10 Top Ad Exchanges for Publishers: The Best Ad-Tech Options

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If you are a publisher, you know that selling ad space can be lucrative. However, finding the right buyers and negotiating the best rates can be difficult. That’s where ad exchanges come in. Premium ad exchanges allow publishers to sell their ad space to various buyers, including agencies and brands. This article will discuss 10 of the top ad exchanges available for publishers.

What Is Ad Exchange?

top ad exchanges

Ad exchanges represent a digital marketplace connecting publishers and advertisers to sell and buy inventories. To do this, the ad exchange gathers multiple ad networks, SSPs, and publishers to create a large pool of assorted inventories.

This big pool of impressions is then presented to buyers (DSPs, advertisers, and even ad networks) so that they may purchase the impressions in real time. The pool of impressions typically includes a display, video, mobile, and in-app inventories, giving the publisher more chances to profit from their inventory by accessing global demand. However, for a publisher to have complete control of their inventory–such as setting floor prices, adding/blocking demand, and setting up targeting criteria–they must use a proxy provider.

Proxy providers allow for easy integration with ad exchanges while also giving the publisher specified control over their inventory; as such, it is recommended that publishers use proxy providers when giving their inventory to an ad exchange.

10 Premium Ad Exchanges That You Can Rely On

#1. Magnite

Magnite is a Proxy provider that brings together buyers and sellers on a robust advertising platform with all the best possibilities for making brilliant profits.

magnite homepage 2

They leverage over 5000 algorithms to help their clients but have a restraint of at least 5 million page views per month.

  • World’s largest independent sell-side ad platform

Proxy providers such as Magnite enable users to access blocked websites, including those in other countries. But Proxy providers are also used by criminals to hide their identities when committing crimes online.


  • Full access g\to resources


  • Support is a little slow

In addition, Proxy providers can be used by anyone who wants to remain anonymous online for any reason.

Whether you’re trying to access blocked content or just keep your identity private, Magnite can help you do it.

#2. MoPub

Proxy providers like MoPub offer mobile ad exchange services. By working with over 49,000 app publishers around the globe, MoPub can reach 1.5 billion users across devices.

The company has a unified auction feature that enables publishers to go for direct deals, ad network services, and access to several DSPs. Zynga, Voodoo, Ubisoft, and Trucaller are some developers monetizing via MoPub.

Proxy providers play an important role in the app ecosystem by connecting developers with ad networks and DSPs, and MoPub is one of the leading proxy providers in the industry.



MoPub is definitely one of the options you can rely on any day. You can click on the link below to explore more about MoPub.

#3. Smaato

Smaato is a Proxy Provider that processes over 150 billion ad requests monthly.

smaato homepage

The self-serve platform provides easy ad delivery with higher eCPMs. It offers extensive demand, global reach, and seamless website integrations with the company’s code to drive higher revenue for publishers.

  • Free ad server

Developers like Liftoff, Gameloft, and Outfit7 use Smaato to increase their earnings. The platform inserts an ad into the web page on behalf of the publisher and allows the publisher to keep track of impressions, clicks, and conversion rates in real-time.


  • Montly quick payment
  • Quick response given by the support team


  • You need to wait for an entire month for the payment

Publishers can customize their ad delivery by choosing which countries, networks, or devices to target. Smaato has a team of industry-leading experts available 24/7 to help publishers maximize their revenue.

Smaato has a team of industry-leading experts available 24/7 to help publishers maximize their revenue.

#4. Vserv

Vserv is a proxy provider that helps to manage and monitor Internet usage. It offers a marketplace for world-class advertisers in India and Southeast Asia, which has become increasingly popular due to its authenticity and data management.

vserv homepage

In addition, Vserv’s creative solutions have helped it to achieve more than 500 million users, making it one of the most successful proxy providers in the world.

  • Specialised in people-based marketing

Thanks to its Proxy Management System, Vserv is able to provide a high level of security and privacy for users, as well as offer a wide range of creative options for advertisers.


  • Targets 200+ audience segments


  • Not ideal for newcomers

This makes it the perfect solution for those looking to improve their online presence.

#5. Google Ad Exchange (Now Known As Google Marketing Platform)

Google’s ad exchange, AdX, enables Google Display Network partners to buy and sell ads in an open auction environment using the preferred deals and programmatic deals models, as well as in a private auction environment using the programmatic guaranteed model.

google ad exchange homepage

AdX is available only for premium publishers and advertisers. Small and medium publishers can access these services through Google Network Partners, such as AdPushup. Proxy providers like AdPushup work with Google to help small and medium-sized publishers access AdX. Once approved for AdX, these publishers can offer their inventory to advertisers in both open and private auction environments.

  • Most reliable source of passive income since it is Google

This allows publishers to increase their advertising revenues by selling their ad inventory to a broader range of potential buyers more efficiently.


  • Most of the features are free
  • Goodwill of Google


  • Limited features provided in the free version

In addition, advertisers benefit from being able to access a larger pool of potential ad space on premium publisher websites and buy ad space in a more targeted and effective way. Overall, the GoogleAdX platform benefits both publishers and advertisers, resulting in a more efficient and effective online advertising market.

Overall, the GoogleAdX platform benefits both publishers and advertisers, resulting in a more efficient and effective online advertising market.

#6. OpenX

OpenX is a proxy provider that connects ad servers to RTB exchange platforms. This company offers an integrated technology platform which helps users keep track of their ad campaigns and manage them more effectively.

openx homepage

The CPM rates tend to go high, with the lowest being 1 USD for partnership. OpenX grants access to only those users who initially have enough traffic. It is fruitful for enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Industry-leading technology

Advertisers can use this company’s services to improve the performance of their ad campaigns and get better results.


  • First ad exchange to go carbon neutral and achieve CarbonNeutral® company certification from Natural Capital Partners


  • There are alternatives that provide better services

Publishers can also benefit from this service by getting higher CPM rates and more ad exposure. OpenX is an excellent way for advertisers and publishers to get the most out of their online advertising campaigns.

OpenX is an excellent way for advertisers and publishers to get the most out of their online advertising campaigns.

#7. AppNexus

AppNexus provides a Proxy Provider feature that allows its users to access US ad exchange through their own private proxies.

appnexus homepage

This means that users can choose which US ad exchange to use and customize and manage their own traffic.

  • Quick and easy steps to set up

AppNexus’ Proxy Provider feature is a self-serving ad exchange that gives its users control in their hands so that they can differentiate, analyze and re-examine their business.


  • A lot of material available online


  • Not very user-friendly

The Proxy Provider feature is auspicious to those who wish to monetize through an ad exchange because it allows them to use their own private proxies to access US ad exchange.

AppNexus is a leading identity in the US, and is very promising to those who wish to monetize through an ad exchange.

#8. SmartyAds

As an independent ad exchange platform, SmartyAds offers a complete ad tech solution to publishers, advertisers, and agencies while maintaining profits for the parties involved.

smartyads homepage

The company Proxy provider delivers more than 2 billion impressions daily while working with 25K+ premium publishers.

  • 3-Steps Campaign Launch

It assures fair trade and quality exchange while maintaining profits for the parties involved.


  • User-friendly self-serve advertising platform


  • A little slow customer service

In addition, the company provides transparency and detailed real-time reporting so that all parties can monitor their campaigns and results. As a result, SmartyAds can offer a comprehensive solution that benefits all involved.

#9. Appnext

Appnext is a cutting-edge app recommendation service that seamlessly integrates with users’ daily mobile journey.

appnext homepage

Appnext’s proprietary ‘Timeline technology predicts which apps users will use next, based on their previous app usage patterns.

With over 300 million active users daily, 20+ daily interactions via strategic OEM partnerships, and 60,000+ apps in its database, Appnext is the largest independent app recommendation platform.



It delivers over 4 billion app recommendations each day. Appnext has forged partnerships with leading OEMs such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Asus, and Xiaomi to provide their users with the built-in Recommendation Widget on these devices.

These OEM partnerships are a vital source of traffic for Appnext. In addition, Appnext has integrated its service into several popular Android launchers, such as Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, and Solo Launcher. Thanks to these strategic partnerships and integrations, Appnext can reach a vast audience of mobile users worldwide.

#10. Index Exchange

Index Exchange is a proxy provider and marketplace where premium digital media companies come together to exchange inventory.

index exchange homepage

It offers complete inventory control and pricing, giving publishers access to quality demand. The Index Exchange platform is used by premium publishers like Business Insider, The Economist, and The Telegraph.

  • Dedicated to building a safe and transparent omnichannel marketplace

In addition to providing a marketplace for publishers, Index Exchange also offers tools to help them optimize their inventory and maximize revenue.


  • Extremely user-friendly


  • Not too much material for publishers

These tools include an ad server, ad exchange, and yield management platform. With these tools, publishers can take complete control of their inventory and maximize their revenue.


Ad exchanges have already made a big impact on the advertising industry and will only become more critical in the future. With the shift to digital advertising, ad exchanges will eventually become the go-to virtual marketplace for buyers and sellers.

This is because programmatic advertising is on the rise and ad exchanges offer a convenient way for buyers and sellers to trade ad space in real-time. Proxy providers, such as Google and AOL, are also playing a role in this shift by helping to connect buyers and sellers. As the demand for digital advertising continues to grow, ad exchanges will likely become an increasingly integral part of the industry.