7 Best GoLogin Alternatives and Competitors of 2024

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Have you ever used an anti-detect browser?

Browsers like the GoLogin Anti-Detect Browser have been popular choices among users. 

But do you know that there are various other anti-detect browsers as an alternative to GoLogin?

In this post, I am sharing a list of the best GoLogin alternatives. These browsers work better than GoLogin providing a secure and anonymous browsing experience. 

What is GoLogin?

The anti-detection browser GoLogin impersonates your digital identity. Anti-detect browsers, unlike other anonymization technologies like VPNs and proxy servers, are not restricted to merely disguising your IP address. 

Anti-detect browsers try to provide a convenient solution to manage multiple virtual browser profiles. All these profiles have their fingerprint. But these profiles include all the browsing history, logins, etc., so it is easy to work with them.

Additionally, they obscure information about your hardware and software. GoLogin simulates a new digital fingerprint, commonly referred to as a device fingerprint or a digital identity. 

The digital fingerprint comprises several parameters, such as timezone, typefaces, plugins, geolocation, RAM, CPU threads, and WebGL and WebRTC data. Some professional anti-detect browsers like Kameleo also has canvas and intelligent Canvas Spoofing technology. 

Instead of broadcasting your actual data, the anti-detect browser allows you to access the Internet anonymously using a different device. 

In other words, it not only transports you to a different location in the globe but also ensures that you are completely anonymous.

When you run GoLogin, the program analyzes your actual digital fingerprint and produces a new one automatically, so you do not need to make any adjustments.

The new fingerprint will be similar to yours yet still distinct. In this manner, anti-fraud systems will have a more difficult time recognizing you since creating a new device fingerprint that resembles yours generates high consistency.

Why Should You Look Out For GoLogin Alternatives?

💔 Crashes: 

This is the primary issue with the GoLogin app now. Some app users complain that the software often fails when they use it. 

Even while you are free to establish as many profiles as your membership permits, the number of browser profiles you can run concurrently depends on the capabilities of your device.

Due to these issues, GoLogin notifies users when they try to open more than ten browser profiles simultaneously.

💬 Support:

There have been negative reviews about the GoLogin support system. The support team is not prompt when asked to resolve technical issues.

List of Best GoLogin Alternatives of 2024

1. Incogniton

incogniton anti detect browser

You also have access to the Incogniton antidetection browser. If you are seeking a cheaper alternative to GoLogin, the Incogniton anti-detect browser is a viable option. 

Incogniton is not only inexpensive, but it also offers a free subscription with up to 10 browser profiles and no advanced assistance. 

Incogniton is available if you are just beginning your IM experience and cannot afford to pay for GoLogin or any of its rivals. However, I recommend sticking with something other than the free starting plan.

As a paying user, you get access to unequaled perks and innovative features that make Incogniton a formidable competitor in the anti-detect industry.

Incogniton supports bulk profile creation, enabling the result of many browser profiles with a few clicks. The anti-detection browser supports syncing of data. 

The data synchronization made possible by browser profile cloud storage enables you and your team members to view all browser profiles from any device.

Incogniton offers one of the most excellent team collaboration tools available. In addition, it supports site automation, cookie creation, paste as human typing, and other intelligent evasion strategies.

2. AdsPower

adspower virtual browser

GoLogin is low-cost. However, there is a cheaper option from which you can gain maximum benefit, and that is AdsPower. 

The AdsPower application began as a Facebook advertisements account management tool but has now evolved into a full-fledged anti-detect browser rival to GoLogin. 

Interestingly, the cost is much less expensive than both. AdsPower allows you to create and use up to two profiles for free but does not assist with its advanced capabilities.

AdsPower is more user-friendly since it requires you to associate an account with a browser profile during account signup. 

AdsPower does offer bulk profile upload, which requires you to submit the login credentials for your accounts or the cookies linked with them.

While it is possible to modify the browser’s fingerprint, novices are encouraged to let AdsPower configure the fingerprint automatically. 

In addition, AdsPower supports team collaboration and online automation. AdsPower supports Robotic Process Automation (RPA), another word for code-free automation, but GoLogin does not. It provides RPA support for particular platforms, including Facebook.

3. Kameleo

kameleo best anti detect browser and gologin alternative

In addition to supporting PCs, GoLogin now supports Android apps. Kameleo is the only GoLogin alternative that supports mobile platforms. Kameleo also has intelligent Canvas Spoofing feature which makes them stand out from other anti-detect browsers in the business. 

Similar to GoLogin, Kameleo offers desktop support, but only for Windows.They will be starting Mac support in about 3 months.  Additionally, it has a smartphone app. 

The Kameleo mobile application is an Android application and offers mobile browser profiles for iOS and Android. It is a stealth browsing software that allows you to conceal your actual fingerprint for several account reasons.

As with other anti-detect browsers, Kameleo supports proxies so that the IP addresses for each browser profile may be altered. With Kameleo’s automation feature, you can create numerous profiles.

Especially if you need to employ mobile profile fingerprints instead of desktop profile fingerprints, its cost might be considered excessive.

In under 2 minutes, you can start browsing with hundreds of virtual profiles in Kameleo. Also, you can connect a proxy service hassle-free.

4. GhostBrowser

ghost browser multi session browsing

Ghost Browser is a multi-accounting browser with a twist. It is best characterized as a multi-session browser, with each tab representing a separate session. 

Depending on your subscription package, you may have access to a robust proxy control. This enables you to remotely manage several accounts from various countries without being identified. 

If you are encountering problems when using GoLogin, Ghost Browser is a suitable replacement. This is because it only utilizes a single browser instance, unlike GoLogin, which starts numerous browsers and is resource-intensive.

Considerable session support allows you to establish multiple identities with GhostBrowser. Each tab in the browser will have its cookies, segregating them from one another. 

The developers behind this program are aware of how cluttered things may get when using too many tabs. To combat tab bloat, they made it easier to combine tabs. 

Depending on the user’s preference, Tabs and cookies might be temporary or permanent. Switching to Ghost Browser is simple if you’ve used Chrome for your activities. This is because the browser is built on Chromium, and it takes less than a minute to import all your add-ons. Ghost Browser is available for Windows & macOS and is safe.

However, the problem with Ghost Browser is they only provide a solution to separate online accounts. But they don’t focus on the browser fingerprint changing correctly. Which is a common issue with most other anti-detect browsers in this list except for Kameleo. 

5. Octo Browser

octobrowser best multilogin alternatives for browsing

Octo Browser is a great anti-detect browser alternative to GoLogin. The browser has capabilities to handle multi-accounting tasks for platforms like Amazon, TikTok, and more.

Whether you are into affiliate marketing, web scraping, or a digital agency, you can easily use Octo Browser for any kind of application.

With one click, you can create a profile and start working with complete anonymity. 

There are several other fantastic marketing tools and browsers, but most are detectable or lack the marketing tactics Octo Browser provides.

Octo Browser allows you to utilize several accounts without worrying about being banned or blocked! It supports very popular proxy servers.

6. MultiLogin

multilogin browser

MultiLogin was launched in 2015, making it one of the oldest antidetection browsers. It is owned by an Estonian firm that operates Indigo Browser for Russian-speaking consumers.

Similar to other anonymity services, multi-account browsing is a sensitive topic. But Multilogin does an excellent job of presenting itself as a trustworthy company; you never get the impression that you’re using a malicious program that an anonymous hacker suggested to you. It is a legitimate firm whose employees may be found on LinkedIn. This is comforting.

MultiLogin needs the same level of openness from you: passing a rigorous know-your-customer process and prohibiting illicit use cases such as carding.

Refrain from anticipating anonymity that keeps information in RAM if you need to go quickly. It’s a company for companies.

It also helps that Multilogin has avoided controversy for the most part. This is no minor effort, considering that numerous organizations in the industry were either involved in illicit activity or disclosed client information due to a breach.

However, there have always been server down issues with MultiLogin. 

7. Dolphin{anty}

dolphin anty detector for affiliates

Dolphin anty provides various features that simplify the performance of digital chores.

It has progressively entered the ranks of robust and well-liked browsers that have won users’ affection.

The browser features a straightforward layout with discrete sections and searches windows. You may choose a bright or dark theme, depending on your desire.

The browser performs well with all proxies, including HTTP, Socks5, Socks4, and SSH. Use appropriate proxies; otherwise, you may be blacklisted for using the incorrect proxy.

You won’t need to spend time manually entering account information since the browser has a specific feature for transferring your accounts quickly with the randomization of fingerprints.

Use Cases of an Anti-Detect Browser

Testing and Development:

It may be used to assess how your online application or website performs from the user’s perspective. With an endless number of software and hardware combinations, it may be used to test anything, including online traffic and web filtering.


If you’ve been limited or temporarily banned from betting on your favorite betting sites, just create a new anonymous browser profile using the Kameleo browser.

Web Scraping:

Multiple profiles may be used while scraping data from websites to save resources. By using many browser profiles as opposed to a single profile, you may scrape information more rapidly.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): 

Maintain a well-organized team. Each participant in the project will have access to tens of thousands of accounts that can be controlled simultaneously.


Kameleo is an exceptional solution for both regular eCommerce and dropshipping. You may create several merchant accounts on the same eCommerce platform to enhance sales. Similarly, having many dropshipping profiles enables you to dropship more products.

Affiliate Marketing: 

Using anti-detect browsers, you may set up many profiles for different affiliate marketing accounts. You may execute your campaigns as a group, improving your likelihood of success.


No matter what kind of browser you choose, it’s important to remember that there are always tradeoffs between convenience and privacy when it comes to online activities. 

When it comes to cheap software, they usually do not change the browser fingerprint properly. They need to do it in a consistent way. This is only achieved by the biggest anti-detect browser vendors. And this is one of our most important strength that Kameleo has which is also because of the intelligent canvas spoofing feature they have.

If you want maximum anonymity when browsing the web, Kameleo is a stealth virtual browser you should be looking for.

I highly recommend Kameleo as the best GoLogin alternative above all other multi-accounting virtual browsers.