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Best UK Proxies: 100% Anonymous Proxies

Internet marketers and normal Internet users who want to access content available solely to the UK audience might benefit from using UK proxies. Continue reading to uncover the most reputable UK proxies.

If online content is geo-targeted to Internet users in the United Kingdom, it becomes inaccessible to users in other areas, mainly if IP restrictions are implemented.

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If you are not physically located in the United Kingdom, you will need IP addresses from the United Kingdom to have access to restricted content.

You may route your queries via proxies that provide you with UK IP addresses. So, here is a list of some of the best UK proxy providers. 

List of Best UK Proxies of 2023

1. Bright Data

bright data best uk proxies

Bright Data is the world’s finest and most extensive proxy network, with over 2.5 million residential proxies from the UK alone. In addition, the geo-targeting function of Bright Data enables you to target on an even finer scale, down to the city or state level.

You also have total control over your sessions, which are entirely anonymous due to the service’s use of a single IP address for all queries. The only drawback is that it is incredibly pricey.

Bright Data Pros and Cons:


  • Global location coverage
  • Multiple features
  • All proxy types
  • Great customer support
  • Highly anonymous and secure
  • A vast pool of proxies
  • Great scraping performance


  • Slightly expensive

2. Oxylabs

oxylabs proxies and scraper api

Oxylabs ranks well among the best UK proxies providers. It provides worldwide coverage and a database of over 100 million IP addresses. 

Its services are appropriate for proxy-driven activities, such as marketing intelligence duties. It offers a bright interface that is simple to use. 

You may use it to see your use statistics. Additionally, there are distinct areas for paying for and acquiring additional services.

You cannot administer proxies from the dashboard. However, Oxylabs’s solutions integrate effectively with proxy-supporting applications. 

It also provides a Google Chrome plugin that enables users to test proxies or surf the web. Similarly, proxies are compatible with third-party proxy administrators like FoxyProxy. There are several sorts of server proxies for diverse purposes. SOCKS5 Proxy helps use proxies with bespoke applications or protocols.

Oxylabs Pros and Cons:


  • Rotating proxies available
  • Unlimited bandwidth for datacenter proxies
  • SOCKS, HTTPS, and HTTP protocols
  • Highly trusted platform
  • Highly secure
  • Great customer support


  • No small proxy packages

3. Nimble


Nimble UK proxies are premium residential IPs that bypass IP blocks and CAPTCHAS. The icing on the cake is AI-optimized IPs that select IPs based on users’ requests. You get matched with your ideal IP ensuring higher success rates and blazing-fast proxy performance.

Users can target country, state, and city using Nimble’s rotating + sticky residential proxies. Once you have purchased your proxies, you get instant access to your Nimble dashboard. The dashboard is user-friendly and lets you monitor proxy usage. You can control your budget and manage your pipelines without any coding skills.

Don’t worry about security as Nimble’s IP infrastructure is CCPA and GDPR-compliant along with AES 256-bit encryption.

Pros and Cons:


  • Sticky + Rotating IPs
  • Technical account manager
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Flexible pricing


  • No SOCKS5 support

4. IPRoyal

iproyal reliable uk proxies

Access the internet securely in the UK by using IPRoyal UK proxies. The company is known for its reliable proxies in many countries. UK restrictions limit access to certain websites, but IPRoyal proxies can help you bypass the restrictions. 

You can experience a high uptime of 99.9% without any interruptions. IPRoyal ensures full anonymity so it doesn’t hamper your business. 

There are over 243,842 UK proxies available and this keeps growing each single day.

IPRoyal Pros and Cons:


  • Unrestricted content
  • 99.9% uptime.
  • Full anonymity.
  • New IPs are added regularly.
  • Over 243,842 UK IPs.


  •  speed is not constant all the time.

5. Smartproxy

smartproxy top residential proxies

Smartproxy delivers one of the best UK proxies and commercial proxy services. It excels at simple internet scraping activities, such as data collecting. 

You get back-connect proxies, anonymous surfing, and worldwide connection, to name a few features. The installation procedure is essential. You have the choice of installing extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome. Both dashboards are intuitive. 

All elements are well-organized. The best part is that chat assistance is accessible at all times.

Smartproxy Pros and Cons:


  • No connection limits
  • Entire IP networks access
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Large proxy pool
  • Highly anonymous proxies
  • Great customer support


  • Not the best for small companies

6. High Proxies

high proxies private and shared proxies

HighProxies is a one-stop store for the best UK proxies. Private, shared, and social media proxies may be purchased, as well as tickets and classified advertisements.

HighProxies offers a UK data center proxy since they have their own data center in London that you can use. They also offer several places across North America and Europe, so regardless of where your demands are, HighProxies has you covered.

The company offers UK Datacenter Private Proxies with security and protection provided by Squid Proxy Server and high speeds.

HighProxies Pros and Cons:


  • A large number of datacenters
  • IP refresh every month
  • Fast and responsive customer support
  • Diverse pricing packages
  • Instant proxy delivery
  • Up to 100 concurrent sessions
  • Dedicated and fast HTTP and HTTPS datacenter proxies


  • No SOCKS proxies
  • No sneaker proxies

7. MyPrivateProxy

myprivateproxy green proxies

MyPrivateProxy has repeatedly shown its dominance in the datacenter proxy business. The two data centers of MyPrivateProxy are situated in London and Newcastle, respectively.

Many websites are known to identify datacenter proxies. However, My Private Proxy is designed to avoid detection by the vast majority of websites.

MyPrivateProxy uses Intel Xeon servers with 32 GB RAM for those who desire high-performance web browsing without being tracked or blocked online due to IP address guarding restrictions imposed on specific networks. 

They may access via public Wi-Fi hotspots outside their homes or offices, where restrictions exist against anonymous browsing.

MyPrivateProxy Pros and Cons:


  • Great customer support
  • Great uptime
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • PoemonGo proxies are also available
  • Affordable proxy packages
  • Dual proxy authentication
  • Multiple locations and datacenters


  • No SOCKS5 protocol

8. ProxySeller

proxyseller socks5 https proxies

Proxy-Seller is one of the finest when it comes to UK proxy servers! In addition to the two data centers in Manchester and London, they operate 29 more throughout the globe. However, if you just need a few proxy servers, they may not be your first choice since their cost structure varies based on the quantity purchased.

For example, if you order 50 servers, you will spend $99.97 instead of merely $6 per server when purchasing 1-2.

Proxy-Seller Pros and Cons:


  • Great uptime
  • Supports SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols
  • High connection rate
  • An excellent choice for subnets
  • High level of anonymity


  • Torrent downloading is not allowed.

9. Shifter

shifter data collection

Residential proxies from Shifter are the optimal option for many online surfing chores. Shifter provides session-based IP rotation that varies every 5 minutes, unlike other providers (up to 60). 

Furthermore, it is paid per port and provides for limitless bandwidth consumption.

The proxy pool also supports HTTPS with RSA key authentication, allowing you to surf secretly without being monitored by ISPs or government agencies, as would be the case with your ISP’s VPN servers.

Shifter Pros and Cons:


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fast proxy speeds
  • Great uptime guarantee
  • Instant proxy activation
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • Better pricing plans are needed.

10. Zyte

zyte web scraping services

Zyte grew as the online scraping firm ScrapingHub’s internal platform. Zyte is a continuation of the same rotating proxy network behind the hood. It is one of the greatest proxy sites for scraping and bots.

It does not market its services based on the quantity or quality of IP addresses it has access to. 

Instead, it applies its intricate IP rotation method to IPs rented from other providers. Thus, you purchase a comprehensive web scraping application that employs proxies instead of the proxies/IPs themselves.

Zyte Pros and Cons:


  • Good customer support
  • Highly anonymous proxies
  • Multiple proxy types
  • Good IP pool
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Limited geo-targeting

11. GeoSurf

geosurf scraper

GeoSurf is one of the longest-running suppliers of proxy services on the Internet. Using 2.5 million IP addresses, it serves every major global city. It provides residential and static IP addresses. Consequently, you may submit many concurrent queries without being blocked or slowed down.

It provides coverage for over 130 countries in over 30 US market regions if you want a static IP. However, they are more susceptible to identification. The proxy also offers a VPN for mobile devices. VPNs make hiding behind proxies while browsing and otherwise using the internet simple. 

This one is compatible with Android and iOS and supports various protocols, such as OpenVPN and PPTP. This capability is restricted to 120 places.

GeoSurf Pros and Cons:


  • Great customer support
  • Proxies for sneaker bots are also available
  • High rotation gateways
  • Sticky IP gateways
  • Highly flexible
  • High speeds
  • Intelligent search function
  • Worldwide coverage


  • Slightly expensive

12. ScraperAPI

scraperapi proxies

ScraperAPI is one of the top online scraping proxy sites. It offers more than 40 million IP addresses from various nations and is a user-friendly scraping tool. 

It can handle CAPTCHAs and other types of bot detection, in addition to JavaScript. The proxy rotation occurs automatically in the background. 

Simply input the URL of any website to get the HTML in return. If you like a more persistent session, you may also simply use a static IP.

In addition, you get support for configurable headers, automated retries, and desktop and mobile user agents. 

In other words, your traffic might look to originate from a computer or a phone. However, it is not as powerful as others, so you must manually parse the data. 

However, its ease of use and complete API access make it perfect for developers who want to create their scraping solutions.

Scraper API Pros and Cons:


  • Great location support
  • Huge IP pool
  • A lot of customization options
  • Beginner friendly services
  • Easy to use
  • Comparatively cheaper option


  • Frequent blocks

13. NetNut

netnut data extraction proxies

NetNut.io offers one of the top proxy server services on the market. The seller provides quick connectivity, an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, and an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. 

It is excellent for data collection and intensive market research. Getting started is quite simple. There is a straightforward dashboard with instructions for setting up your proxy servers. 

You may also integrate third-party apps. It also has a Google Chrome browser plugin.

NetNut provides the most significant infrastructure for anonymous proxy servers on the market. 

You get residential IPs acquired from premium internet service providers (ISPs) through DiviNetworks, which has agreements with over 100 carriers globally. 

The vendor’s 100 Gbit per second bandwidth capability provides customers with top-notch speeds. 

NetNut’s network routes traffic for more excellent dependability, making it superior to many comparable services.

NetNut Pros and Cons:


  • Chrome extension available
  • Low latency and high speeds
  • Virtually zero fail rate
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Worldwide coverage
  • DiviNetworks powered infrastructure


  • Only HTTPS proxies


There are a few possibilities for those who want to access unique content for the British market. 

Paid UK proxies are an alternative, and I prefer them in most circumstances since you have more control over your connection speed than free proxies.

However, suppose there is uncertainty about compatibility with your use case or web browser software in such a circumstance. 

In this scenario, it may be prudent to request a low-cost trial before committing. Many companies give refunds if anything doesn’t work out.