SEMrush vs Ahrefs: Which One Is The Best SEO Tool? [Features, Alternatives, Pricing]

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SEMrush vs Ahrefs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ranking are important for websites to get noticed, but it can be difficult to achieve. There are various tools available to aid in this task, but in our opinion, SEMrush and Ahrefs are the two most effective tools used by millions of users. Both tools are popular due to their impressive features, but to make the best choice, you need to know which one suits your needs better in terms of features, pricing, and more. Keep reading to learn more about these two tools and make an informed decision.

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SEMrush vs Ahrefs


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SEMrush vs Ahrefs


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Screenshot of SEMrush

SEMrush vs Ahrefs

Screenshot of Ahrefs

SEMrush vs Ahrefs

Features of SEMrush

Optimal Traffic Analysis

As a part of the understanding of keywords, what SEMrush does is helps you analyze traffic with excellence. This has a traffic analytics tool that allows you to see the average stats of every website page.

A deep insights to market trends.

With SEMrush, you can literally see what all is happening in the market. From the functioning of your competitors to what leading companies are doing, you can keep an eye on everything SEMrush offers.

Impressive Keyword Research

Want to know which keyword should you target next? Or want to see how your previous keywords are doing in the market? SEMrush helps you analyze and find out new keywords through its keyword research tools. You can even come up with your new SEO and PPC campaigns with ease.

Track your market position

One of the best things behind this immense popularity of SEMrush is its ability to show you your current market position. Its performance tracking tools and SEO sessions will not only help you analyze but also gives you various opportunity to improve your ranking.

Lead the market through website statistics.

If you see your website statistics and work accordingly, you can easily find strategies to rank higher. However, if you can see what your competitors are doing based on their statistics, things become even easier.

Features of Ahrefs

Excellent site exploration

Knowing your website is very VERY significant for better performance in the industry. This is where the Ahrefs backlink checker comes in. It allows you to have more SEO metrics and search views to make it even more effective.

Find the best keyword performance

Unlike your traditional keyword research on Google, this one helps you come up with the finest integration. This is just for Google but many other search engines like Amazon, YouTube, etc.

Site auditing for a through lookout

Site auditing is all about going through each page and content and see how SEO optimized it is. So, no matter if you want to do it immediately, weekly, or monthly, this platform allows you everything.

Track your website and page ranks

Ahrefs is here to keep an eye on how your keywords and website are ranking. This can be as particular as a particular keyword or based on a community like a country or a city.

It's super beginner-friendly

Ahrefs is pretty straightforward and fast especially when it comes to using its dashboard. This makes it an easy-to-use platform for beginners.

🏆 Winner: SEMrush
Optimal Traffic Analysis & A deep insights to market trends, better than Ahrefs

More about SEMrush

semrush vs ahrefsSMErush is renowned to be one great tool for measuring your online marketing results. What services and toolkit it offers is the real reason behind its immense popularity.

From SEO, Market research, advertising, to social media and content marketing, this will leave no chance of disappointment. So, don’t stop yourself to work with over 7 million marketing professionals and services that have won 14 international awards so far.

SEMrush User Review

semrush review

semrush review

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More about Ahrefs

semrush vs ahrefsAhrefs has been around for about a decade and since these 10 years, they have been rocking the world of the internet. Their services and SEO tools helos their clients develop a professional image in the industry. What else? Many great companies like Netflix, eBay, and Uber are using it for their growth, So, try it out and see how great it is.

Ahrefs User Review 

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🏆 Winner: SEMrush
Over 7 million marketing professionals and services that have won 14 international awards so far.

SEMrush 's Pricing

SEMrush vs AhrefsLet’s talk money here. Obviously, when SEMrush offers so many great features, it must charge something exceptionally higher. But the thing is, it’s quite reasonable. Its plans are as follow:

  • Pro Subscription- $99 per month
  • Guru Subscription- $191 per month
  • Business Subscription- $374 per month

PS- these prices are for those who are willing to pay the money annually. If you are looking for monthly rates, the prices may differ.

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Ahrefs's Pricing

SEMrush vs AhrefsWhen it comes to prices, Ahrefs can be a little cheaper as compared to SEMrush. Let’s have a look at its prices.

  • Lite package: $82 per month
  • Standard package: $149 per month
  • Advanced package: $332 per month
  • Agency: $832 per month

PS- These prices are only available if you pay an annual amount. So, if you want something monthly, the prices change.

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🏆 Winner: Ahrefs
It is cheaper than Semrush with Lite package: $82 per month

SEMrush 's Support

When it comes to the customer support of SEMrush, undoubtedly, there is no comparison. Why? Because it offers several features in that area too.

Like what? You will come across options like posts, manuals, podcasts, videos, and even Ebooks. But if you really looking forward to learning this in-depth, you must try out its academy and webinar. Hence, the team is always here to serve you with the best possible.

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Ahrefs's Support

Moving on, let’s see what all support options can you have with Ahrefs. Well! There is a blog area where you will find everything about what Ahrefs does and all the updates about it.

Apart from that, they have the FAQs section for every question you may have. But, when it comes to the best option, they have live chat support.

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🏆 Winner: SEMrush
Better Support Team than Ahrefs

SEMrush Alternatives

1. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced web rankings as Ahrefs alternative

Advanced Web Ranking is a user-friendly tool which offers complete rank tracking. It does come with some limitations of its own but it has all the essential features you need for tracking your position across multiple search engines.

It is available on PC, Mac or Linux and can be used on Android devices too. The tools are neatly arranged to offer easy navigation through its features. The program is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Key Features of Advanced Web Ranking:

This tool offers a bunch of features and here we will be talking about the most important ones:

1. Keyword Rank Tracking: The tool lets you track your website’s ranking position across 50+ search engines. You can track rankings for specific keywords or group of keywords.

2. Track Competitors Rankings: With this feature, you can find out the top 10 websites’ positions for any keyword you wish to rank your website higher than them.

3. PPC Keyword Tracking: The tool offers PPC tracking too. You can access historic data about your ad campaigns and figure out which keywords are generating more revenue.

4. Tracking Social Media Rankings: Advanced Web Ranking lets you track your social media rankings across 600+ social media sites and outlets like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

5. Check Keyword Density: The tool also offers a unique feature of checking the keyword density for any article or webpage via its ‘H1’ tag measurement.

6. Track Backlinks: This tool offers inbuilt backlink management for tracking your website’s inbound links and importing backlinks of other websites.

7. Keyword Suggestions: It helps finding relevant keywords that can help generate better content ideas for your customers.


  • Instantly see each search engine’s data on a single page
  • No speed penalty for using multiple tabs at once
  • Rank tracker starts automatically when you open a search engine
  • No speed penalty for having AWR installed in your browser
  • The price model seems fair to us


  • No basic rank tracking features present
  • Occasional incorrect rankings

2. Searchmetrics 

As a marketer, you have many options for SEO tools. The problem is that not all of them are as good as they promise to be. In fact, some of them will just rob you by charging high prices for features that can be found elsewhere at a much cheaper price.


Searchmetrics is an SEO tool designed with marketers in mind. Launched in 2007, it has gradually gained popularity as a viable alternative to Semrush .

The tool comes with numerous features to help marketers master their SEO campaigns and make data-driven decisions. It can be used as a freemium tool, but premium members get access to all the tools and features without any limitations.

What’s more, it also has a tool for competitor analysis and link building.

1. Keyword Analysis – What’s your ranking potential?

Keyword analysis is arguably the most important feature of Searchmetrics because that’s how you’ll know if your site can appear on relevant search results (SERPs).

With this tool, you can easily identify search terms that you can rank for, the estimated monthly traffic they generate and their ranking difficulty.

You’ll know if a keyword has low or high competition and be able to determine how much SEO effort you need to put in and which backlinks would be most beneficial.

2. Google Analytics Integration – What works?

Google Analytics is a goldmine of SEO data.

With Searchmetrics, you can integrate your Google Analytics account to have all the important metrics shown in one place.

You’ll be able to discover how well individual pages perform and what channels (SEO, PPC) are driving traffic to them.

3. Site Audit – Crawl like an SEO pro

The crawl feature of Searchmetrics is perfect for conducting an audit on your website. It lets you know if there are any errors or broken links, how many pages it has and what keywords they’re ranking for.

It will also show you the location of your images and videos to help with sitemap creation.

4. Site Optimization – Get more traffic, leads & sales

Once you have your website crawling properly, it’s time to optimize it.

This tool allows you to edit titles and meta descriptions for content on the site that are not yet optimized. You’ll also be able to create custom alerts so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

The tool also allows you to track rankings for your keywords, get recommendations on what pages need more work and discover good landing page opportunities.


  • Multiple language support for non-English markets
  • Keyword/Domain/Page explorer with filters to sort by metrics or date range
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Site Optimization
  • Site Audit


  • Pricing plans are not very transparent.
  • The company charges on a per search basis, which is confusing for new users.
  • No keyword difficulty score


SERPSTAT is a growth hacking tool for content marketers and entrepreneurs. Their suite of services includes position tracking, site audit, competitor keyword research, and backlink analysis.

They provide actionable performance reports that allow users to improve their SEO strategy based on the data they collect.


Serpstat  is a search engine positioning service that allows users to track their rankings for keywords across multiple engines, measure site performance and optimize content.

Their tools also allow for online visibility analysis, SERP comparison and competitor research. The Serpstat API provides developers with access to these features through user-friendly coding.

With the Serpstat API, developers can access data on organic keywords, rank tracking and much more.  The following methods are offered through the Serpstat API:

Keywords – monitor your rankings for a list of keywords in several engines and receive an automatically updated report when there is a change in search engine positions.

Rankings – monitor your rankings in the organic search results for up to 100 keywords in Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex simultaneously.

Backlinks – track backlinks pointing to your website to see how they impact your SERP ranking.


  • Track the position of your website
  • SERPSTAT adjusts its reports daily or hourly.
  • Track competitors’ keywords


  • SERPSTAT can be pricey

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SEMrush vs Ahrefs- the two awesome SEO and ranking tools anyone can use. But when it comes to the winner of this comparison, SEMrush is the best when it comes to features and Ahrefs is great for pocket-friendly purchases. So, know your requirements and choose wisely.

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🏆 Winner: SEMrush
SEMrush is the best when it comes to features

FAQs: SEMrush vs Ahrefs

🙋‍♀️Is Ahrefs worth the money?

Ahrefs is the best competitor research and SEO tool you can get right now. It has the biggest backlink index of any other tool. Ahrefs can spy on your competitor’s SEO strategies, backlinks, keywords, and other aspects.

👆What is Ahref used for?

Ahrefs is mainly used to analyze a website’s link profile, keyword rankings, and SEO health. You can also use Ahrefs to conduct keyword research for Google, YouTube, and Amazon. Many people use Ahrefs to find content that’s performed well (regarding social shares and/or links) on a given topic.

🤔What is Semrush tool?

Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights. Our tools and reports are able to help marketers who work in the following services: SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, and Campaign Management.