Contabo Review: Is It Worth It? Discounted VPS Servers

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VPS Server for just $5.50 / month

🚀 4 vCPU | 8 GB RAM
🔥 50 GB NVMe or 200 GB SSD
⚡️ 32 TB Traffic
✅ Performance You Can Rely On
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On-Going Offer

Hey there! If you’re running a business, you know how crucial having a reliable web hosting platform is. I’ve been using Contabo VPS servers for over 3.5 years for several sites. I’m excited to share my honest Contabo review with you!

I know that price is always a concern, but with Contabo, you get top-notch dedicated servers and VPS services at a fraction of the cost. And don’t even get me started on their customer support – it’s available 24/7 and always ready to help you.

Contabo Cloud VPS hosting
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Dedicated Server for just $57.99 / month

🚀 3 physical cores | 24 GB RAM
🔥 180 GB NVMe
⚡️ 32 TB Traffic
✅ 250 Mbit/s Port
22 Only Left
On-Going Offer

About Contabo

Overall Verdict


Out of 10


  • High-performance servers
  • Good benchmark score
  • Perfect for web hosting purpose
  • Can handle huge web traffic


  • Security is your responsibility
Overall Rating: 5
Price: 5.99 $/mo

Contabo is one of the leading platforms offering dedicated and quality VPS servers at the cheapest prices. Their data centers are in Germany, the United States, and Singapore. Contabo offers amazing virtual servers such as dedicated servers, VPS hosting, and colocation servers.

Speed995 ms – USC1 St Louis [VPS S]
Uptime99.97% (last 365 days)
RegionsEurope, United States, Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia
Backups and RestorationLimited Snapshots (based on the plan)
1 click Restoration
No easy options for manual backup
MigrationSelf-Managed Migrations only
Customer SupportEmail, Ticket System, No Live-chat
FeaturescPanel, Litespeed Servers, SitePad Website Builder, 200 free cPanel migrations/10 free non-cPanel migrations, Cloudflare CDN, WordPress Staging support, free domain for 1 year
PackagesVPS, VDS, Bare Metal Dedicated Servers, Outlet Servers, and Object Storage
Payment MethodsInternational debit and credit cards, Paypal, Bank Transfer
Refund Policy30-day money-back guarantee
PricingStarting from $5.50/month for VPS S NVMe

Their best bet is that a server’s minimum amount of RAM is 8GB. You hardly get an 8GB RAM VPS under $10 per month. Without Contabo, buying such an affordable VPS for your cloud computing needs is almost impossible. 

You may need a dedicated server with GPU for gaming or a standard cloud server with Ubuntu and Nginx to host your websites. Contabo does it all.

Within their VPS plans, they offer SSD drives, increasing performance. To further increase the speed, you can configure and deploy a server just like you would for a gaming setup.

Testing Parameters

To test the Contabo VPS Server, I purchased the VPS S NVMe plan with premium NVMe storage.

  • OS: Ubuntu 22.04
  • Storage: 50 GB
  • 4v CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • Price: $5.50/mo (Annual Term)
  • Location fee: $0.95/mo

I installed cyberpanel on this server and hosted a test site.

I bought the yearly plan because there is no Setup Fee for a 12-month commitment.

Contabo Geekbench 4 Score (Compared with UpCloud)

Single-Core Score
Multi-Core Score
Result proof
Single-Core Score
Multi-Core Score
Result proof
Contabo VPS’s Geekbench benchmark CPU performance score. Geekbench 4.3.3 Tryout for Linux x86 (64-bit)

Compared to UpCloud’s $7/mo server ($1.5 more in price), Contabo goes far ahead in Multi-core Score. However, UpCloud beats the Contabo server’s Single Core performance score.

Contabo vs UpCloud Geekbench 4 Graph

** UpCloud’s 1GB server could not run Geekbench 6 and continuously crashed multiple times. So, I upgraded it to a 2GB RAM server to run Geekbench 6.2.1.

Contabo Geekbench 6 Score (Compared with UpCloud)

Single-Core Score
Multi-Core Score
Result proof
Single-Core Score
Multi-Core Score
Result proof
Compare Geekbench 6 benchmark results of Contabo and UpCloud.
Geekbench 6 score comparison contabo and UpCloud

Contabo’s multi-core benchmark scores are exceptional. Another great advantage of Contabo is costing just $5.50/mo, outperforming the benchmark score of a $14/mo UpCloud server.

In-Depth Analysis

Data Centers and Global Reach

Contabo’s data centers are strategically located in Germany, the USA, and Singapore, offering a broad coverage that benefits international businesses by reducing latency and improving speed.

Performance Metrics

  • Speed: Tested at 995 ms in the USC1 St Louis region.
  • Uptime: An impressive 99.97% over the past year.

Service Offerings

  • Backups and Restoration: Limited snapshots based on the plan, with one-click restoration.
  • Migration: Self-managed migrations only.
  • Customer Support: Email and ticket system, but no live chat.
  • Features: Includes cPanel, Litespeed Servers, SitePad Website Builder, Cloudflare CDN, and more.

Contabo VPS S NVMe Server Geekbench Score

Operating SystemUbuntu 22.04.1 LTS 5.15.0-53-genericUbuntu 22.04.3 LTS 5.15.0-25-generic
ModelUpCloud Cloud ServerQEMU Standard PC (i440FX + PIIX, 1996)
Memory870 MB7.76 GB
Processor Information
NameAMD EPYC 7542AMD EPYC 7282
Topology1 Processor, 1 Core1 Processor, 4 Cores
IdentifierAuthenticAMD Family 23 Model 49 Stepping 0AuthenticAMD Family 23 Model 49 Stepping 0
Base Frequency2.89 GHz2.79 GHz
L1 Instruction Cache64.0 KB x 164.0 KB x 4
L1 Data Cache64.0 KB x 164.0 KB x 4
L2 Cache512 KB x 1512 KB x 4
L3 Cache16.0 MB x 116.0 MB x 1
Contabo vs UpCloud – Geekbench 4 benchmark comparison
Operating SystemUbuntu 22.04.3 LTSUbuntu 22.04.1 LTS
ModelQEMU Standard PC (i440FX + PIIX, 1996)UpCloud Cloud Server
CPU InformationAMD EPYC 7282AMD EPYC 7542
Topology1 Processor, 4 Cores1 Processor, 1 Core
Base Frequency2.79 GHz2.89 GHz
L1 Instruction Cache64.0 KB x 464.0 KB x 1
L1 Data Cache64.0 KB x 464.0 KB x 1
L2 Cache512 KB x 4512 KB x 1
L3 Cache16.0 MB x 116.0 MB x 1
Memory Information7.76 GB1.85 GB
Contabo vs UpCloud – Geekbench 6 benchmark comparison

Now, here’s a combined comparison between Single core and Multi-core performance of Contabo and UpCloud servers.

Contabo vs UpCloud Combined comparison

Contabo Server Speed Test

My Favourite Features Of Contabo

What makes Contabo amazing?

Price and performance

The best part about Contabo is that its performance justifies the price you pay for the servers. Additionally, you get fast NVMe Storage on your VPS without paying any extra penny. This is something that makes their server much more efficient and performance-ready.

Scales and their effects 

Unlike all other companies, Contabo has a unified hardware platform in every data center worldwide. This offers you better prices and discounts on the products. It also reduces the time you need to spend on maintenance and management.

Optimized use

The optimized scripts that are used over Contabo are designed to manage the load on the servers. This, in turn, helps the websites to run smoothly. The logistics and the warehouse are exceptionally handled to minimize waste. This improves the space and the performance.

Domain Name Registration

At Contabo, you can easily register your website with a new domain name. Or, if you have one already, you can even transfer your domain ownership from your existing registrar.

Web and Data Security

Contabo offers bolt-on services to back up essential data quickly and efficiently. It works on the FTP system of encrypted backup. However, this is an additional service you must pay separately.

How To Buy A Contabo VPS?

Buying your first cloud server on Contabo is easy. To begin the signup process, determine the server type you want to deploy.

Let’s get started –

Step 1. Open homepage

Step 2. Choose the pricing plan you want to buy. For this tutorial, I choose VPS which costs $6.99.

Choose VPS in Contabo

Step 3. Configure your cloud server. If you host a WordPress Site on the server, copy the below configuration.

Step 4. Click on “Next” to proceed further.

Step 5. Choose “Private Individual” or “Business” on the next screen based on your billing structure. and fill up the personal details along with your email address.

contabo signup

Step 6. Simply choose your payment method and type the payment card details. Once ready, click on Next to complete your order.

Contabo Pricing: Why is Contabo so Cheap?

Contabo is able to offer competitive pricing by focusing on cost-efficient infrastructure, datacenters, and standardized services. They may prioritize affordability over premium features, attracting customers seeking budget-friendly hosting solutions.

PackagevCPU CoresRAMStorage OptionsSnapshotsTrafficPrice (/month)Link
CLOUD VPS S48 GB50 GB NVMe or 200 GB SSD132 TB$5.50Deploy server
CLOUD VPS M616 GB100 GB NVMe or 400 GB SSD232 TB$12.50Deploy server
CLOUD VPS L830 GB200 GB NVMe or 800 GB SSD332 TB$21.50Deploy server
CLOUD VPS XL1060 GB400 GB NVMe or 1.6 TB SSD432 TB$40.00Deploy server
CLOUD VPS XXXL24120 GB600 GB NVMe or 2.4 TB SSD132 TB$77.00Deploy server
Contabo Virtual Private Server (VPS) pricing table

I have also purchased Cloud VPS S and Cloud VPS M to test the performance and am enjoying the performance so far.

PackagePrice (/month)Physical CoresProcessor **RAMStoragePort SpeedTrafficLink
CLOUD VDS S$57.9932.8 GHz24 GB180 GB NVMe250 Mbit/s32 TBDeploy server
CLOUD VDS M$68.9942.8 GHz32 GB240 GB NVMe500 Mbit/s32 TBDeploy server
CLOUD VDS L$103.9962.8 GHz48 GB360 GB NVMe750 Mbit/s32 TBDeploy server
CLOUD VDS XL$137.9982.8 GHz64 GB480 GB NVMe1 Gbit/s32 TBDeploy server
CLOUD VDS XXL$194.99122.8 GHz96 GB720 GB NVMe1 Gbit/s32 TBDeploy server
Contabo Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) pricing table
** All servers have AMD EPYC 7282 processors.
PackagePrice (/month)ProcessorCoresClock SpeedRAMMax RAM
AMD RYZEN 12 CORES$89.99AMD Ryzen 9 79001212 x 3.70 GHz64 GB REG ECCUp to 128 GB
INTEL 10-CORE$104.99Intel Xeon E5 2630v41010 x 2.20 GHz256 GB REG ECCUp to 10 Gbit/s
INTEL DUAL 10-CORE$134.992 x Intel Xeon E5 2630v4202 x 10 x 2.20 GHz256 GB REG ECCUp to 10 Gbit/s
AMD EPYC 16 CORES$249.99AMD EPYC 72821616 x 2.80 GHz256 GB REG ECCUp to 512 GB
AMD EPYC 32 CORES$329.992 x AMD EPYC 7282322 x 16 x 2.80 GHz256 GB REG ECCUp to 2 TB
Contabo Bare Metal Dedicated Server pricing table
Storage SizePrice (/month)Location
250 GB Object Storage$2.99Europe
500 GB Object Storage$5.98Europe
1 TB Object Storage$11.96Europe
2 TB Object Storage$23.92Europe
5 TB Object Storage$59.80Europe
10 TB Object Storage$119.60Europe
Contabo Object Storage pricing table

For a moment, if you feel that the pricing is high, we urge you to look at the premium services offered here. The speed and bandwidth are perfect to handle your unlimited traffic flow. They have personalized server levels.

Apart from the packages offered, the customers can also opt for additional paid services, automatic backups, support during an emergency, and even plans dedicated just for them. The plans at Contabo are affordable and flexible.

My Detailed Contabo Review:

Contabo VPS S NVMe Review

Vashishtha Kapoor

Ease of Use
Customer Support


Contabo is a highly scalable server provider that offers exceptional resource allocation for webmasters, both newbies and experts. Its cost-effectiveness is unmatched, making it an ideal choice for those who seek a reliable and affordable hosting solution with great resource limits.


Contabo vs DigitalOcean and UpCloud

vCPU Cores411
Storage Options50 GB NVMe25 GB25 GB
Traffic32 TB1,000 GB1 TB
Price (/month)$5.50$6.00€7.00
vCPU Cores611
Storage Options100 GB NVMe50 GB50 GB
Traffic32 TB2,000 GB2 TB
Price (/month)$12.50$12.00€13.00
vCPU Cores822
Storage Options200 GB NVMe80 GB80 GB
Traffic32 TB4,000 GB4 TB
Price (/month)$21.50$24.00€26.00
vCPU Cores1044
Storage Options400 GB NVMe160 GB160 GB
Traffic32 TB5,000 GB5 TB
Price (/month)$40.00$48.00€52.00
vCPU Cores241616
RAM120 GB64 GB64 GB
Storage Options600 GB NVMe1280 GB640 GB
Traffic32 TB10,000 GB7 TB
Price (/month)$77.00$96.00€96.00
Contabo vs DigitalOcean vs UpCloud pricing

The table above provides a detailed comparison of the pricing plans offered by Contabo, DigitalOcean, and UpCloud. To avoid the hassle of managing multiple droplets and their billing, opt for an average VDS or Dedicated server from Contabo. With this option, you can host as many sites as you need without any restrictions.

Comparison with Competitors

vCPU Cores411
Storage50 GB NVMe25 GB25 GB

My Favorite Features

  • Efficient Data and Web Security: Contabo offers robust backup services at an additional cost.
  • Domain Name Registration: Easy domain registration and transfer services.

Contabo Review: Pros & Cons


  • Contabo is a web hosting platform that offers colocation services to its customers
  • It is straightforward to do scaling with Contabo
  • Contabo comes with a variety of products for its customers
  • It is too cheap to beat the pricing of any other hosting provider


  • The most significant disadvantage of Contabo is that one can not buy domains without investing in its hosting plans.
  • You need to have a good understanding of Cloud servers to run a server

FAQs On Contabo Review

How can I check the Contabo datacenter’s current status for any service interruption?

Service interruptions are a rare case scenario at Contabo. However, you can easily log in to the status tab on their website to look at it.

Does Contabo offer DDoS protection?

The DDoS protection is complementary to all their dedicated server packages. It will get activated automatically, and the customers need not pay us separately. It is added by default.

What shall I do to purchase a server if I do not have a PayPal account?

To purchase any plans or packages, a PayPal account is not a compulsion. If you are a resident of Europe, you can easily use your credit or debit cards or even do a bank transfer. You can use a credit card if you are making a dollar payment.

Conclusion: Contabo Review 2024

Contabo’s review has stated that Contabo is a professional web hosting platform. The data centers were primarily based in Germany, which is now planned to expand over central Europe.

Contabo Support: The customers of Contabo are always booked in for long-term services and good quality support for any technical problems they face while hosting over Contabo.