AppMySite Review 2024: Best Mobile App Development Platform

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Overall Verdict

Convert any website into an iOS or Android app within minutes with no coding skills required by using AppMySite. The plan starts at only INR 199 per app.


Out of 10


  • No coding app builder
  • Easy registration
  • Customize login page, etc.
  • Convert any website into Android & iOS app
  • Manifold of languages


  • No Shopify website support
Overall Rating: 5
Price: 199 $/mo

Are you in need of a mobile app for your business but don’t know where to start? AppMySite offers a solution by allowing users to create native iOS and Android apps without coding.

In this AppMySite review, we will explore the features and benefits of AppMySite and evaluate its effectiveness as an app development platform.Β 

We will take a closer look at the platform’s pricing, ease of use, customization options, and overall functionality to help you decide if AppMySite is the right choice for your business.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a larger enterprise, this Appmysite review will provide an in-depth analysis of AppMySite and help you determine if it is the right fit for your mobile app development needs.

What is AppMySite?

appmysite review best mobile app builder

AppMySite is an app development platform that allows users to create native iOS and Android apps without requiring extensive coding knowledge. 

The platform offers several features, including ease of use, customization options, and affordability, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. 

However, users must pay a monthly fee to access AppMySite’s features, which may be a drawback for those on a tight budget.

AppMySite is an efficient solution for businesses that want to develop mobile apps without the need for professional developers. With its user-friendly platform and cost-effective pricing plans, AppMySite is worth considering for anyone looking to create high-quality mobile apps without extensive coding experience.

Who is AppMySite For?

who is appmysite for

Restaurant App Development

Make a personalized app for your business so that your customers can use it easily. You can set up online shopping, bookings, money handling, and reward programs with AppMySite.

E-commerce & Retail App Development

With AppMySite, you can turn your online store into a native app in minutes. You can make strong e-commerce apps and put them on Google Play and the Apple App Store without having to worry about how they look.

Grocery Delivery App Development

With AppMySite, you can make food shopping apps that are flexible and don’t need any upkeep in just a few minutes. You can make shopping apps without writing any code that fits any budget, business goal, or group of people.

Convenience Store & Supermarket App Development

With AppMySite, you can make a quality app for your grocery store or convenience shop. You can build right away without knowing how to code, and you can start on Google Play and the Apple App Store to reach your users.

Pharmacy & Medicine Delivery App Development

Without writing a single line of code, you can make high-quality drugstore and online medicine supply apps in minutes. With AppMySite’s medicine delivery app maker, you can put your app on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Real Estate Mobile App Development

You can make high-quality real estate apps in minutes without writing a single line of code. This makes the creation process easier. With AppMySite’s real estate app maker, you can make apps for your clients on both Android and iOS, whether they are buyers, owners, or renters.

Fashion & Clothing Store App Development

AppMySite makes it easier to make fashion apps and lets you make flexible apps for your online clothing shop without having to write any code. You have full freedom to change things and can make apps that don’t need any upkeep and fit any budget and business goal.

Education App Development

With AppMySite’s education app maker, you can turn your education site into an app. You can make a teaching app in minutes without having to write a single line of code. This makes it easy for kids to get to learning materials.

Bakery App Development

Add icing to the cake by adding a baking app with lots of features to your site. Build native apps for Android and iOS without having to know how to code, and let your users order from their phones.

AppMySite review : Building an App

appmysite features

πŸ”₯ Design an Engaging Home Screen

AppMySite allows businesses to design an engaging and action-inspiring home screen with minimum effort. With an intuitive design, businesses can ensure a frictionless experience for their users and elevate the user experience.

πŸ”₯ Bring CMS Pages to the App

With AppMySite, businesses can increase sales and ensure customer satisfaction by integrating their CMS web pages with the app. By keeping users informed and interested, businesses can enhance the overall user experience and drive engagement.

πŸ”₯ Add Blogs for Brownie Points

Businesses can keep their users engaged by adding informative and entertaining blogs to their apps. With easy-to-use settings, businesses can manage their blog layout, accessibility, and more. Adding blogs can be a great way to keep users engaged and provide value beyond the product or service being sold.

πŸ”₯ Flaunt Your Inventory

With AppMySite, businesses can showcase sale items, featured products, new products, and more on the home screen. By syncing their website and app inventory, businesses can offer a consistent shopping experience to their users.

πŸ”₯ Categorize Products Smartly

Categories decide how easily users can discover content, blogs, products, and more. With AppMySite, businesses can customize the appearance of categories and enhance content discoverability for their users. This feature ensures that users can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

πŸ”₯ Design a Layout That Interacts

AppMySite allows businesses to create an interactive layout of the home screen that guides users forward in their journey. With the settings on AppMySite, businesses can customize header text, banner images, buttons, and more. This feature ensures that businesses can create a customized experience for their users.

πŸ”₯ Define Your Color Palette

The right color theme can light up app screens and make every app element stand out. With AppMySite, businesses can set the colors for different sections of the app and coordinate them. This feature ensures that businesses can create a consistent and visually appealing experience for their users.

Designing a Mobile App With AppMySite

Designing a mobile app can be a daunting task, but with AppMySite’s mobile app design services, businesses can have their apps designed by professionals to make a lasting impression on their users.

Pixel Perfect Designs:

AppMySite has features and screens that have been carefully created to improve the general experience of your app. Their designs are perfect down to the last pixel and are sure to surprise your users.

Home Screen Banner:

appmysite home screen banner

The first thing your users notice about your app is the main logo on the home screen. It’s a chance to get new people interested and encourage them to use the app.

The professional artists at AppMySite can make art for your app’s home screen ad that fits with the app’s general style. A strong image with a well-written message that fits with your brand will help you get a lot of attention.

User Onboarding Screens:

appmysite page personalization

Your onboarding screens are very important because they can make or break a user’s decision to log in to your app. Your login and signup screens need to look trustworthy, be easy to use, and let people sign in with popular social media accounts.

The artists at AppMySite give you artwork that is ready to upload and will show up on your login, signup, and password screens. These designs will fit with your brand style and give users a smooth start to their journey through your app.

App Icon & Launch Screen:

appmysite app icon splash screen

When people look for your app, the picture is the first thing they see. It needs to be more than just beautiful; users should want to click on it as soon as they see it. Also, the start screen shows what the rest of the app is like.

AppMySite’s creators can make an app icon and start an interesting screen, that fits with the brand and will get users’ attention. With a well-made app title and start screen, businesses can make it more likely that people will download and use their app.

What Makes AppMySite Great With WooCommerce?

appmysite woocommerce features

βœ… Password Management:

AppMySite has a simple and easy-to-understand design that makes it easy for users to keep track of their passwords. Users can change the password for their account if they forget it or just want to. This function makes sure that people can use the app without any problems.

βœ… Easy Registration:

With AppMySite, businesses can make it easy for their people to sign up. Users can look around the app as guests without signing up, and those who have signed up can easily change their picture and account information. With this feature, companies can give their users a more unique experience and keep their customers more interested.

βœ… Social Login:

AppMySite has social login, which makes it easy for users to get started and lets businesses make the experience more personal. Businesses can turn on this feature and let people sign up with their Google or Apple accounts. This function makes it easy for users to sign in to the app, which makes it more likely that they will use it again.

βœ… Smart Search:

AppMySite has a smart search feature that makes it easy for users to get where they want to go and find what they need quickly. This tool makes it easy for businesses to find goods, blogs, and information. Smart search makes sure that users can find what they want quickly and easily, which makes customers happier.

βœ… Sort & Filter:

With smart sorting and screening, AppMySite helps shoppers reach their buying goals. Customers can sort goods by brand, name, fame, price, and when they were released. This feature makes sure that users can find the goods they want quickly and easily, which makes it more likely that they will buy something.

βœ… List Products:

With smart sorting and product description, AppMySite helps businesses reach their eCommerce goals. With just a few clicks, a business can have its product inventory and details filled in automatically. This feature makes it easy and quick for businesses to list their goods, which increases their chances of making a sale.

How To Signup For AppMySite?

Step – 1: On the official website of AppMySite, click on β€˜Get started for free’.

appmysite signup step1

Step – 2: Fill up the signup details asked for, check the box, and click on β€˜CREATE ACCOUNT’.

appmysite signup step2

Step – 3: Click on β€˜CREATE APP’.

appmysite signup step3

That is it. Start your journey with AppMySite.Β Further in this AppMySite review, you will see how you can create an App in detail.

Reasons To Choose AppMySite

πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ Complete Guides & Video Walkthroughs:

Businesses that use AppMySite can go to the knowledge base to find full guides and video walkthroughs. Businesses will be able to make their apps like pros with the help of these detailed guides.

πŸ“± Mobile Apps for Every Website:

Building mobile apps shouldn’t be any different from building websites, and with AppMySite, businesses can make dynamic and powerful mobile apps for all kinds of websites. This function makes sure that companies can give their mobile app users a smooth experience.

πŸ’ Collaborate with Your Team & Clients:

AppMySite lets businesses work together with their clients and team members in the same place. Businesses can ask members of their team to work on their mobile app, which makes working as a team simple and easy.

ℹ️ Multiple Websites, One App:

With AppMySite, a business can connect multiple websites or a network of sites into a single mobile app. Businesses can make app handling easier by putting out just one app for all of their websites.

πŸ’¬ Multilingual App:

With AppMySite, a business can make its mobile app available in more than one language. A bilingual app makes sure that businesses can reach their customers in a language they can understand.

πŸ“Š Analytics:

AppMySite offers data that help businesses learn more about the people who use their apps. With this tool, businesses can use user data to make better decisions about their app.

πŸ“² Android or iOS, You’re Covered:

AppMySite takes care of companies, no matter if they use Android or iOS. AppMySite lets businesses make and share perfect apps for both iOS and Android. Some AppMySite alternatives won’t have some features that this company offers for no extra cost.

😊 Preview Your App for Perfection:

Businesses don’t have to guess about their app with AppMySite. Emulators of mobile devices let them see how it looks and how it works. When a business is happy with its app, it only has to pay and make it public.

🧰 Configure Multiple App Settings:

With AppMySite, a business can set up different app settings based on its goals and the wants of its end users. Businesses can set up everything from user login to checkout with just a few clicks.

πŸ”— Connect Your Website & App Effortlessly:

Apps made with AppMySite are directly driven by a business’s website, so they work best when they stay in sync with it. AppMySite makes it easy for businesses to link their website and app.

βš™οΈ Design Your App Without a Designer:

AppMySite lets businesses customize their style with features that are easy to use and make apps that are great for them. With this function, companies don’t need to hire a creator to make their app.

AppMySite Pros and Cons

πŸ€— PROS πŸ‘

  • No coding required: AppMySite enables users to create mobile apps without any coding experience, making app development accessible to anyone.
  • Multiple pricing plans: AppMySite offers a range of pricing plans, catering to different types of users with varying budgets and needs.
  • Easy integration: AppMySite integrates seamlessly with a variety of platforms, including WordPress and WooCommerce, making it easy to create mobile apps that work with existing websites.
  • Professional app design: Users can choose to have their app designed by professional designers, ensuring a high-quality, engaging user experience.
  • Multilingual support: AppMySite allows users to create multilingual mobile apps, reaching a wider audience with ease.


  • Monthly fees: AppMySite requires users to pay a monthly fee to use its platform, which may be a potential drawback for users on a tight budget.

AppMySite Review- Conclusion

After evaluating AppMySite, it’s clear that the platform has several advantages for businesses looking to create mobile apps without coding. The ease of use, customization options, and affordability of AppMySite make it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. 

However, the recurring monthly fees and limited design options may be a drawback for some users. AppMySite provides an efficient solution for businesses that want to develop mobile apps without hiring professional developers.

With its user-friendly platform and cost-effective AppMySite pricing plans, AppMySite is worth considering for anyone looking to create high-quality mobile apps without extensive coding experience.