Adplexity vs Anstrex – Find Out Which One Is The Best Ads Spy Tool?

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Adplexity vs Anstrex

An analysis of AdPlexity Vs Anstrex shows that they both have many features to give you a competitive edge. However, which one is the best Ads Spy tool? Let’s figure it out by comparing their features, pricing, support, and everything about these spy tools.

AnsTrex is a competitive spy tool that has full Alexa and SimilarWeb integration. It uses this to help you analyze where your competition gets clicks. AdPlexity, on the other hand, is an Ads Spy Tool that gives you access to mobile, desktop, or push ads in real time!

Let’s compare both in detail and see which one is the best. Let’s begin.

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Adplexity vs Anstrex


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Adplexity vs Anstrex

Features of Adplexity

Works with Target Devices and Browsers

Find out which browser and device your campaign is working best on. You can quickly check if it’s Windows or Mac and the specific browsers of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox you’re targeting.

Publisher friendly

Publishers can check the top placement which is sending a majority of traffic to their campaigns. Finding the top placement that sends the campaign the majority of traffic is easy for publishers.

Download Exciting landing pages

The best feature of AdPlexity is that you can download all the landing pages, images, CSS, and JavaScript as a zip file. You won’t need to rip any content off these sites anymore!

It saves you from the development cost you need to spend to get a dedicated landing page for your next marketing campaign. You can simply download the landing page and upload it on your server. It works perfectly fine, and you can run your campaign soon.

Has some hidden campaigns

With the Adplexity ads platform, you can reach a massive audience of people who are using smartphones and tablets. In addition to 120+ carriers worldwide being supported, there’s also support for app promotion campaigns with cross-promotion capabilities between apps in your portfolio.

There are many hidden affiliate marketing campaigns run by ad networks. You can have an eye on all of them with Adplexity. Most ad intelligence tools won’t capture these kind of campaigns.

Track affiliate marketing with easy analysis

Now, you can see all the ads spy tools with this amazing tool. You will be able to track affiliate networks and other tracking platforms easily. This ads spy tool lets you see all affiliate networks and tracking tools.

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Features of Anstrex

Amazing images to advertise

Ad campaigns are a tricky thing to get right. You can learn by studying what other companies’ ads do well and then putting your own spin on it! Create an ad that you think will work for you – start promoting it once people see how great it is!

Keep an eye on competition

The various aspects of a campaign work together to increase the chances of your social media marketing success. For example, targeted images and videos plus catchy hashtags can impact conversion rates positively for businesses on social media websites like Twitter or Facebook.

Create your community

If you ever have any questions about the platform or find yourself running into trouble, there is a dedicated community of users and moderators who may be able to help.

Success from marketing

It is time to stop if you are not enjoying the marketing process. Conventional methods may be more costly, but they work with guaranteed results. To save more on marketing, you should spend less time experimenting with your advertising.

It is never a good idea to run ads in the air. You should have enough data to support your advertising strategy.

Get the market secrets

Anstrex is a new tool that helps you find the right inspiration for your marketing campaigns. You can search through competition to help come up with ideas on how great they are doing in their marketing efforts.

Free Dropship Ads Intelligence

If you want to check how your competitors advertise dropship products, Anstrex won’t charge you even a single penny.

2 Days Free Trial

🏆 Winner: Adplexity
Since AdPlexity has extensive advertising intelligence tools and a wide range of ad types is covered, it wins here.

More about Adplexity

Adplexity vs AnstrexAdPlexity is a company that provides complex algorithms to help you spy on the ads shown online. AdPlexity’s data comes from real-time sources, so it’s reliable and accurate.

Officially, they don’t offer any free trials. Try it yourself and see how it changes your ad campaign experience quickly.

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More about Anstrex

Adplexity vs AnstrexAnstrex is a platform that helps you run successful marketing campaigns. As marketers, we know it can be hard to reach your goals and as such, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out about this software! Did you hear me?

You can use Anstrex for 2 days free of charge before signing up for the paid plan. Go ahead and try it yourself now.

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🏆 Winner: Anstrex
Though Adplexity has more set of tools available, Anstrex beat Adplexity in race of being the cheaper option available with extensive access to the data.

Adplexity's Pricing

Adplexity vs AnstrexBefore showing you how to find profitable ad campaigns on Desktop Traffic Sources in minutes, let’s talk about the pricing of this tool.

With AdPlexity, you get the most efficient way to manage your online ad campaigns with our monthly plan at $199/month or save up and pay only $1990 every year (with 2 months free).

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Anstrex's Pricing

Adplexity vs AnstrexThis feature-rich software also competes for similar ones in pricing. It is not only popular for its features but it is relatively cheaper compared to other options as well

  • Solo Plan- $69.99/MO/USER
  • Bundle & Save- $139.99/MO/USE
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🏆 Winner: Anstrex
Being the cheapest option available and having a bundle plan also makes Anstrex a win-win deal.

Adplexity's Support

Adplexity provides 24/7 customer support, 365 days a year without weekends. Their services are free of charge to customers with troubleshooting or any queries within the platform.

They have global customer service across various regions and countries helping their clients through email, phone call charges may apply when calling outside your region’s coverage area. AdPlexity can be contacted via email or toll-free numbers depending on where you live in relation to them

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Anstrex's Support

Anstrex is a business that provides tools for improving your ROI and advancing your affiliate campaigns. The Affiliate Offer Wall offers access to the competitor data from 27 networks with over 58,000 advertisers in 15 countries as well as other useful tracking software like monitors.

All of these help you spy on competitors’ most effective campaign strategies, allowing users to improve their own ROIs through this new information.

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🏆 Winner: Anstrex
Both of the products have live-chat support. However, Anstrex has more clear contact details and a strong social media presence. So, Anstrex is more convenient in case you need a hand.

If you are looking for a tool that offers impressive features, different pricing, and excellent services, both Adplexity and Anstrex will be perfect. First of all, you need to know your requirements and then see where the magic happens!

🏆 Winner: Anstrex
Overall, Anstrex is the best bet.

FAQs (Adplexity vs Anstrex)

🙆‍♀️ Is there any AdPlexity Free Trial?

AdPlexity’s money-back guarantee is like a free trial, but it’s not official. You can sign up for the service without any risk because if you don’t find it useful within 24 hours of subscription, ask for a full refund!

🙋‍♀️ Why is AdPlexity better than other ad spy tools?

AdPlexity is an unrivaled ad spy tool in the market. It helps you make better marketing decisions by allowing access to 75 countries, covering all major companies, and providing a range of filter options that competitors don’t provide.

💁‍♂️ Which Countries do AdPlexity Support?

Countries all over the world are trying to expand their corporate business. Some of these countries include Spain, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada – just to name a few. There is also Malaysia, which has been working steadily with its own business model, and Vietnam, which has shown great growth potential within this sector. Countries such as India and Thailand show promise for success, but many others, including Turkey, may need more time before they can make an impact on their global market share.

🙎‍♂️ Does Anstrex have dropshipping ad intelligence?

Yes, and that too for free. You won’t have to pay for using the dropship ad spying tool.

🤷‍♀️ Does Anstrex offers free trial?

Anstrex doesn’t have a free trial, but if you cancel within 2 days of signing up, they’ll give you a 100% refund. This is just like having a trial period because it allows plenty of time to evaluate the software before making your final commitment. Drop them an email after canceling, and Anstrex will handle this for you as soon as possible!

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