Best Affiliate Marketing Forums to Join in 2024 – Free & Paid

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Being a part of any online or offline community is always rewarding, and as an affiliate marketer, you have to be involved. An internet marketing community helps make money and plays a significant role in your affiliate marketing journey.

All Affiliate Marketing Forums – At a Glance

Forum NameFeaturesProsConsSubscription
affLIFTFocuses on push notifications, traffic optimization, landing pages, and PPV.Targeted advice, friendly community, good for newbies.Smaller community, may require more effort for specific help.$20 per month
AffiliateFixActive community, helpful for newcomers, offers AFF Toolkit for premium members.Welcoming and easy to navigate, active community.A Large community may lead to less specific attention and potential for spam.Free, with a paid premium option
StackThatMoneyOffers online courses, training programs, and networking opportunities.Focus on communication and networking, active user base, and professional discussions.Premium membership costs may be high for some users.$99 per month
AffiloramaProvides free sign-up and training, focuses on blogging, SEO, content writing, and promotion.Useful for beginners, free training available.Some advice may be outdated, practical examples may be lacking.Free and paid options
Warrior ForumWide range of categories, large and active community.Large, active community, diverse topics.Potential for low-quality products, difficult to develop meaningful relationships.Free
WickedFireBalanced for newbies and veterans, well-organized and structured.Good for both newbies and veterans, wide range of topics.Less active and updated compared to other forums.Free
BlackHatWorldOffers valuable advice on SEO, active community, covers various marketing topics.Focus on SEO, active community, diverse sections.Mainly focused on SEO, may not suit all marketing strategies.Free
iAmAffiliateOffers courses, actionable methods, case studies, and real-time feedback.Engaging community, current information, step-by-step instructions.Monthly fee may deter newbies.$49.95 per month
Affiliate TribeNew platform ideal for beginners, growing database, easy interface.Beginner-friendly, affordable important information.Smaller database, most forums and support require purchase.Free and paid options
SEO ExchangeFocuses on mastering SEO tactics, offers networking opportunities.Networking opportunities, up-to-date information, discord community.Requires more individual effort, some methods may be risky.Free and paid options
Affiliate marketing forums subscription prices

Top Affiliate Marketing Forums of 2023


afflift forum dashboard

affLIFT is one of the leading affiliate marketing forums discussing advertising, monetization, affiliate networks, and SEO. You can find tons of helpful guides to increase your website traffic and ways to monetize the same.

affLift is the best forum I have ever encountered. See why I love it.

Talking about affiliate marketing, you can find beat sources to buy traffic if you’re a media buyer. Find the best CPA, CPI, and Nutra campaigns to start making money in affiliate marketing. You can get access to several hidden affiliate programs, or invite-only affiliate programs just by being an active member of the community. You only need to give the affiliate forum a couple of hours every week.


Blackhatworld forum image

BHW was founded as the best SEO forum primarily covering the Black Hat SEO part. But whether you say fortune or popularity, it is now one of the best free-to-join affiliate marketing forums that cover information about everything.

From black hat SEO to White hat SEO, Affiliate Marketing to Site Flipping, Dropshipping to Social media optimization, all solutions related to affiliate marketing are there.

There are eligibility criteria to qualify before you buy the membership. And there are further financials involved to get your sales thread live in the marketplace. People are making thousands of dollars each month on BHW rendering their services related to affiliate marketing.

Apart from the marketplace, you can post your query in the appropriate section and get an expert’s advice quickly.

Warrior Forum

warrior forum best affiliate marketing forum list

Warrior forum is the web property of freelancer Inc now. Warrior Forum is one of the top Affiliate Marketing forums where you can discuss affiliate marketing, digital marketing, SEO, and lot more.

Similar to BHW, it has a section which is called WAR room which is a secret place of the forum, and to get access to this area, you will have to subscribe to WAR room membership.

Warrior forum has an affiliate program where only WAR room members are allowed to make new posts that cost $20 each. This sales offer is called WSO (Warrior Special Offer). These offers are promoted by warriors and they earn commissions.


Wickedfire is the younger brother of Warriorforum. Yes, let me say so. WIckedfire is a place where affiliate marketers are found in huge quantity, and these affiliates are commonly seen buzzing about affiliate marketing out there on the forum.

I won’t say that Affiliate marketing is focused on WickedFire. Apart from that, it is a nice junction where people talk about other important topics like SEO, Blogging, Making money online, and web design.


A strict digital marketing forum with various topics and a good reputation is known as DigitalPoint. Discouraging untouchability helps everyone. This forum adapted itself to the swiftly changing environment of the marketing planet, which is why it is popular.

You can join Digitalpoint to come closer to the ideologies of experts, professionals, and newbies. You can make out every heartbeat of the internet marketing world on the Digitalpoint Affiliate Marketing Forum.

Affiliate fix

AffiliateFix is a high-quality affiliate marketing forum where only serious marketers are indulged in sharing the best tips on making money online through social media, search engine optimization, and media buying. AffiliateFix is a well-known forum in the affiliate marketing industry.

You can join a good affiliate network and start as a newbie affiliate marketer with the help of the best affiliate marketing forum. 


iAmAffiliate is an educational and informational platform dedicated to affiliate marketing, mainly focusing on PPC (Pay-per-click) and CPA (Cost-per-acquisition) strategies. It is a comprehensive resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of affiliate marketing tactics and trends.

iAmAffiliate affiliate forum emphasizes the importance of accurate, up-to-date information, although it disclaims responsibility for the completeness or currentness of its content. iAmAffiliate positions itself as a valuable tool for those seeking legal advice or insights into the latest developments in affiliate marketing while also distancing itself from any liability related to the use of its information.

  • Educational Focus: Offers in-depth knowledge of PPC and CPA marketing strategies.
  • Informational Resource: Provides a wealth of information for beginners and experienced marketers.
  • Up-to-date Content: Emphasizes the importance of current and accurate information in the rapidly evolving field of affiliate marketing.
  • Legal Insights: Useful for understanding the legal aspects and implications of affiliate marketing.
  • Disclaimer of Liability: Clearly states its position regarding the use of its content, encouraging the responsible and informed application of information.

StackThatMoney (STM Forum)

paid internet marketing forum

STM Forum is also one of the most premium affiliate marketing forums that is not free to join. Membership costs $99 per month on STMforum, but this amount as membership fees ensures that this is a very good place to learn and earn from the internet.

STM forum is a perfect match for people who want to make a career in PPC advertising. Not just the PPC advertising but also multiple advertising methods. You get to know ways to enhance the conversion rate of your ad copies.

Also, getting to know about revolutionary new products to help you boost your revenue is a privilege.

They have some premium content for you to check out and start making money very soon from an SEO agency business or a Dropshipping website. Even Charles Ngo (one of the top affiliate marketer) has written a good one about that.

SEOChat Forum

The SEO chat forum is the best place for a newbie to get some knowledge about what SEO is and how people exercise that. The forum crew and members are amiable and never let you feel that you’re the alone newbie there. SEOchat has impressive tools which help in trying Search Engine optimization techniques.

Why Join Affiliate Marketing Forums?

Only the best Affiliate marketing forums are where the top affiliate marketers engage with each other and help, teach, and learn from each other. Forums are generally known as a place where people come for a solution.

  • The very first reason of joining a forum is to connect with the community and network with super affiliate. 
  • Another advantage of being in the community would be to get industry updates and be resilient with your affiliate marketing strategy.
  • See what traffic sources are overused and find fresh inventory of native ads, push ads, and direct clicks.
  • If any new traffic source enters the affiliate marketing industry, you will be one of the first few to know about it.
  • Gain valuable insight from the success story of affiliates who actively share their experiments.
  • Successful affiliate like sharing their secret tips with the community. They also give good advice on choosing the right ad network or the right affiliate offers.
  • Early updates of affiliate events and discounted tickets for events affiliate world conference.
  • Connect with the affiliate managers directly and get a priority access to VIP CPA offers from affiliate networks.

Finding the best affiliate marketing forums

So far in the post, I added my favorite affiliate marketing forums for you to learn more about affiliate marketing. You can also learn a lot about digital marketing secrets, search engine optimization tactics, and a lot more.

Whenever we think about affiliate marketing, huge 6 figures come into our mind. If not in yours, my mind always thinks of that. So, to make those top dollars in affiliate marketing and become the GOAT affiliate marketer, you not only need a good community but also need enough knowledgeful resources.

I feel that Afflift is the best in this business to provide you with the best guides on PPC and advertising.

Review of AffLift premium forum

I have been using affLift for a long time now. Run and owned by Luke Kling (one of the top affiliate marketers), affLift has made a name for itself in the affiliate industry in a very short span of time.