Affiliate World Dubai 2023 – My Best Experience & Review

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Affiliate World Conferences is a brand known as one of the biggest affiliate events worldwide. With over 5000 attendees and 200+ exhibitors, that was huge back in November 2022 in Bangkok Thailand. This year in March, the conference was held in Dubai.

Habibi, Welcome To Dubai – Here Is My Experience of Affiliate World Dubai!

vashishtha kapoor AWD dubai

Since the AWA (affiliate world conference 2022, Bangkok) was profitable and worth attending, I decided to pack my bags and attend the next conference in Dubai. 

During the Bangkok event only, I knew that the next one is happening in March 2023 and that was when I started planning for it.

Talking about the cost of the tickets, I recommend almost everyone to go for the early bird tickets. 

Get Tickets for the next event in Barcelona

See you there!

event tickets barcelona

Even if your plan changes at any time, you have the option to transfer it to someone else. The organizing team can help you with that. However, any deal you do with the other person is between you and the third party.

welcome to dubai affiliate world conference

The Plan

Of course, the plan was to reach a few days before the event to explore the surroundings and attend the pre-parties for networking. We booked the stay near Burj Khalifa in Business Bay. 

burj khalifa

Check out the pictures of the stay and the view of Burj Khalifa from the balcony.

view from balcony burj khalifa

Next up, after the event, I also attended Eurasia. I will also write my experience with it.


To sum up my 20 days journey, I attended several parties before and after the actual event.

During the event, I met existing clients, friends, and prospects to collaborate with. Industry events are always a great place to meet like-minded people who would like to collaborate with you. Also, a great opportunity to find new business opportunities.

The BIG Moment

interview with neil patel

Meeting Neil Patel, doing a short interview with him, and then attending his session on the main stage at the event was my biggest moment and the highlight of the event as well.

Here’s my fam moment with him:

moment with neil patel

Pre-Event Gossip Shesh

  • Pre-event parties/private parties/interviews

“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” is an extremely renowned saying. Yes, my major goal was to get the most out of this experience. Not only for growing my affiliate business but also to make sure that I had fun all around the clock. 

Just like Bangkok, we booked to stay close to the event location. This time again, we had an upper hand. 

We got the badges from the registration counter a day before the actual event and that helped me avoid long queues on the busiest day of the conference. 

However, the on-ground team was so professional and efficient that they managed the crowd very well and there was no such hassle.

This time again, I attended TikTok Meetup and then went to the Conversion Club meetup on 28th February.

The Conversion Club meetup was amazing and I met Alex from Pin Up Partners and Yvone from Multilogin. Special thanks to Lana for organizing such a great meetup.

Major Missout – The Event

awconference official

The event was great. The relaxation zone, Oxygen bar, massage section, and the networking zone, everything were planned very well.

First of all, the entry experience was amazing.

welcome to affiliate world dubai conference

I also get a chance to interview Pedro ( and Nilu ( on the event location and gain a lot of insights and advice for media buying.

🎙️ Interview with Pedro Neves Manager at Traffic Nomads

Pedro Neves – Traffic Nomads

interview with pedro neves

Interview with Nilufar Yusupova, Head of BD & PR at AdsEmpire at AWD Dubai 🎙️

Renz, Maro, Lana, Anastasia – Propellerads

with renz from propellerads
with lana from propellerads

Evegeniy, Darya – Adcash

with evegeniy darya from adcash

Vilma – Oxylabs

with vilma from oxylabs

Vilius and Martin – SmartProxy

vilius and martin smartproxy

George – ProxyEmpire

with george from proxyempire

Nilu and team – AdsEmpire

with nilu and team from  adsempire

Catherine (speaker) – Adsterra

with catherine speaker from adsterra

Stephen – Multilogin

with stephen from multilogin

Tamara – Coinis

with tamara from Coinis

Roxana – AWSummit

with roxana from awsummit
  • Friends


with trilochan

David from Leaseweb

with david from leaseweb

Overall Feedback 

As always, the event was overwhelming, and I was mesmerized.

Benefits Of Attending AWA Conferences

🚀 Offline Marketing

It is a great idea to take your business to an international platform and talk about it. At the same time, your network with people who can help and gather force to run your business more effectively. 

✈️ An excuse to travel abroad

This one is my favorite. Usually, I am the sort of person who rarely travels abroad. AWC events are the reasons why I have planned my past two travel destinations. 

💰 Money Money

When you meet more people, you get a lot of new business opportunities that you can explore and take your business to the next level. 

📖 Learning

On the main stage (also on the breakout stage), you will get insights into what is working in the industry and what you can expect in the coming future. 

Keynotes, masterclasses, and panels are very good for further learning.

Other Events/Conferences

Conclusion – Should You Attend Affiliate World Dubai Conference?

Since it is an international event, you need to keep a balance between having fun and getting work done. Maybe you might want to reconsider if you are a beginner.

If you have the finances, even when you have just entered the market, you must try. 

However, if you have been in the industry for a considerable amount of time and are striving for growth, you should aim to go to at least one AWC event.