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What is a Corporate Blog? Corporations have adopted the corporate blog as a means of humanizing communications. Demands from consumers for companies to become more transparent and personally available have put pressure on companies to launch their corporate blog.

Including the corporate blog, there are four types of blogs:

  • Personal blogs – personal blogs are online journals and reflect the blogger’s personal opinions or views on a given topic. Many times, personal blogs don’t have a goal other than to communicate with a small circle of followers.
  • Professional blogs – professional blogs are typically blogs with a single blogger. The purpose of a professional blog is to promote the individual, not a company, product, service nor opinion. Professional blogs may have goals for advertising, speaking or consulting revenue as the blogger builds authority and search engine ranking in a specific field of interest.
  • Publication blogs – publication blogs are traditional publications that are delivered through a blogging platform. Blogging platforms are social in nature, have search engine optimization advantages, and syndication features. Publication blogs are typically blogs that generate revenue through advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Corporate Blogs – corporate blogs are utilized to promote products, services or expertise in an area that the company specializes in. A corporate blog can also be used to drive public relations, and communicate effectively with employees or shareholders.

Blogs provide an effective and efficient platform to drive traffic through search engine and social media optimization. Blogs have done for content what the assembly line did for modern manufacturing.

Unfortunately, without a comprehensive corporate blog strategy, most corporate blogs fail. The majority are abandoned within months of starting because of the effort they require combined with a lack of measurement, goals and strategy. Seth Godin has said that most corporate blogs suck. We wrote this book to help change that.

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