BitNinja review – Best Server Security Tool of 2024

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When it comes to self-managed web servers, security plays a crucial role. It is important to take all the possible steps to protect the website and its data from malicious logins, any malicious activity, brute force attacks, and other security threats.

Web Server Security plays a vital role in keeping cyber thieves and hackers away from accessing sensitive data. This is where solutions like the one we are discussing in this article come into the picture. The web-server security solution we will be going into the details of in this curated post is BitNinja.

To put it in simple terms, BitNinja is an ultimate server protection suite that is very helpful in managing each and every aspect of web server security. So let us get started with the basics of BitNinja.

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More About BitNinja

BitNinja offers its users an all-in-one protection suite that manages everything that is needed for the web server security. Ranging from DOS protection and Firewall to CMS fixing and Server scanning, everything is included in this security tool.

All you need to do is install it on your server once, and then managing the security of your web server from BitNinja Dashboard is a breeze.

Till date, Bitninja secures over 20,000 servers and has more than 10M IP Addresses on its reputation list.

Secure your Server with BitNinja Now

Getting Started With BitNinja

Step 1: To get started, On Home Page, Click on the ‘Free Trial’ Option.

bitninja signup from homepage

Step 2: You will be redirected to the registration screen, where you will be asked to enter your email address and agree to all the conditions by ticking the check boxes.

signup for bitninja trial

Step 3: Next, you need to click on the ‘Start Trial’ Tab. Here you will be asked to answer a few more questions to know more about you and how you wish to use the platform.

complete signup in bitninja

Step 4: You then need to set up your password and verify your email. Once that is done, you can log in straight to the BitNinja Dashboard.

bitninja dashboard before adding server

After a successful registration and login, you will see above screen. In this view, you are guided on “How to add the Bitninja client on your server, set the key and start the heartbeat.”

After you setup your first server, you will see the dashboard that looks like this.

bitninja dashboard

Once you get on the dashboard, at the top of the page, you will come across various functions viz: Servers, Network Attacks, Firewall, Anti Malware, Phishing Sites, Licenses, Site Protection, and Feedback. Below that, you will get to read the instructions regarding how you can add the server as well as install BitNinja.

Once you are done with creating a server and its integration with BitNinja, you can start getting the benefits of this incredible all-in-one suite immediately.

Now that we have successfully logged in to the platform let us start exploring the various options available on the dashboard.

Secure your Server with BitNinja Now

Exploring The Dashboard (BitNinja Security)

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→ Servers

Once you create a server and integrate it with BitNinja, you can see that server here in this section. Here you can see the Server Info, Incidents, Analytics, Logs, and Settings. Server info lets you see the number of incidents (events happening on your server security), protected services, network traffic, and network interfaces.

bitninja dashboard

If you wish to enable or disable any of the security modules on the server, you need to:

Step 1: Go To Servers.

servers in bitninja

Step 2: On the right side of the server name, you can see the setting icon.

server settings in bitninja

Step 3: Just as you click that icon, you can see various modules that you can either enable or disable depending upon your requirement.

bitninja server config

Here you can also categories your servers and create groups in which you can assign the servers.

server groups in bitninja

Under the ‘Protected Services’ section, you can see the services that are protected by BitNinja. It protects the incoming IPV4 traffic.

With the ‘Logs’ option, you can have more insights about the security of the server and can configure it further.

→ Network Attacks

It lets you monitor the network attacks.

network attacks in bitninja dashboard

→ Firewall

The Web- Application Firewall can be configured for your server in the BitNinja security tool. Here you can manage the Black Lists, Whitelists as well as the Trusted Proxies. It also lets you have custom rules, set the domain patterns, and do a lot of things.

firewall in bitninja

It is very much optimized for the majority of web applications that you will be hosting with the website. This section lets you monitor various metrics like IP Reputation History, Robotic Attack History, Network Traffic, etc.

→ Anti-Malware

This function is further divided into various other functions like Scan Settings, Malware Scan Status, Local Malware Signatures, and a list of Infected files.

bitninja anti malware

The feature keeps scanning for the malicious files and finds the code that needs to be removed in order to make it secure. You can see these malicious files in the list of the infected files. The scan settings can be customized too.

→ Phishing Sites

This section lets you scan your server for phishing attacks.

phishing sites detection tool

In scenarios where hackers had an access to the servers in the past and if he is successful in installing any phishing site on the server, then it can be found here.

→ Licenses

license manager in bitninja review

This section has further sub-sections viz. VPS Licenses and Server Protection Licenses. Till the time you are in trial mode, you will not be asked for any up-payment.

→ Site Protection

The Site Protection section lets you manage the users on your server and also integrate with various other services. You will soon be able to add WordPress Integration too.

→ Feedback

This section lets you give your feedback to the platform by either having a chat or by voting and suggesting the features you feel should be here on this platform.

bitninja feedback option

Keep reading ahead to read about the benefits as well as the downside of using BitNinja.

Secure your Server with BitNinja Now

Remarkable Features Of BitNinja

bitninja review list of features

In this section, we will be listing the top-notch features of BitNinja.

→ Real-Time IP Reputation

The Real-Time IP Reputation monitors the server’s IP all in real-time and sees how good the web servers are performing. Owing to various revolutionary features like greylisting, consistent updates, impenetrable defense network, and many others, the Real-Time IP Reputation offered by BitNinja stands unique and different from other solutions in the market.

The reason behind the Defense Network being so incredible is the fact that if an attack takes place on a particular server that BitNinja protects, the IP gets blocked not only on that server but also on each and every server across the globe that is protected by BitNinja.

→ Honeypots

The Honeypot protection offered by BitNinja scrolls and scans through the web server for all the loopholes that can be used by the hacker to get some leverage.

BitNinja offers Honeypots of two kinds, viz Port and Web Honeypots. Whereas Port Honeypot blocks those IPs that scan for the open ports, Web Honeypot stops the hackers and any malicious activity from scanning through the vulnerabilities of web apps.

The Honeypots are completely compatible and do not interfere with the other services that run on your server. It collects information regarding the suspicious IPs and blocks them automatically for preventing future attacks.

WAF (Web-Application Firewall)

Using a WAF is definitely one of the most effective ways when it comes to blocking a cyberattack on a website.

WAF offered by BitNinja lets you set the strictness and filtration level along with the server-based settings. It does not require any sort of constant intervention or pre-configuration.

The false-positive rates are really low, and the constant new rules can patch the various CMS vulnerabilities.

→ Log Analysis

Log Analysis plays a vital role in helping you prevent the Brute Force and many other types of attacks like reflective DDoS via xmlrpc.php, WordPress user enumeration attack, spamming attempts, directory traversal, SQL injection, and others.

It can recognize the common log files automatically on the server as well as analyze them in a pretty resource-friendly and efficient manner.

→ DoS Protection

This ensures safety from the Denial Of Service Attacks. DoS attack is when a hacker tries to spam the servers with humongous volumes of traffic that come in from different patterns.

BitNinja DoS protection can block both inbound as well as outbound attacks. It offers protection on numerous protocols apart from just HTTPS, which includes IMAP, POP3, FTP, and other DoS attacks that are TCP-based.

→ Malware Detection

This feature scans the server for malicious files and content with advanced-level techniques. It is a resource-friendly solution that can manage the threats traditional malware detection solutions miss, like Obfuscated Code Detection.

Owing to the Quick Scan, it does not let any threat stay on your server for really long. BitNinja enables you to add custom malware signatures, making it a unique solution.

Its Defense Robot can find the malware right back to its source and boasts a crowd-sourced database of malware. It also has an auto-honeypot system, making it an incredible solution for malware detection.

The following section is a stepwise guide to get started with BitNinja.

Benefits Of Using BitNinja Security Suite

bitninja review list of features
  • → It has a user-friendly interface with a centralized dashboard.
  • → It is a resource-friendly solution that is compatible with various other tools.
  • → It installs really quickly and also avoids false positives.
  • → It has a plethora of features to offer its users.

Keep reading ahead to learn about the pricing plans offered by BitNinja to its users.

Pricing Plans

bitninja pricing plans

BitNinja offers four pricing plans to its users on the basis of the number of servers the user has. All the pricing plans comprise Malware Detection, DoS Detection, Log Analysis, WAF, Honeypots, and Real Time IP Reputation. You can start with a free trial for 7-days.

  • It costs a monthly payment of $10 per server in the case of 0-1 Hosted Users on the server.
  • It costs a monthly payment of $20 per server in the case of 2-40 Hosted Users on the server.
  • It costs a monthly payment of $30 per server in the case of 41-250 Hosted Users on the server.
  • It costs a monthly payment of $40 per server in the case of 250+ Hosted Users on the server.

You can get in touch with the sales and get a plan fabricated specially for your business, if none of the above plans fit your requirements. The Pricing solely depends upon the number of servers you have.

Now that we have covered every aspect of this all-in-one solution for web-server protection let us wrap our article up.

BitNinja Review – Final Verdict

Now that we are at the end of this article, hopefully, it helped you in figuring out if BitNinja is worth your investment of time and money. Overall it is an all-in-one suite for web server protection that can black the cyberattack way before they hit the servers and data.

Despite the numerous features involved, its interface is user-friendly and provides benefits to the digital agencies, website developers, and host providers. It is a great and highly recommended solution to lay your hands on thanks to the multi-phase approach it adapts towards the web server and the data protection.

Secure your Server with BitNinja Now