Top 10 Ebook Submission Sites to create links with PDFs

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From a traffic point of view, PDF sharing sites are like a bonus traffic source.

Publishing a digital zipped form of your blog post’s content on high PR document submission sites kills two birds with one stone.

To keep pace with the rest of the world, you have to build not only backlinks but also have to outsource the content of your blog in every possible manner.

Though, these sites are great for anyone to build backlinks for their website.

Top 10 high PR PDF submission websites list


Slideshare website

So far as I have used document-sharing websites to gain links and traffic, I recognized Slideshare as one of the best eBook submission websites in the world. An absolutely free to join and easy-to-use eBook sharing website to download and read ebooks.

The Slideshare website is a part of Linkedin which is one of the biggest social networks in terms of professionalism. You can easily rely upon this website to share your slides and presentations with business people. The biggest profit of using Slideshare is that there is a huge crown of professional users hunting news and resources.

If you are sharing your PDF in the best-suited category with the right keyword and title, you gonna gain a considerable amount of traffic and good link juice as well. Slideshare could be presented as a stand-alone ebook submission site to create high pr backlinks for your website.



Out of the so many websites that I have mentioned in the list where you can share your ebooks, manybooks is the best. With a high domain authority and amazing author services, it is easy for you to get featured and obtain an editorial link officially.

Another great website where you can not only publish your own PDF book. You can also download from a huge collection of high-quality free ebooks for the book-reader inside you.

This website is just like a depot of ebooks being uploaded from all around the world. This can be treated as an instant approval PDF directory to reach millions of readers worldwide and create a night PR backlink for your blog.

It is however not easy to get your ebook pdf listed on this website but if you complete a decent resource write-up, I bet my boots that you will find success in getting approval for the pdf submission.

Rakuten Kobo

Rakuten Kobo website

Kobo is something that’s not just there for you to share your ebooks but also to make money from your writings.

If you feel that your ebooks are worth selling or you’ve made up your mind to sell it out, go for Rakuten’s Kobo.


4 shared is yet another PDF sharing platform where you can host your large documents whether publicly or privately. Not only documents but also executable and zipped files can be shared on 4shared. This is highly used to leak torrents and nulled files.


Dropbox is a globally used free file-sharing website and can also be used to upload and share your documents securely. Not just documents but also images, videos and else files can be uploaded and shared with the customers/users.

Dropbox pages are not mostly indexed on Google. and that’s why I won’t recommend using it if you are solely hunting backlinks. However, it is a great way to save money while sending large-size files.


Fliiby is the most authoritative eBook station. Only solo backlinks from this website can turn the tables in your favor. Probably this is the reason why submission here is not free. Fliiby has a monetization program that makes you some additional income out of your eBook work. Each time your documents are viewed, you get commissions.


Docstoc is the property of Intuit Inc and is known for its amazing business amplification services.

Scribd is a paid eBook submission website which serves your eBook to millions of paid and valued reader. Not only ebooks but also audiobooks, podcasts, and comic books can be submitted and get published.