1Gbits Review – #1 Dedicated Server Hosting Provider?

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Overall Verdict


Out of 10


  • 20+ Locations worldwide
  • Instant Activation of VPS
  • Good discount on annual plan
  • Root access of your server


  • Advanced options can be tough to understand
Overall Rating: 4
Price: 14 $/mo

Are you looking for the best web hosting solution for your website? It can be overwhelming with so many options out there.

You want a hosting provider that meets your needs and stands out. You’re probably curious about the features, advantages, and whether they truly understand your requirements.

I understand your concerns, and in this review, I am giving you the solution – 1Gbits. So, let us know more about Gbits in detail.

What is 1Gbits?

1Gbits featured homepage

1Gbits brings you special servers that are yours alone, called dedicated servers. These servers are located in more than 20 top-quality places around the world. Imagine having your unique computer in over 15 different countries! The excellent network of 1Gbits covers a huge area, reaching from the United States to Europe to Asia.

If you want to use these servers for making virtual things, like creating a remote desktop or a gaming server, 1Gbits has made it super easy. They have set up the servers in a just right way for doing this.

1Gbits can also look after your servers for you. They have top-notch datacenters where they keep all the servers and make sure they have power, good connections, and strong security.

They even have servers that are like super-powerful computers. These servers are divided into smaller parts that act like separate computers. They can run Windows or Linux, which are different computer systems. You can use these computers over the Internet to do your work or play.

You might have heard of Remote Desktop if you have a Windows computer. It’s a way to use your computer from somewhere else using the Internet. 1Gbits lets you do this, too! Even if you’re far away, you can use their servers to work on your Windows.

And guess what? If you love playing games online, 1Gbits also has something for you. Their dedicated servers are perfect for playing games and having fun online.

1Gbits – Best Features

1Gbits features main

1. High-End Enterprise Hardware

At 1Gbits, they use the most powerful and reliable hardware from Intel and Supermicro. This special hardware makes their servers super stable and efficient. When you buy RDP online from us, you’re getting the best performance possible.

2. 20+ Locations

They’ve spread their network to more than 20 world-class data centers in over 15 countries and 3 continents. This means super-fast connections and almost no downtime (99.9% uptime!). Buying RDP from 1Gbits means enjoying top quality and speed.

3. 24/7 Support

1Gbits team of professionals is always ready to help. You can reach them anytime through live chat, tickets, or emails. They’ll always get back to you with the best solutions to your questions.

4. KVM and VMware Hypervisors

1Gbits VPS hosting uses the latest technology like KVM and VMware hypervisors. These ensure your virtual server is super robust, secure, and reliable. It’s like having a magic spell that boosts your server’s performance.

5. Hosting Control Panels

With 1Gbits, you can use the most potent control panels out there. Whether you like cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin, they’ve got you covered. These panels are like easy buttons to manage your VPS hosting, leaving you more time to focus on growing your business.

6. Network and Bandwidth

1Gbits offers a high-speed network and bandwidth for your VPS hosting. This means your website is always available to visitors, with speedy and dependable connections.

7. Administrator/Root Access

With their VPS hosting, you’re the boss. You get full access to your virtual server, like being the captain of a ship. This lets you customize your server just the way you want it.

8. Server Virtualization

Ever heard of server virtualization? It’s like making a pizza and cutting it into slices. Each slice is its mini pizza! At 1Gbits, they divide one big server into many small virtual servers. This lets them run on their own, like independent superheroes. You can use server virtualization to make your workloads super efficient.

1Gbits – How To Buy Guide

Step – 1: Go to the official website of 1Gbits and choose the server of your choice.

1Gbits homepage choose server

Step – 2: Scroll down and click on ‘ORDER NOW’ beside the plan of your choice.

Choose plan VPS in 1Gbits

Step – 3: Scroll down, choose the billing cycle and payment option, and click on ‘Deploy right away!’.

Billing cycle in 1Gbits
Choose payment method in 1Gbits
Deploy server in 1Gbits

That is it. Complete the payment, and you are good to go. 

1Gbits Dashboard

The 1Gbits dashboard, where all wallet details are displayed, looks like this.

1Gbits dashboard

Firstly, log into your 1Gbits dashboard to access the wallet.

To access credit, click the wallet in the top right corner once you are in the client area.

1Gbits balance in account

1Gbits wallet

You have three options for adding money, as you can see.

  1. If you charge $150 or more, you get a 5% discount
  2. Get 10% off when you charge $250 to $500
  3. If you charge between $500 and $1000, you will receive a 15% discount
Top up in 1Gbits wallet

Following are the payment methods you can use to charge your wallet:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin and other altcoins
  • Perfect Money
  • WebMoney
  • Credit cards
  • BitPay
Payment options in 1Gbits to top up wallet balance

Why add money to your 1Gbits wallet?

You will automatically receive a bonus when you add money to your 1Gbits account. We’ll assume your account has $300 charged to it. There is a 10% bonus for you, as mentioned earlier.

1Gbits – Pricing & Servers

1Gbits popular services

1. Dedicated Server

Imagine having a super strong computer all to yourself! 1Gbits offers Dedicated Servers that are packed with super high-quality hardware. These servers are made by companies called Intel and Supermicro, and they’re like the superheroes of computers. You can have all this power starting from just $85 per month.

2. VPS Hosting:

Want your extraordinary virtual world inside a computer? 1Gbits has VPS Hosting for you. It’s like having your magical castle in the digital realm. These virtual castles are set up with a special technology called VMware ESXi. You can get started with this for only $15 a month. That’s like buying a toy that brings endless fun!

3. RDP Service

RDP is a remote desktop in a datacenter that you can control using your laptop or computer. No matter where you are, you can connect to your remote PC with a working internet connection. With RDP, you can download and move files big in size that require higher internet speed to download and upload.

Why Do I Recommend Using 1Gbits?

1. Lightning-Fast Plans with Enterprise SSD Drives:

One of the biggest reasons that make 1Gbits stand out is their super speedy servers. Unlike others, these servers are supercharged with enterprise NVMe SSD drives. These drives make everything run fast, like your favorite race car on a track!

2. Extra Features to Boost Your Plan:

Guess what? 1Gbits doesn’t stop at just speed. Each plan they offer comes with lots of cool extra features. One of these is SSL certificates, which keep your website safe and secure. It’s like having a protective shield for your online home.

3. Easy Peasy Transition:

If you’re thinking about moving your website from another hosting provider, don’t worry! 1Gbits has a friendly support team to help you with the whole process. And guess what? They won’t charge you anything for it. It’s like having moving helpers who don’t ask for payment!

4. Learn About Domain and Site Migration:

Are you curious about how to move your website to 1Gbits? They have a whole page that explains it in simple words. You can find this on their website. It’s like reading a treasure map that guides you to your new online home.

5. Super Strong Uptime and Money-Back Guarantee:

Ever wanted a guarantee that things will work smoothly? 1Gbits promises that your website will be up and running at least 99.99% of the time. That’s like having a watch that never stops ticking! And guess what? They also promise to give your money back if you’re not satisfied. It’s like buying a toy you can return if you don’t enjoy it.

6. Easy Payment Options:

Paying for your super-fast hosting is a breeze with 1Gbits. They accept all the significant credit cards you know and are buddies with PayPal, too. It’s like choosing your favorite candy from a candy shop!

1Gbits Pros and Cons

1Gbits Pros

  • Dedicated servers in 20+ locations for worldwide reach.
  • Technical support is available 24/7 for assistance.
  • VPS on the latest powerful servers with Windows/Linux options.
  • Remote Desktop for easy access anywhere, any time.
  • Unforgettable online gaming experience with game servers.
  • Hosting control panels for user-friendly management.
  • Quick setup for VPS hosting solutions.
  • Administrator/root access for complete server control.

1Gbits Cons

  • Advanced features could be overwhelming for beginners. 


1Gbits offers more than just hosting services. They present solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re seeking dedicated servers, VPS hosting, or game servers.

With 1Gbits, you’re not just getting a hosting provider – you’re gaining a partner who understands the importance of reliability, speed, and flexibility in the online world. Their commitment to high-end hardware, widespread network coverage, and round-the-clock support showcase their dedication to your success.