Bright Data vs Oxylabs [Head to Head Comparison] 2024

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bright data vs oxylabs

In this head to head comparison of Bright Data vs Oxylabs, you can compare the major difference between both the proxy solutions provider.

Before that, I have a review video about Bright data, check below.

So let’s begin the comparison and understand how Bright Data differs from Oxylabs and which one is a winner.

Bright Data

Check Bright Data $300/month


Check Oxylabs $300/month

Screenshot of Bright Data

brightdata homepage

Screenshot of Oxylabs

Features of Bright Data

Proxy Manager

With the advanced and open-source proxy manager, you can manage all your proxies and speed up your development time.

You can reduce the traffic bandwidth using advanced proxy manager features such as regex and custom rules.

Get your projects up and running using the proxy manager with minimal requirements of 1 CPU, 2GB RAM, and 3GB SSD.


Bright Data proxies offer 99.9% network uptime with a real-time network status monitor.

The proxy manager speeds up your project and also these are GDPR and CCPA privacy compliant.

You will experience the best network uptime for Datacenter, residential, ISP, and mobile proxies.


Get the fastest output with the most reliable and high quality data provided by Bright Data.

The platform is flexible and allow you to scale endlessly. The resources required is minimum, therefore you get high efficiency.

The infrastructure is transparent, and fully compliant ensuring high security.

Global Servers

There is no limitation on the number of global IPs that are fast, reliable and secure.

You can scale and customize proxies with the best infrastructure available for any country or city in the world.

Over 72 million scalable IPs are available in every corner of the world including US, UK, Germany, India, Spain, Russia, etc.


You can integrate Bright Data proxy with lots of third-party tools.

The list of apps & tools include AdsPower, PhantomBuster, Apify, and many more.

Features of Oxylabs


Oxylabs self-service dashboard helps you to easily purchase any residential proxy plans and manage all your proxies easily.

You can create and manage sub-users, whitelist IPs, and upgrade your proxy plans anytime you want.


Oxylabs Scraper APIs help you gather large-scale data and save your time with a 100% success rate.

The Scraper APIs extract data from websites and search engines so you dont have to do the heavy part.


At Oxylabs, you are rest assured that the proxies are stable causing no issues while scraping the web.

The proxy pool keeps expanding to fulfill every customers need.

Any product you buy at Oxylabs is insured with Llyod’s Technology Errors & Omissions and Cyber Insurance.


Oxylabs provides residential proxies with state and city-level targeting.

Without paying anything extra, the system covers 195 locations with geo-restricted content to help you access content from specific locations.


It is no rocket-science to manage residential IPs as Oxylabs has a very intuitive dashboard.

You can integrate third-party apps and software easily and also extend your sessions for up to 30 minutes.

You can access developer-friendly documentation to get all the help you need to manage proxies.

The dashboard also provides usage statistics, managing sub-users, and subscription.

🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data has more scalable features.

More about Bright Data

Bright Data offers millions of reliable and secure IPs around the world with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

There is no limitation on IP rotation and all the proxies are 100% compliant.

You have access to rotating residential proxies of real user devices. So when you them correctly you become anonymous.

There is no limitation on the number of concurrent request, so you can scale up or down with ease.

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More about Oxylabs

Oxylabs is a market leader in data gathering with stable and reliable proxy resources.

There’s a dedicated account manager to help you at every stage along with 24/7 support.

At Oxylabs you not only get proxies, but also take advantage of scraper APIs.

The proxy manager app and proxy extensions helps you switch between different proxies at just one-click.

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🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data offers the largest real-peer IP network

Bright Data's Pricing

bright data pricing

The costing for Bright Data starts from $300/mo and goes up to $3000/mo.

The residential proxy cost is $8.50 per GB and goes up to $15 per GB.

All the residential proxy plans offer worldwide GEO distribution and unlimited concurrent sessions.

You can purchase any residential proxy plan via popular payment methods including PayPal and Wire Transfer.

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Oxylabs's Pricing

oxylabs pricing

You can choose to pay either monthly or yearly for any Oxylabs residential proxy plans.

Starting with $300/month, the plan includes 20GB traffic, and $15 per GB.

A dedicated account manager is provided to you only if you choose the $900/month plan with 100GB traffic.

All popular payment methods are accepted, so you can kick-start in minutes.

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🏆 Winner: Oxylabs
Pricing for Oxylabs is more affordable than Bright Data.

Bright Data's Support

bright data support

When it comes to support, Bright Data experts are available 24/7 to resolve your issues quickly.

The response time is quick and the dedicated managers are available irrespective of whichever plan you choose.

You will never be left behind with continuous feature updates and real-time network monitoring.

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Oxylabs's Support

oxylabs support

You get the help you need anytime with every proxy plan around the clock.

When you choose residential proxy plan from 100GB, you get a dedicated account manager.

You get answers to all your queries with one-to-one support from your dedicated account manager.

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🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data support has minimum response time and offers a dedicated account manager who helps through the KYC process and assist you thoroughly.

Oxylabs provides sticky sessions, flexible rotation options, and 10 whitelisted IPs at no extra cost to you. You can access content in any geo-location by controlling the proxies as you want.

The one thing that lacks in Oxylabs is KYC process that is present in Bright Data. The pricing for both Bright Data and Oxylabs starts at the same $300/month but Bright Data has a good support without any limitations on account manager.


🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data is the winner with good support and security features.