Top 10 PBN Hosting Providers of 2023 Reviewed

best pbn hosting providers

You have decided to create your first website after extensive consideration. Therefore, you are searching for a hosting service that can potentially host your under-construction project in addition to meeting your requirements.

After conducting a web search, however, you determined that you need assistance from an expert and, specifically, you decided to consult this guide, trusting that you could read my recommendations.

Especially when evaluating a hosting service, it is easy to overlook the finer points. Important if you are unfamiliar with the subject.

Hosting PBN is challenging because you must avoid leaving footprints. It may include hosting history, IP address, backlinks, etc.

In addition, when searching for the best hosting service, you must conduct extensive research to better evaluate all available options.

As you can see, this is not an easy decision, made even more difficult if hosting is compensated. Before spending money, it is prudent to consider and be certain of your decision.

You have every reason to believe this, and because of this, I’d like to give you a hand and list, in my opinion, the best hosting on the square.

Remember that I will focus primarily on paid hosting services in this guide, as paid hosting is unquestionably more suitable for launching a professional website.

1) SeekaHost PBN Hosting


The SeekaHost Hosting service, introduced in 2015, managed its extensive domain network. It rapidly evolved into a SaaS offering for professional SEO Consultants to securely manage and develop their own Private Blog Network with the support of web hosting experts from around the world and lightning-fast technology.

SeekaHost expedites the expansion of PBNs across the globe.

It eliminates the functionality offered by the server’s back-end technology in the United Kingdom.

So you don’t need to worry about forgetting the Footprints of your PBN to Google.

And SeekaHost can extend a site globally within a second among the different hosting providers.

It is an additional advantage of SeekaHost. As a SeekaHost client, you will not have to worry about leaving PBN footprints in Google.

SeekaHost has been built on the same concepts and principles that technology is supposed to make our products and social interactions with our peers a lot easier and more efficient.

SEO is competitive, but it’s also getting more insane every year, sometimes every quarter, with the release of Google Algorithm Update!

In reply, this has been an incredible suite of SEO software that has helped us learn algorithms, analytics, and the overall mechanism of action to get free organic traffic.

There is no doubt that SeekaHost is not the primary to come up with the idea of PBN Hosting with all hosting providers, but that’s not actually what we’re here for.

SeekaHost is there to make our PBN building intuitive, quicker, easier, and overall more reliable.

SeekaHost recognizes the needs of the SEO industry among the affiliate market and business, the ways that it lacks technological shifts, and we’re striving to cover our overall PBN hosting requirements with a software suite built from the ground up to serve this idea.

Creating a piece of software from scratch demands a great deal of energy, discipline, planning, and proper budgeting.

SeekaHost solid network of servers is stationed in premium data centers worldwide.

SeekaHost PBN management tool with hosting control panel

SeekaHost’s multiple IP WordPress Blog hosting control panel is the newest addition to the PBN hosting market, with easy blog installers and deploying functions. You can get started with a cheap PBN hosting plan with a free 7da days trial.

They are extremely selective when it comes to choosing network partners, and they employ a meticulous selection process to ensure that all data centres meet their own extremely stringent requirements.

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2) LaunchCDN

launchcdn pbn hosting pro

Finding individual hosting for each PBN site is one of the greatest challenges people face when hosting all of their PBN sites.

This can be time-consuming and expensive; a much simpler solution is to use LaunchCDN.

LaunchCDN hosts all of your websites with standard CDN providers, leaving no footprint.

Your websites will be hosted on CDNs, including Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, LeaseWeb,, and Stackpath.

These CDNs host websites of the highest quality, so your PBN will never be flagged as residing on a shady host.

LaunchCDN simplifies and reduces the cost of the entire process.


  • Multiple CDNs to choose from
  • LaunchCDN Review- Multiple Servers
  • No server footprints
  • The servers are set up, so there are no footprints. They use popular and unique Name Servers, IP addresses, SOA records, and MX records.
  • You can decide which CDN you want to deploy on your PBN
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Easy Domain Deploying
  • Excellent Dashboard

This service has the lowest price, which is remarkable given how excellent it is.

3) WPX Hosting

fastest wordpress servers

They provide excellent support that assists with everything, including email transfer, SSL, and every migration.

WPX transferred our three websites in a few hours, including all email addresses and SSL.

Their videos and knowledge-base also help me understand everything, even as a beginner, and I no longer fear changing settings on my own.

The company also possesses an excellent mentality. WPX assists customers rather than attempting to increase profits!

Overall, WPX Hosting is exceptionally client-focused.

I do not believe there is a better Hosting company available at this time.

We can fully agree with all others – WPX is great, and Terry is a legend. 🙂

4) DomainRacer Web Hosting


DomainRacer is the most affordable, faster, and cheap PBN web hosting company globally. If you’re looking to move your website hosting to another hosting, then DomainRacer is a good alternative.

Don’t run behind where everyone is running. And if it’s about to buy a hosting service, you need to be very conscious while choosing it.

Instead of being influenced by the aggressive marketing strategy, you must research yourself.

DomainRacer web hosting company fulfills your business needs because they offer unlimited plans. More extra features like;


  • Unlimited SSD Storage for data & Unlimited Bandwidth Supported.
  • Instant 24/7 Technical Support Available in a short Period for Long Life.
  • 21x Faster LiteSpeed Cache Technology
  • 99% Uptime Server Guarantee and multi-server locations
  • HTTP/3 and QUIC (Newest Technology)
  • 7+ Highest Security Performances like Imunify360, Imunify AV+, DDoS protection, etc.
  • Let’s Encrypt a Free User-Friendly cPanel / WHM SSL Certificate.
  • Weekly free JetBackup platform
  • Free Website Migration/Transfer
  • 450+ One-Click Applications

5) Easy Blog Networks


Easy Blog Networks is the primary specialized solution for hosting PBNs.

Instead of being a hosting company themselves, EBN is a platform that uses WordPress blogs to various hosting providers and automates maintenance.

The providers they use are the biggest names on the Internet – Amazon, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, and SoftLayer.

They offer 500 unique IPs in more than 150 data centers. One major differentiator, EBN, uses IPs and nameservers given directly by the host.

When your website is hosted with Digital Ocean, you get their nameserver’s addresses.

You’d go straight to the hosting provider and build your own servers with them, which is much easier and much cheaper.

6) Inmotion Business Hosting

inmotion vps hosting package

InMotion is reliable, secure, and has many features.

InMotion is overall a good hosting, especially for medium-small projects.

If you need to host more than one traditional WordPress site or other traditional CMS, InMotion has everything you need.

Like many other competitors, InMotion also offers three shared web hosting plans.

The price of the InMotion plans may seem high, especially when compared to the economic alternatives that we have reviewed, but to be honest, we must point out that:

The plans are multi-site, starting from the basic one, the “Launch,” which includes two sites.

A free domain is always included in the plans, so it is not necessary to buy it separately (the cost of a domain varies between 10 and 20 euros per year).

Even the cheapest plan has infinite disk/space, infinite bandwidth, and unlimited mailboxes.

The Launch plan, which is the cheapest one, even includes SSL for free, which is now indispensable for obtaining the notorious “HTTPS” protocol, which guarantees greater security and reliability to its users.

The upper floors, namely Power and Pro, offer some more advanced features, attractive to those who need professional and business hosting, including:

  • Increased performance
  • Professional-level technical support and assistance
  • Multiple MySQL databases are available
  • Multiple subdomains and parked domains are available
  • Quality shared hosting

7) BulkBuyHosting

Bulk Buy Hosting is universally one of the most acclaimed PBN hosting providers, and for a valid reason.

It’s simple to use and does everything you want.

This is clearly the best choice I’ve experimented with if you are looking for a simple solution to bulk host on various providers.

The platform may not have as many bells and whistles as other providers, but it’s the most reliable and straightforward solution for managing your PBN.

The IP and NameServer distribution were mighty, and your websites are hosted beside other accredited businesses.


  • Great anti-footprint technology
  • Beneficial support team
  • Email forwarding from your PBN email to your primary email
  • Free migrations
  • Daily backups
  • A range of other features that will help to manage your PBN
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Very helpful support team

8) HostPapa

Founded in 2006, HostPapa is based in the United States and Canada, with its servers in Toronto.

While it is now common for hosting providers to offset their carbon footprint by purchasing eco-friendly energy certificates, it was HostPapa that started this trend.

HostPapa does more than usual, i.e., compensate data centers, they buy eco-sustainable energy certificates for the total amount of energy used by society.

Instead of just doing something they can boast of with a button on their site, they really want to do the right thing.

HostPapa includes many things already only in the basic package: an unlimited number of domains, bandwidth, disk space, and MySQL database.

In addition, there are also other elements, such as a promotional campaign package, a website builder, and assistance.

9) HostGator

HostGator Inc. was founded by Brent Oxley in his college dormitory in 2002.

The web company has grown from one person to one with hundreds of employees over the years and was classified 21st (the year 2008) and 239th (the year 2009) in Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company.

In 2012, the company sold by Brent was sold to Endurance International Group (EIG) for an unofficial figure of $ 225 million.

EIG, which also owns several other well-known web hosting brands, including BlueHost, iPage, FatCow, HostMonster, Pow Web, Easy CGI, Arvixe, eHost, A Small Orange, and so on; is now the largest website hosting company.


  • Solid server performance (Uptime> 99.99%)
  • HostGator Cloud hosting = Speed
  • Free site migration for new customers
  • Good customer support policy

10) BlueHost

Some websites show that they were born together with the web and that all the operators in the sector are known thanks to their longevity and do not show signs of having periods of crisis.

In hosting, one of the “great old men” is certainly BlueHost.

Founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton, it is one of the leading companies in the sector, and according to the latest findings, it is home to more than 2 million websites.

The site offers several plans, all with one thing in common: a lot of space to make the website grow at its best.

For example, the piano offers 50 GB of SSD hard disk space, more than necessary for a medium-sized site (clearly useless for a giant like YouTube, but perfect for those who want to create blogs or e-commerce).

All shared hosting plans, VPS, and dedicated servers:

  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certification
  • cPanel panel
  • A FREE domain
  • Unlimited sites for those with the WP Pro piano
  • Unlimited SSD space
  • Ability to have unlimited traffic (valid for those who have a lot of visits or aim to create viral content)
  • Unlimited domains and subdomains
  • An unlimited email box with a spam filter. You can also have an Office 365 mailbox for free for a year.
  • Ability to see previews of any changes to the site before the update.

BlueHost’s most significant selling point is its ease of use.

The expert user will immediately orient himself among all the functions, and even the principles will be able to create pleasant and content-rich sites in a short time without having to struggle with the proverbial seven shirts.

BlueHost offers the automatic SSL function, which automatically renews the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. In some cases, however, manual user intervention is required.

WordPress is a platform that is constantly updated. In the WordPress Hosting plan, a function automatically updates the platform and the server to continually have updated tools.

11) SiteGround

Siteground Coupons

SiteGround is one of the most important companies in the hosting market today.

They are proud to say that they offer a long list of diversified services, including shared hosting, cloud hosting, and fully dedicated servers.

They have data centers in Chicago, IL, Amsterdam, and Singapore, making them an excellent choice for people worldwide.

Their packages offer unlimited traffic, free emails, and unlimited databases, which is really interesting.

The lowest level of service provides a free domain name, but this package only allows one site, which can be slightly limiting compared to the many offers of today.

Another interesting SiteGround function is the communication of how much traffic each of their hosting solutions can manage.

Obviously, it is only a few estimates, but it is beneficial for webmasters to choose what to use and whether to move to a higher level.

It is a perfect hosting companion with features that help it stand out from the competition.

If you are looking for free hosting, I invite you to consult my dedicated guide, in which I have given space to the hosting services that will allow you to open your website at no cost.

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Conclusion: Which PBN Hosting Provider is the Best?

If you consider my testing experience, then is the best PBN hosting provider. It offers a single dashboard to purchase both domain and hosting services.

You can try other PBN hosting services and share your experience with us through the comments section.