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SmartProxy is the world’s most advanced proxy service, but with so many pricing plans and options, it can be hard to know which plan is right for you.

SmartProxy offers a wide range of pricing plans to fit any budget or need, but with so many options, it can be hard to know which plan is right for you.

I have created this easy-to-use guide to help you find the perfect SmartProxy pricing plans for your needs.

SmartProxy Pricing Plans

SmartProxy Residential Proxy Pricing Plans:


SmartProxy also offers Residential Reseller Plans –

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  • A residential proxy is a server that sits between you and the website you want to visit. This server’s IP address was assigned by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) instead of a data center.
  • Each residential IP identifies a genuine mobile or desktop device with a specific geographical location. 
  • To any website, traffic originating through residential proxies resembles a request from a regular user located in any part of the world. 
  • Thus, their residential proxy network is very effective and impervious to blockades.


  • Scrape Web Freely

    They do not charge each proxy, so you may access the whole pool with infinite connection requests and optimize your scrapers. Use concurrent connections to scrape many sources at once.
  • Cop Sneaker

    Register and manage an unlimited number of social media profiles! Residential IPs seem identical to those of standard devices, and they do not share subnetworks. Therefore, they cannot be banned in mass. 
  • Verify Ads

    Their residential proxies will allow you to improve CPA and protect yourself intelligently from scammers. A worldwide reach on mobile devices is a game-changer since it will enable you to test advertisements on other continents.

SmartProxy Datacenter Proxies Pricing Plans:

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  • Datacenter (DC) proxies are the traditional proxies that modify your IP address to protect your location and personal information. DC proxies are IP addresses that are established virtually in data centers. They have been on the market for decades but added a new level of excellence with innovative technology.
  • DC proxies share subnets, making them simpler to block compared to residential proxies, which are more durable. 
  • However, because DC proxies operate on high-speed computers, their connection speed is unquestionably superior to residential IPs, and speed is often the most crucial element for scraping operations.
  • Due to their inexpensive cost, data center proxies are pretty popular. Did you realize that all major VPN solutions are encrypted data center proxy networks? 
  • They route millions of users via a few IP addresses owned by VPN providers. While it is true that DC proxies are not the ideal option for retail transactions, their speed is a significant benefit for several other applications, including data collecting in bulk. 
  • DC proxies are scalable and provide a highly dependable connection since data centers are always “live” and fast to reply.


  • Flexible pricing plans: 

    SmartProxy plans include an auto-renewing monthly subscription. You may use the whole pool and submit unlimited connection requests since they only charge for the bandwidth you consume. 
    At the beginning of each monthly billing cycle, monthly payments are made. You may also choose an annual billing option!
  • Fastest European and American proxies:

    SmartProxy data centers are positioned in the United States and the European Union, adjacent to essential targets such as Google and Amazon. SmartProxy provides a network with hundreds of subnets, so you can be sure that you will not be banned or cloaked easily.
  • Unlimited IPs:

    Access 100,000 high-quality IP addresses from US and European datacenters for a flat monthly bandwidth fee. Send unlimited concurrent connection requests and capture data in no time.

SmartProxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

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  • No one else will share your IP address if you use dedicated data center proxies. You will reduce the danger of IP blocking and have complete control and ownership over your IP’s surfing history, acceptability, trustworthiness, and health.
  • Consider the shared proxies that allow several users to access the Internet simultaneously. Yes, they are less expensive, but not everything is flowers and butterflies.
  • What if you want to target information that everyone simultaneously scrapes? With shared proxies, you and others will be more likely to be blocked, especially if you’re not an expert in proxies yet.
  • But do not get depressed! Dedicated US data center proxies will prevent you from suddenly being blacklisted or banned.


  • Unlimited connections and threads: 

    Access your target website concurrently from an infinite number of devices and gather data using unlimited threads and connections.
  • Unlimited GBs:

    With DDC proxies, SmartProxy generates an infinite amount of traffic! SmartProxy dedicated proxies can unblock websites, scrap data in bulk, access geo-restricted material, and circumvent firewalls and prohibitions.
  • Speed and stability – 

    Forget about abused proxies and IPs that vanish amid your scraping operation. DDC proxies operate on high-speed computers, so you get both speed and reliability.

SmartProxy SERP Scraping API

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  • Whoever targets Google knows that a specialized tool (scraper or crawler) alone is ineffective. A big pool of high-quality proxies is also required. 
  • Most individuals pay twice to acquire information from SERPs: for a scraping tool and proxies. But do you want to overpay? 
  • Grab SmartProxy SERP Scraping API as a full-stack API, with which you won’t need any other components to become a scraping leader.
  • Get everything you need to scrap SERP data in a single basket and pay for effective results. This data-harvesting technology can save you a considerable amount of cash. 
  • You can get Google SERP results as quickly and thoroughly as possible with this SERP Scraping API. Their scraping API is quite tenacious! They commit to displaying search results on every device or browser.
  • If SmartProxy’s first request fails, they will continue to submit requests until they can give the required outcome. 
  • They screen the most effective proxies from SmartProxy’s 40 million+ proxy pool and choose only those with a 100% success rate. In addition, they automatically cycle proxies so that you may bypass IP blocks and CAPTCHAs.


  • Automate your market research:

    Building lists of product names, pricing, descriptions, discounts, and market availability may be laborious and time-consuming. 
    Enhance your marketing prowess with the SERP Scraping API and study the business tactics of your rivals without a hitch so that you may always be on top of the newest industry trends. 
    And do not restrict your market research just to Google. Using their API, you may collect data from other search engines, such as Bing and Baidu.
  • Increase SEO traffic:

    The SmartProxy SERP Scraping API is a scalable and simple-to-use data extraction service that will ensure a successful delivery from Google and increase your website’s traffic and conversions.

SmartProxy eCommerce Scraping API:
smartproxy pricing plans ecommerce scraping api

  • Send a single API call to collect JSON-formatted eCommerce data that is well-organized. This comprehensive data collector comprises a vast proxy network, a web scraper, and a data parser. 
  • Creating bespoke scrapers and parsers and operating a proxy pool is a nuisance and a drain on one’s finances. Obtain an eCommerce Scraping API immediately. 
  • This program combines more than 40 million residential and data center proxies with a web scraper and data parser.


  • Flawless headless scraping:

    Occasionally, less head is preferable. This is precisely what the eCommerce Scraping API does by enabling headless scraping: it produces JavaScript webpages. 
    Also, prepare to stop worrying about modifications to the website’s structure and leave it to them.
  • 100% success rates:

    eCommerce Scraping API is the ideal combination for scraping any eCommerce website since it consistently achieves a success rate of one hundred percent. 
    SmartProxy has over 40 million proxy servers, and if the initial request to a website fails, it will continue sending them until you get the required results.

SmartProxy Web Scraping API:
smartproxy pricing plans web scraping api

  • Why would you invest your valuable time constructing a custom scraper from scratch to scrape another website from the World Wide Web? Do not overwork, buddy. 
  • Their Web Scraping API restores your time by combining a vast network of residential and data center proxies with a sophisticated web scraper. Already have your focus?


  • Headless scraping:

    You are aware that there are occasions when data fails to load during scraping. It most likely does not load since your scraper is not headless, and you are attempting to scrape JavaScript-based websites. 
    The Web Scraping API includes a headless scraper so that you may scrape JavaScript without difficulty!
  • No blocks or errors:

    The SmartProxy pool of 40M+ residential and data center proxies assures that your web scraping endeavors will always be successful. 
    How? It’s simple: if the initial request to a website from them fails, they will continue making requests until you get the needed data. You will only be charged for successful requests.
  • Unlock restricted data:

    Web Scraping API is wholly configured and immediately used after purchase. Collect public data from several websites and effortlessly manage even JavaScript-heavy websites. In addition, Web Scraping API can handle a high volume of queries.

SmartProxy No-code Scraper:
smartproxy pricing plans no code scraper api

  • No-Code Scraper enables the visual extraction of data, the selection of scraping templates and delivery choices, and data retrieval scheduling. The most significant thing is that no coding abilities are required!
  • Works on any website.
  • Do complex and sluggish websites seem challenging to scrape and their data inaccessible? Leave it to them. 
  • Whether you need to scrape JavaScript, AJAX, or any other dynamic website, they’ve covered you. Collect titles and tags, scrape picture URLs, and extract content without a sweat.


  • One-click:

    Open any website and choose the material you want to download by clicking on it. No-Code Scraper will extract data in seconds and their powerful algorithms parse the data you need, the instant you click on it. 
    They will always be by your side. Problematic URLs may be reported immediately by selecting “Report this URL” if they occur.
  • Easy to use:

    Scrape information from practically any website on the Internet! Include Google, your preferred search engine, and if you require this data several times, organize your scraping operations in advance! 
    Need information 24 hours a day? No problem! Regardless of how precisely you want to manage your scrape, there are no limitations.

SmartProxy: Download for Free Tools

SmartProxy X Browser:
smartproxy x browser

  • Their new multi-profile anti-detection management solution will allow you to utilize many browsers simultaneously without danger. Enhance your security by altering not just your IP but also your fingerprint! 
  • You can undoubtedly conceal and manage your digital tire tracks, but why go to the trouble of changing them manually? 
  • SmartProxy will provide you with a unique fingerprint for each profile so they can all be traced back to distinct individuals rather than you.
  • The anti-detection browser from SmartProxy will protect your data when you do market research, create profiles, and perform any other internet-based activity. 
  • You can build and manage profiles using the main window, which includes proxy location selection, operating system type, time zone selection, webRTC, and more! 
  • SmartProxy can now provide various browsers for different accounts, so they don’t all have to be crowded into one window to make the user experience even more convenient and straightforward.
  • Managing these accounts, including IP prohibitions and CAPTCHAs, will be a thing of the past. If the website’s algorithms determine that you are a human, there is no need to decide whether you are a robot repeatedly. Protect your adverts, posts, and other types of activity with the X-Browser, your shield.


  • Social media marketing:

    Without the proper tools, simultaneously creating and administering an infinite number of profiles in the cloud might be challenging. In addition, the correct presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms may help attract prospective customers to your page – the more social engagement online, the better!
  • Affiliate marketing:

    X-Browser allows you to create numerous accounts and communicate with your colleagues. Utilize their tool to increase your profitability and customer base via collaboration initiatives. Keep track of your browser identities over several sessions and prevent Google and Facebook from detecting them.
  • eCommerce:

    Online shopping is thriving, and so are your rivals. Performing retail price scanning to keep competitive is standard practice. However, working with Google Ads is almost unavoidable. X-Browser, a program created to facilitate these operations, simplifies these responsibilities.
  • Crowd marketing:

    It is difficult to post to online groups and forums from the same IP address. Your IP fingerprint might be your undoing. Ensure that your accounts may expand securely using SmartProxy’s newest feature for managing numerous accounts.
  • Price Intelligence:

    Monitor price adjustments and make price comparisons to see how you match up against rivals. With the assistance of X-Browser, web scraping becomes a more secure procedure, and the business knowledge you collect is yours to keep.

SmartProxy Chrome Extension:
smartproxy chrome extension

  • SmartProxy browser extension is easy to use and quite potent. SmartProxy proxy extension for Chrome integrates the necessary proxy session capabilities directly into the browser.
  • The most straightforward web feature, a dropdown menu, is used to choose a country and immediately get a new IP address. This addon is ideal for testing your proxy connection and doing browser scraping secretly.
  • Stop bothering about locating surfing proxies. The Chrome proxy addon gives you fast access to their residential and data center proxies upon logging in. Use your proxy user credentials to access proxy servers on numerous Chrome-based devices.


  • Perfect for Chromium automation:

    Utilize your browser or the Chromium driver to automate data scraping chores and ensure that your project remains undetected by using genuine residential IP addresses. 
    Using proxies in your Chrome browser, you may check customers’ websites and verify any project privately.
  • Proxy addon:

    Just two clicks and you’re in! SmartProxy extension (or proxy addon) provides your browser with residential and data center proxies. If you are using residential proxies, you must provide a location in the extension. 
    SmartProxy only has data center proxies from the United States. Then, choose whether you like a sticky or rotating session, add your credentials, and voilà! Within your browser, you are in a proxy world.
  • Manages anything and anywhere:

    Online shopping is thriving, and so are your rivals. Performing retail price scanning to keep competitive is standard practice. However, working with Google Ads is almost unavoidable. X-Browser, a program created to facilitate these operations, simplifies these responsibilities.
  • Crowd marketing:

    It is difficult to post to online groups and forums from the same IP address. Your IP fingerprint might be your undoing. Ensure that your accounts may expand securely using SmartProxy’s newest feature for managing numerous accounts.
  • Price Intelligence:

    Need access to and management of several social media accounts for your organization? The SmartProxy addon is the ideal proxy plugin for any massive activity. Configure a location and a persistent session to access and manage an account immediately.

SmartProxy Firefox Proxy Add-on:
smartproxy firefox addon

  • Are you searching for the next game-changing innovation to drastically enhance your virtual life? Something simple to use and unassuming in appearance yet contains the most powerful technology? This proxy addon for Firefox is the one thing you’ve been seeking without realizing it.
  • Want to browse the Internet without worrying about your privacy? Choose a country to connect to, and an IP address will be provided immediately. These proxies are your virtual camouflage since they are unblocked, untimed, but better.


  • Add-on for unblocking websites:

    Yes, you may use the proxy extension to access prohibited websites even if you don’t have any big plans. They won’t pass judgment. Connecting to an IP from a different nation will conceal your IP address, making it seem like you are connecting from a different location.
  • Web scraping and data mining:

    What if a static IP is not your cup of tea? Did you believe that they wouldn’t have considered this? Additionally, the 2-click setup proxy plugin supports rotating proxy sessions. Rotate your IP address, and let’s go! Perfection in terms of anonymity, speed, and resistance to blockage. These rotating residential IPs are ideal for your next scraping job.
  • Brings localized content right to you:

    Online shopping is thriving, and so are your rivals. Performing retail price scanning to keep competitive is standard practice, however, working with Google Ads is almost unavoidable. X-Browser, a program created to facilitate these operations, simplifies these responsibilities.
  • Crowd marketing:

    You must have access to localized material. They anticipated that this would occur, so they came prepared. To use the proxy addon, choose a country from the dropdown menu and enjoy the (virtual) vacation! Now, your Firefox browser believes you’re at a fictitious place while sitting at your desk.

SmartProxy Address Generator:

smartproxy address generator

Address generator Is the most detailed location-based sticky session proxy list. Get proxy lists instantly using user: pass in less than one minute. Three clicks and millions of proxies for any program may be exported!


  • Add to cart proxies:

    Use Address Generator to generate lists of one-minute, ten-minute, or thirty-minute sticky session proxies for sneaker websites. These residential IPs vary slowly enough to allow your bot to do a limitless number of jobs concurrently. Don’t forget to utilize rotating ports for low-delay monitors.
  • Generate proxy lists in a second:

    SmartProxy is so intelligent that providing a list of more than 40 million IP addresses is unnecessary. Instead, they offer gateways (endpoints) that enable you to access their whole IP address pool through a single IP address. Their network provides you with endpoints for every nation or location.


When you buy a SmartProxy plan, you establish a monthly subscription that is automatically renewed. This implies that monthly payments are paid at the beginning of each billing cycle. The billing cycle starts on the day of your first payment. 

Your plan will be active for a whole month. If you buy the Regular plan on November 1, your account will be valid until December 1. You will also be charged on the same day for the next month.

Automatic payments make it simple to continue your membership. By establishing an account and selecting a monthly auto-renewing plan, you allow SmartProxy to charge your credit card the current monthly membership amount (including applicable taxes). 

This transaction will automatically be made to your credit card without your intervention. Before the next paying cycle starts, they will notify you through email of an automatically renewed membership.

As each of their plans creates a monthly auto-renewing subscription, it is your exclusive responsibility to cancel the subscription before the next payment cycle. 

You may opt out of the auto-renewal service at any time by going into your SmartProxy account and following the on-screen instructions.

Yes. In compliance with SmartProxy return policy, they provide a three-day money-back guarantee. All orders are handled through, the merchant of record for these transactions. SmartProxy 3-day money-back guarantee ensures your complete safety.

SmartProxy Pricing Plans Conclusion: Is SmartProxy Worth it?

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Price
  • Support
SmartProxy is one of the most well-known brands in the current residential proxy market. Their residential proxy plans are more reasonably priced than the bulk of their competitors.