Types of Computer Mouse – Laptop PC Mice Input

You must be very conscious about your computer and its accessibility but have you ever consider what type of accessory you are using for your PC? I am going to talk about types of mouse for your computer or laptop.

Apart from speakers, beautiful keyboards, and other hardware, a mouse is the thing that people pay attention to. So why not have an elegant looking mouse with the features suits your technical personality as well as your computer’s requirements. Why not have the mouse of the latest technology.

So, let’s have a look at a variety of mice available for the computers in the market.

The different types of Computer Mouse (Mice)


1. Wireless mouse

Here is my wireless mouse.


An elegant looking mouse, as the name suggests, the mouse is without any wire or any cord. It is the mouse that works with radio frequency (RF) to transfer information or communicate with the computer. The mouse is useful for the people who want to get rid of those long wires attached to their computers of laptops.

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2. Trackball mouse

types of mouse Kensington Trackball mouse

You may have come across various tools working with a socket, especially while playing games. But this is something comes in the form of a mouse. The mouse works as you rotate the ball on the mouse, the sensor in the socket which can be moved with the use of thumb, finger or palm to make it easier for the people to use.

3. Optical mouse


As you start using any computer, there is a possibility that you may be operating with an optical mouse. Nowadays, most PC contain optical mouse maybe because of its cheap price, availability, and accessibility. It is the most compatible mouse for the users while using a computer.

4. Laser mouse

As the name suggests, a laser mouse is something that works with the laser to transfer information to the computer. It is similar to that of an optical mouse but the only difference lies in the use of laser light instead of LED light to operate the screening on the computer.

5. Ball mouse



Got this image from an awesome video, check out the video below.

The mouse that simply contains a ball that moves in all directions, the ball mouse is one of the earliest forms of mouse that people use for ages. All you have to take care of is the ball that may lose its friction on the computer. So, the mouse requires good care to be able to use perfectly.

6. Optical- Mechanical mouse

optical mechanical mouse

We can see that the name of the mouse describes all its functions. It’s the fusion of both optical as well as that of the mechanical mouse. It counts in the not-so-popular kind of computer accessory. It uses a type of sensor to operate computer and tracking movements. With the use of a ball, it is considered as the most efficient mouse for computers.

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Wrapping Up

After discussing a variety of mouse for your PC, it becomes pretty easier to go with something different to use. Try out the types of the mouse while working on your computers and see what changes you will discover. Select the best one out to suit your work as well as your technical skills.

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