Extra Monetization by Partners.house – Earn 40% Extra from your Campaigns

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In the digital world, Affiliates constantly seek good offers to generate return on their investment and make money online. With the evolving advertising landscape, finding reliable and lucrative revenue streams is more important than ever. 

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Partners.house, a game-changer in the ad network space, offering innovative solutions for affiliate marketers aiming to maximize their earnings.

The Concept of Extra Monetization

Partners.house introduces a groundbreaking feature known as ‘extra-monetization.’ This concept is simple yet powerful: it allows affiliate marketers to add another income stream by helping them acquire more push subscribers. In an era where diversifying income is crucial for sustainability, this feature is a boon for affiliate marketers looking to enhance their revenue just with a single code integration on their landing page.

Extra-monetization is not just about adding more ads on your landing pages; it’s about smartly leveraging your existing audience to generate more income. By focusing on acquiring push subscribers, you can tap into a steady source of revenue that complements their existing ad strategies. This approach not only boosts earnings but also ensures a better user experience by avoiding ad clutter.

Advantages of Extra Monetization with Partners.house

  • Increased Revenue: Extra monetization opens up new avenues for income, helping affiliate marketers and media buyers make the most out of your digital assets.
  • Easy Integration: Implementing Partners.house’s extra-monetization feature is straightforward, requiring minimal technical know-how.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Push notifications keep users engaged with timely updates, driving regular traffic back to the site.
  • Customization and Control: You have the freedom to customize how and when ads are displayed, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Extra Monetization on Your Website

Sign Up with Partners.house: Initial steps to get started.

Partners house website thumbnail

Fill up your details in the sign up form.

Sign up for Partners house

In your dashboard, Go to ‘Sites”.

Partners house extra monetization step 1

Click on “+ Create new”

Partners house extra monetization step 2

Choose “Add Landing page”

Partners house extra monetization Setup landing page

Input details about your custom domain. 

Choose “Text file in the root of the site

Click on “partners-house.txt” and download the file. 

Now you need to go to your website hosting cPanel and upload this file in “public_html” folder.

Partners house extra monetization

You can customize the ads and add macros, postbacks etc.

Once done, click on “Save platform”.

Save Extra Monetization settings

Now in the list of sites, you have to click on “Get code”.

Extra monetization code

It opens up a dialog box with the code to integrate the ads in your website. Copy it and paste above </head> in your website. 

Extra monetization code script copy

Once you successfully do that, the ads will look like this. 

The notification permission box is part of the Extra monetization feature. 

Example of Extra Monetization ads

All set. Now, you can keep track of your performance in the Partners.house dashboard itself.


If you’re already driving traffic on your own prelanders and generating ROI with the offer you have, Extra-monetization will add yet another income stream for you. 

In many cases, it can save your campaign from going in negative ROI. 

Partners.house is a perfect platform for affiliate marketers and media buyers to make extra income on top of the revenue you make from your landing pages. Give it a try and see for yourself.