Best AntiDetect Browsers Supporting Multiple Social Media Accounts

If you are a social media marketer, chances are you know it’s essential to use different accounts for different purposes. 

For example, if you want to promote a business on Instagram, you need an account specifically for that purpose. 

The same applies to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However setting up multiple accounts can be difficult and time-consuming, and it can also be risky due to platform detection systems. 

That’s why antidetect browsers have become so popular! Let’s look at how they work and the top anti-detect browsers that support multiple social media accounts. 

How Do AntiDetect Browsers Work?

When you visit a website, information is gathered about you. Typically, this information comprises browser behavior characteristics. Occasionally, the features of your gadget are incorporated. This data is then stored and used to identify you the next time you visit the website.

Additionally, it is utilized to monitor your internet activity across numerous websites. This information is referred to as a browser fingerprint due to its uniqueness. Studies reveal that identifying an internet user is 99.99% accurate.

Anti-detect browsers avoid this unwanted monitoring by disguising or modifying your browser’s fingerprint. Each time you visit a website, its fingerprint will be read. They will not know who you are.

Moreover, anti-detection browsers have tools that enable you to retain these fabricated fingerprints for as long as you like. Additionally, anti-detection browsers allow many instances of these faked fingerprints. Thus, many profiles or tabs with distinct fingerprints may be created. 

These profiles and tabs would be inaccessible to websites. Also, these accounts, tabs, and surfing sessions will appear to belong to distinct people. This function allows anti-detect browsers to manage several accounts without the danger of being banned.

List of the Best Browsers That Support Multiple Social Media Accounts of 2023

1. Kameleo

kameleo best anti detect browser

Kameleo has played wonders for me. If you blindfold and ask me about the best anti-detect browser, I would say Kameleo undoubtedly.

By modifying the browser’s digital fingerprint naturally, you prevent any possibility of disclosing its true identity. This consistent fingerprint changing provides less limitations on websites than other anti-detect browsers. These limitations can be account bans or simply the websites don’t work because of the fingerprint modification. 

Kameleo is good at it. They have the Intelligent Canvas Spoofing feature. This is unique. They are the only one who can make a natural canvas fingerprint filtering. Protection of the digital fingerprint of the browser using spoofing. Virtual profiles comprised cookies, browser extensions, and other identifiers. 

You may browse using a virtual computer or an Android phone—selenium Stealth WebDriver for automating the development of browser profiles.

One of its key features is the ability to consistently change the browser’s fingerprint, which helps to avoid limitations on websites such as account bans or incompatibility issues. This is achieved through Intelligent Canvas Spoofing, a unique feature that allows for natural Canvas fingerprint filtering.

This means that Kameleo can effectively protect the digital fingerprint of the browser using spoofing techniques, such as by using virtual profiles that comprise cookies, browser extensions, and other identifiers. 

2. Undetectable

undetectable antidetect browser

Virtual antidetect browsers like Undetectable allow you to create multiple social media profiles. The level of anonymity that you get by using an Undetectable browser is commendable. This helps you avoid any IP blocking or CAPTCHAS on websites.

Using a single device, you can create multiple social media profiles and work seamlessly on separate browser profiles. Websites will treat your profile as a potential user and won’t block you.

Undetectable provides support for browser extensions via its Chromium-based Undetected browser core. The Undetectable browser works with third-party proxies and VPNs. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols.

With one click, Undetectable allows you to create mass profiles using your datasets like cookies, proxies, etc. Want to seamlessly connect a range of automation tools such as Puppeteer and Playwright? Using Undetectable API, you can easily manage your profiles in Chromium core.

Pros and Cons of Undetectable:


  • Tech support via email, Telegram, Facebook & Skype
  • Store profiles on your device or Undetectable’s cloud storage.
  • A single license can be used simultaneously on different devices.
  • Multi-accounting for social media profiles.
  • Accurate & secure browser fingerprints.
  • Easy settings for teamwork.


  • No free trial available

3. SessionBox

sessionbox browser extension

For digital marketers and social media managers who want multi-login and anti-detect browsers, SessionBox offers two distinct options. The first is the SessionBox Workstation browser, equipped with clever digital fingerprint management and session isolation features.

Thus, Facebook does not lock you out if you open numerous tabs and log in with separate Facebook ad accounts. It enables you since it recognizes that all browsing requests originate from genuine and distinct devices.

The second item is called SessionBox Extension. Like  Chrome extensions, you just install the add-on in your preferred browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. The anti-detect surfing tool of SessionBox converts regular web browsers into multi-login browsers.

4. MarketerBrowser

marketerbrowser antidetect browsers for social media management

MarketerBrowser is an independent web browser that assists digital marketers in managing several accounts for the same domain. Your marketing business may execute activities such as product promotion and advertising utilizing many accounts, so expanding its market reach.

It allows you to launch several browser tabs or websites. Then, you may set unique proxy IP addresses for each profile. In addition, you may add several device fingerprints so that the website host recognizes each tab as a separate workstation.

In addition, the browser has an AI that enhances the anti-fingerprint tracking technology in the background. Even if the host comes up with unique ways to monitor your device’s fingerprints, artificial intelligence will alter the recorded data quickly to ensure lag-free communication.

5. Lalicat

lalicat anti detect browser

You must use Lalicat for managing multiple accounts since standard web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge do not provide simultaneous access to the same domain from numerous user accounts. It utilizes the Tor network and the Chromium engine.

Consequently, you may hand over online research and marketing responsibilities to Lalicat without requiring training. Additionally, its user interface is extremely intuitive, and the utility automatically configures all multi-profile management systems.

The anti-detect browser application is currently only compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11 operating systems.

6. Incogniton

incogniton anti detect browser

For enterprises, Incogniton is an excellent anti-detection browser. You must test it if you desire complete control over your online data while using multiple internet accounts and exploring the web.

Replace several workstations with virtual browser profiles using Incogniton. Thus, you save a great deal on the maintenance or acquisition of several computers. Each virtual browsing profile has a distinct digital fingerprint and an emulated device. Therefore, websites you visit see you as a specific individual, even if you use the same domain for many accounts.

The browser is compatible with macOS and Windows, two of the most popular operating systems. The downloadable package may be installed without the requirement for coding experience.

7. GhostBrowser

ghost browser multi session browsing

GhostBrowser is another marvel among multi-login and anti-detect web browsers. It provides more than simply an anti-detection browser. 

It also includes a comprehensive workplace comparable to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

Regular internet research, marketing, and advertising are performed in the Ghost Browser workplace. 

You may even create individual workspaces for each customer. Therefore, it is an essential browsing tool for digital marketing or social media management businesses with a large clientele.

A workspace includes files, bookmarks, history, downloads, and browser settings. Windows and macOS applications are available for download. 

The GhostBrowser development team is also developing Linux-compatible applications.

8. Multilogin

multilogin browser

If your internet company demands mission-critical speed and lag-free browsing, you must acquire a solution that circumvents all prohibitions.

Multilogin is one such method. You may develop profiles, personalize digital footprints, and automate interaction with third-party marketing platforms with a single click.

In addition, it features browsers that mimic Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Consequently, no learning curve is required for your team. 

Simply utilize Mimic Browser if you prefer Google Chrome and Stealthfox Browser if you like the Firefox engine.

9. GoLogin

gologin anti detect browser

Try GoLogin if your organization needs several accounts for expansion and revenue development. It guarantees total anonymity by manipulating website-captured IDs using spoofing technology.

GoLogin allows you to manage and conceal your device’s digital footprint. By activating these options, your device may circumvent website hosts’ anti-fraud systems by imitating a legitimate Internet identity.

The positivity of this anti-detection browser is the ability to generate many surfing profiles. Each surfing account will have an authentic digital fingerprint regardless of the workstation or internet connection. Each of these profiles will be distinct and will never overlap.

Consequently, if you use GoLogin to handle hundreds of Google Ads accounts, Google will not be able to ban any of them since Google’s algorithms will recognize each browser tab as originating from a different computer.

10. X-Browser

x browser smartproxy

Smartproxy’s X Browser is a comprehensive anti-detection management solution. It enables you to simultaneously access many websites without jeopardizing your privacy. 

Its specialization is the deployment of real-time, user-mimicking digital fingerprints that web hosts may track back to fake accounts. Nonetheless, you may utilize these accounts for affiliate marketing, crowd marketing, eCommerce, digital marketing, etc., without legal repercussions. 

In addition, the anti-detect browser increases the productivity of your marketing and advertising agencies and teams by requiring no coding. Thus, marketers who need more programming abilities may utilize the multi-login browser without supervision from technical assistance. 

In addition, it provides API access for commercial uses such as eCommerce scraping, SERP scraping, etc.

11. Dolphin(Anty)

dolphin anty detector for affiliates

The Dolphin Anty application is one of the newest anti-detect browsers on the market and has generated some buzz. 

Using this browser, it is possible to create several accounts without being banned. This is because each account is administered in its browser environment.

The Dolphin anti-detect browser is designed to make it challenging for online services to monitor users. 

It is mainly used for managing numerous accounts since it supports creating different virtual browsers.

Each profile has its browser environment and does not leak information. As an anti-detect browser, it can resist browser fingerprints by making the fingerprint for each browser generic, making it impossible to trace users. 

Dolphin is a premium anti-malware browser with support for free users.

12. AdsPower

adspower virtual browser

The AdsPower program is a virtual web browser that allows marketers to manage access to significant websites/platforms. 

Collaborate with your team to provide cloud-based data synchronization, account authorization assignment, and real-time user grouping.

Configure each account with a distinct browser fingerprint, and the program will simulate manual operation. Utilizing the program are small and medium-sized companies. 

AdsPower supports IPv6 and enables the acquisition of IP addresses from certain countries.

While the company does not provide proxy IPs, you may use your own if you purchased them from another platform. 

The website provides detailed video instructions on connecting and importing the proxy into your AdsPower account.


Kameleo is the perfect browser for anyone who wants to manage multiple social media accounts securely and anonymously. 

It’s easy to use, packed with advanced features and provides real-time updates that ensure your data remains safe. 

Whether an experienced user or a complete beginner, Kameleo has everything you need to keep your online activity private and secure.