in the tracking and monitoring of pricing enables the adept capture of dynamic market price ranges and customer preferences daily. 922 S5 provides effective web scraping services and top-tier residential IPs across global locations. This aids businesses in systematically gathering data about pricing fluctuations and customer behavior, facilitating enhanced strategic planning for online product prices and related activities.

Social Media: 

Social media is a prominent platform for companies to bolster their brand image. Nonetheless, social media platforms frequently impose restrictions or limitations on promotional activities related to enterprises, products, events, etc. With the assistance of 922 S5, overcoming these constraints becomes straightforward. It allows for the establishment of multiple accounts and the utilization of diverse technologies to augment the impact of your social media presence, effectively navigating and enhancing value within the imposed limitations.

Brand Protection: 

For companies and brands aiming to mitigate the presence of counterfeit and substandard items on key platforms and websites across different countries, it is imperative to establish a prompt and effective response to maintain brand integrity and prevent consumer loss. However, accessing these websites involves overcoming geo-restrictions and IP blocks. 922 S5 provides a solution by offering residential IPs from around the world, enabling secure and efficient circumvention of IP restrictions.

Market Research: 

Market research stands as an essential element in corporate strategy formulation. Accurate insights into the industry are paramount for developing targeted marketing and business development plans that effectively support companies. The precision and timeliness of data hold heightened significance for businesses operating on a global scale. Leveraging 922 S5 can facilitate a comprehensive understanding of market data, enabling informed decision-making and preventing the formulation of suboptimal marketing strategies.

Data Collection: 

The rapid expansion of the Internet has propelled the utilization of big data, turning data collection into a flourishing business. Yet, the increasing prevalence of web crawlers has prompted website owners to implement measures restricting data crawling. 922 S5Proxy can aid in overcoming these limitations by providing access to the desired website through a proxy IP, thereby enhancing the efficiency of data collection efforts.

922 S5 Proxy Pricing

To begin, you have the flexibility to choose a subscription plan with 922S5 based on the number of proxies or opt for a package tailored to your bandwidth usage.

In the case of dynamic proxies, the pricing initiates at $0.04 per IP or $0.7 per gigabyte, while static proxies commence at $0.17 per IP per day. Presently, all plans are accompanied by notable discounts of up to 70% OFF, and there is an opportunity for additional savings as the quantity of proxies purchased increases.

ISP Proxies Pricing

Features200 IPs
0.22 /IPs
385 IPs
0.14 /IPs
650 IPs
0.12 /IPs
1000 IPs +500 IPs
0.09 /IPs
4000 IPs +1200 IPs
0.07 /IPs
10000 IPs +2000 IPs
0.045 /IPs
ISP-level targeting
API Access
SOCKS5 support
24/7 support
Dedicated Account Manager

The initial price for the plan, inclusive of 10,000 IPs and an additional 2,000 IPs, was $1,080. Currently, it is being offered at a discounted rate of half price, totaling $540. This plan provides comprehensive access to the entire IP pool, incorporating city targeting, and offers rotating and sticky sessions at $0.045 per IP. 

The ISP plan emphasizes dynamic residential proxies featuring an IP uptime of approximately 24 hours and unlimited bandwidth. With six options available within this package, the cost per IP decreases with the acquisition of a higher quantity of IPs.

My Opinion:

Volume Discount: The pricing structure follows a volume discount model – the more IPs purchased, the lower the cost per IP. This is a standard pricing strategy in bulk services, encouraging larger purchases.

Bonus IPs: Some packages include bonus IPs (e.g., “1000 IPs + 500 IPs”). This is an attractive offer for higher volume purchases, increasing the value for customers.

ISP Proxies Enterprise Pricing

Features12000 IPs
30000 IPs
50000 IPs
Flexible IP allocation
IP never expires
Re-insurance service
Safe and Stable
Unlimited bandwidth
Support API and User&Pass Auth
Ready to deploy in seconds
Support Google Authenticator

Available at a remarkable discount of $3,000, constituting the most substantial savings I have encountered, this advanced plan upgrade facilitates IP allocation and offers an unparalleled price point of $0.04 per IP.

My Opinion

Pricing Structure: The pricing per IP decreases as the quantity increases, adhering to a volume discount model. This is a common strategy for bulk services, incentivizing larger purchases.

Safe and Stable: This suggests a focus on security and reliability, both important for enterprise-level proxy services.

IP Never Expires: A significant feature for long-term planning, ensuring that the IPs remain valid as long as the service is active.

Unlimited Bandwidth: This is a key advantage for enterprises with high data usage, removing concerns about data caps.

Residential Proxies Pricing

Valid for 30 days
User & pass authentication
Unlimited concurrency and bandwidth
Fixed 1-60 minutes
Exclusive server

Available at a rate of $0.7 per gigabyte, this plan provides a 30-day subscription with the additional benefit of receiving a complimentary 100GB. Accessible through user and password authentication, it distinguishes itself from intermediary quantity-based purchases by enabling users to procure based on their bandwidth usage.

Static Residential Proxies Pricing

Offered at a rate of $0.17 per IP per day, this plan guarantees extended stability with a validity period ranging from 7 to 30 days. For those in need of continuous and reliable online access, the ISP package (static) determines the lifespan of IPs based on the term of the package. This option proves particularly advantageous for individuals or businesses with specific duration requirements.

922 S5 Sneaker Proxies

922 S5 Sneaker Proxy

The success rate of grabbing a sneaker without a proxy is low. This is where 922 S5 proxies increase your chances of grabbing the latest edition of sneakers from online stores.

To grab a pair of sneakers, you can utilize residential IPs with a 99% success rate. Using these proxies, you can buy products globally as the IPs belong to different countries around the world.

Sneaker proxies are secure and appear as real device IPs so your account doesn’t get blocked.

How to buy Residential Proxy from 922 S5 Proxy?


Visit the website of 922 S5 Proxy and click the Signup Button.

922 S5 Proxy Signup

Step 2: 

Enter all required information, including your email address, password, and any invitation codes you may have in the space provided. Click on Sign up.

Form for Signup

Step 3:

You will now be logged into your 922 S5 Proxy Dashboard. Here, you can choose your preferred plan and click on Order Now.

922 S5 Pricing Plan

Step 4:

Select your preferred payment method, and proceed by clicking Continue to Pay. Complete the payment, and you’re all set to go.

922 S5 Preferred Payment Method

Once your payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email with login credentials to your dashboard. This is where you can configure the proxy settings inside the dashboard.

Why Do I Recommend 922 S5 Proxy?

Competitive Advantage:

922 S5 residential proxy IPs offer a distinct advantage over competitors by assigning each IP to a single user, enabling simultaneous use without the risk of blacklisting or tracing.

Security and Anonymity:

The service enhances online security and reliability by providing genuine residential proxy IPs from various global locations, minimizing the likelihood of IP address blockages. Users can engage in online transactions with increased safety and anonymity.

99% Uptime Guarantee:

With a solid 99% uptime guarantee, users can access content globally without interruptions or downtime issues.

Regular Quality Evaluation:

The quality of the IPs is regularly assessed, ensuring a consistently secure and safe connection.

User-Friendly Interface:

The service offers a user-friendly interface, rapid download rates, data encryption, and compatibility with various operating systems and devices, ensuring ease of use.

Enterprise-Focused Features:

Catering to enterprises, the 922 S5 Proxy provides superior capabilities such as unmetered bandwidth, limitless threads, and anonymous access, making it an excellent choice for corporations and developers.

Versatile Use Cases:

The service offers capabilities like whitelisting or blacklisting specific domains, target website filtering, and an API for seamless integration with third-party applications and services, catering to organizations and developers seeking a reliable proxy service.

Comprehensive Security Layer:

With unmetered bandwidth, limitless threads, and anonymous access, the service ensures customer privacy. Its comprehensive security layer directs all communication through high-end servers in multiple locations.

Global Server Presence:

The servers are strategically located worldwide, allowing users to access any website or service without encountering geo-restrictions.

User & Pass Auth Extraction:

No need to download any software as the 922 S5 Proxy provides user & password authentication. To use this feature, you only have to register an account and buy a proxy IP of any country you want. This feature is available for ISP proxies.

922 S5Proxy Reviews

922 S5 Proxy Reviews

Real Testimonials on the 922 S5Proxy website show customers are really happy with its proxy service. But any website would show positive feedback. So let’s check out real feedback on TrustPilot.

922 S5 Proxy Reviews

TrustPilot shows a mixed reaction of customers satisfied and unsatisfied with 922 S5Proxy solutions. The positive thing is that most of the customers have rated its service 5 stars which means the company has lived up to their expectations. Therefore, I recommend trying out their proxy services.

922 S5Proxy Affiliate Program

922 S5 Proxy Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program is free for anyone even if you don’t buy any proxy services. Promoting 922 S5Proxy services means you earn 3% -10% cash back in your account when your referral buys a proxy package. You can use this wallet balance to buy any proxy for any use case.

The affiliate program does not currently support Static residential and ISP proxies (Enterprise).

Advantages of joining the 922 S5Proxy affiliate program:

  • Rebate commissions for every recharge done by your referrals.
  • The amount is deposited as a wallet balance which can then be used.
  • Instant rewards in real-time. 
  • No limitations on the number of referrals that purchase using your affiliate link.

Conclusion: 922 S5 Proxy Review

922 S5 emerges as a top-tier choice, boasting a formidable set of features and competitive pricing options, complemented by excellent customer service offerings. With attributes such as unlimited bandwidth and speed, coupled with 24/7 support staffed by knowledgeable agents, 922 S5 ensures a seamless online experience, regardless of your global location.

Whether you’re a newcomer seeking an affordable option or a seasoned user pursuing advanced features, 922 S5 caters to a diverse range of needs. Take the next step and explore the comprehensive proxy features of 922 S5 today!

FAQs | 922 S5Proxy Review

Is 922 S5Proxy free?

Presently, there is no free trial available. You can test proxies with the lowest price per IP package.

Is there a limitation on the use of IPs?

There is no limitation on the number of IPs but there are some traffic limitations. You can choose from over 200M+ IPs in over 190+ locations worldwide. 

What payment methods are supported to buy proxies?

922 S5Proxy supports credit cards, Alipay, Paypal, bank cards, and cryptocurrencies including USDT, BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, etc.

How much do I earn if someone makes a purchase using my referral link?

When your referral purchases a proxy, you earn a 3% – 10% rebate that gets reflected in your wallet balance.