Top 20 Sites To Buy Expired Domains With High DR/DA/PA

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A domain is a website address. A domain name is not really owned but rented. If somebody stops paying for their domain name, the owner can sell it to another person who pays for it. Then, why not have websites to buy expired domains?

People buy domains because they might want to do something with them later on or have talked themselves out of buying one.

Sometimes, people get a few domain names and later decide not to renew their domains. Or, they have a project for their website, but it only lasts a short time. Then, the domains expire, and new people can buy them.

Top 20 Websites to Buy Expired Domains

1. Dynadot – My Favorite

dynadot homepage
Dynadot is a company that helps people buy and sell websites or domain names. They provide these services from their offices in California. The founder of Dynadot is a software engineer who started the company in 2002.

Their business has grown steadily. They now serve thousands of customers from 108 different countries around the world.

Their goal is to provide our customers with world-class services. They have many automated sites, which means it is easy for them to give you a good price.

But they still do their best. If you have a problem, contact them, and they will try to fix it.

2. NameCheap

namecheap auctions

NameCheap’s domain marketplace is a simple way to list the names of domains you want to sell. It is easy to find people who might be interested in buying them.

You only have to click on the listings and choose what they want. Then you can buy it in a few steps.

NameCheap has a section for expired domains that you can find on the website. You can visit this link to see which domain names are expiring and what they are.

3. DropCatch

dropcatch- Websites To Buy Expired Domains

DropCatch is a public auction. Anyone who is on DropCatch may be able to bid for the domain. The person who gets the highest bidding price will then become the domain name owner.

After winning an auction, DropCatch will transfer ownership of that domain to you.

All bids in DropCatch auctions are placed as proxy bids. To participate in a domain auction, you must have an account with, which must be verified before you can bid on anything.

Account verification may take up to 72 hours, but you can bid on items once it is done.


domcap- Websites To Buy Expired Domains

DomCop helps you find the domains that are best for you. It does this by showing you a list of domain names with important information about each domain name.

You can filter and sort these queries to find the best domain. This makes it much faster to find what you want than if you were to look at all 200,000+ domain names.

DomCop can give you information to help you choose a domain. DomCop uses the most popular metrics from Moz, Majestic, Alexa, Semrush, and DomainScope. The most popular are Aherfs DR and Referring Domains, Majestic Trust Flow and Topical Category, Moz Domain Authority and Page Authority, and Estibot domain value.

5. SnapNames

snapnames homepage

SnapNames has a list of the domains that are exclusive to them. They have daily deals, the best of the drops, and top categories to find what you want. It will be easy for you to buy a domain from SnapNames.

SnapNames is a company that helps you find domain names. They have many domains to choose from, so you don’t miss out on a good one.

Their new app for iPhone and iPod touch will help you find the perfect domain name, so you don’t have to use your computer every time.

6. GoDaddy Auctions

godaddy- domain-auctions

After you list your domain on the GoDaddy Auctions website, they will charge a percentage of the sale price. This is done when someone buys your domain and pays for it with their credit card.

They also offer features like adding a logo and extra words about your domain to help people find it faster.

Godaddy Auction is a trusted place to buy expired domains. They put them all in an auction, and you can buy them.

7. Moonsy

moonsy- expired domain names

People use Moonsy to find expired domains. The first time we used it, we found some high-quality domains expiring soon. We grabbed these domains before anyone else could and sold them at a higher price.

Old domains expire, and this is a good thing. When they expire, they have traffic links to help with SEO; sometimes, they are also in DMOZ.

Trust from the age of these domains is vital for your SEO process because it is much easier when you have a domain name that has been around for a while.


expired domains

Hundreds of domains expire every day. This is because people forget to renew or stop working on them. To find expired domains, PRs, and backlinking, visit

If you want to find all the information for an expired domain, this is the website. I like this website because I don’t like signing up for things.

You do not need to sign up to find details about an expired domain. You can just grab the one you want!


serpdomains- aged domains is a company that you can buy domains from. They have the best domain names to buy, and they are better than other places because they have already pre-vetted and strong expired domains.

These domains usually cost more than others and can be expensive, but they’re worth it because you know that you’re getting a perfect domain name.

Domain experts can assure you they know what to do and how you want it. They will share their knowledge about expired domains, which are an essential part of SEO.

10. -homepage has a good reputation, and people like it. One can’t ignore the wonderful feedback and what carries in the world of domain registration. They offer a lot of good domain names that you can buy with an easy checkout process.

Look at the best domain name for your business. Don’t just look at a list of names. The website will provide you with some other options for memorable domains, whether for personal or business use.

11. Flippa

marketplace to sell and buy

Flippa is a marketplace where you can sell your online business. It’s better for people who don’t mind dealing with lots of buyers who are not serious. I would not recommend buying on Flippa because many scammers are out there.

Flippa is a website where people can buy websites and apps. People sell them here. Flippa has great domains called premium domains. These are for a person who is starting a business and needs a name.

12. NameJet

namejet homepage

NameJet is the place where you can see all of the domain names that would be available to buy. You can’t buy them unless they are expired. You may be able to find one that you like, but not yet.

NameJet is a website that you can use to buy domains that are expiring soon. They have 3 different ways to find the domain names that you want. Choosing the right one will depend on what kind of name you want.

13. Domain Coasters

domain coasters seo domains

DomainCoasters is one of the websites that I use to find expired domains. They have a large selection of domain names from different categories. You can go to their website and look at other domain names by going to their expired domain section.

Simply click on the links in that column. If you want to see the backlinks of any domain, it will pop up an image.

14. Namepal

namepal homepage has great tools that will help you get your business online quickly and easily. You can find and register the perfect domain name, create a website with a simple builder, or set up email and whois privacy to protect your personal information.

Namepal is for domains that have expired and are now available to buy. This means they cost much less than if you purchased the domain from another person. That’s because this company has lots of features and can save you money on other registrars.

Domain names are what you want for your website. You can find a perfect one at NamePal, or if not there, then you can transfer it from another website. You’ll get discounts on multiple-year registrations and renewals too.

Register a domain for $8.99/year or a website for $0.00/month. Email is important too! NamePal email services let you check your email online and on your phone.

15. Domain Hunter Gatherer


Domain Hunter Gatherer is a new one, but it’s good. It has been around briefly, and people have not visited it before. But now, Domain Hunter Gatherer is the best place if you want expired brandable domains.

This is because this website gathers all of them from different sites and shows them in one place where you can easily register them in a few clicks.

Thousands of people are buying domains from auctions. They buy them for a lot of money because they know that quality domain names will save them years of work.

Domain Hunter Gatherer finds the best domain names, and you can buy them for just the cost of registering with DHG, so it is easier.

16. DomainPeel

domainpeel homepage

DomainPeel is good because it won’t send you spam. It will give you a list of domain names on the site. Whether you want to invest in one or make a website, this website has some good information and great domains that can be used.

DomainPeel offers free Expired Domains. You can find them on DomainPeel. New domains are added. Please bookmark an updated list of the available domains. All of these domains are unregistered.

You can buy them and then register them yourself with your favorite registrar.

17. Domain Hole

domain hole great parked domains

Domain Hole is a website where you can search for over 10 million names of websites that were registered and then expired or dropped. You can use filters to find the domain name you want.

If you find one, go to the Domain Hole website and buy expired domains easily!

DomainHole is a fantastic website. When you enter your keyword, it will tell you if it is available for the domain name. It has tools like Name Generator, which generates random pronounceable domain names.

It also has tools like Complete Checker that check to see if the domain name matches what you are looking for in different TLDs.


FreshDrop is a website that I like to use when I am looking for expired domains. Sometimes, you may want to search for a domain name with many different features.

This website is excellent because it lets you filter and search for many things, and it is easy to find what you want.



The last on the list of best websites to buy expired domains is On the web, it can be hard to find help, but with GO.CO, they are all around.

With ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), LACNIC, LACTLD, and other venues, it actively supports and promotes internet security.

This is done through collaboration with many other groups who are also working on these issues.

GO.CO is where you can get a domain name and other things to help you with your idea, like freebies and tools. It’s also global so that your idea will be available to people all over the world.

20. SEO.Domains

seo domains expired domains buy is the top vendor for premium expired domains on the internet. The most significant advantage of buying a domain name from is getting a spam-free, high DR, and authoritative domain name that you can use for your brand.

A brandable high-authority domain can help you in many ways. For example, you can either start a website/product with the brand name or redirect it to your existing affiliate site to scale up the traffic and revenue for the current project.

Pro Tip

Buy Premium aged domains from Alpha Investors

Alpha Investors is a company that will provide you with a complete hands-off service for aged domains.


They have a great selection of premium vetted domains in lucrative niches and offer a full site build-out on these domains.

Alpha Investors’ unique approach gives your new site an extremely high chance of success by building it on a premium-aged domain that will save you months of research and thousands of dollars. Their experienced team makes sure your new site is built with increased visibility and maximum revenue potential in mind.

Every domain on their site comes with a complete website build-out that includes custom design, premium plugins, 100,000 words of well-researched and optimized content, in-depth keyword research files, a detailed plan on how to grow the site, and more.

Their service is a perfect choice for newbies who could use some help in building sites on aged domains, as well as experienced website owners who lack the time to commit to doing it all on their own.


So, I hope this list of top 20 websites to buy expired domains will help you. These are my favorite places to buy domain names. If you want information about buying a domain name, these sites are good for that, too.

They have all the information you need when buying a domain and they can also teach you how to find the best one for your company or website needs. So when it comes time to buy an expired domain, just use this list!

The Winner

NameCheap is a clear winner. It is a website for people to search for domains. You can find one that has expired or new ones. Then, you can make an offer and move forward with the domain name of your choice.

There are many different domains available, so it will be easy to find one that fits what you need.

The Most Popular

GoDaddy Auction is the most popular and is where you can find all the expired domains. You can find out if a domain name has a high number of bids, what price it will be, and how many people visit the site.

Then, you will have to decide which domain to buy.

I hope the list of websites to buy expired domains will help you get the right domain name for your online project.