IPRoyal Review – Premium Quality Residential Proxies?

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Overall Verdict

I've been using IPRoyal and I must say, it's an excellent choice for those of us starting out in the marketing field, thanks to its incredible cost-effectiveness. What really stands out for me is their customer support - it's top-notch with 24/7 live chat, and the team really knows their stuff. The compatibility of IPRoyal across various devices is another big plus, making it super versatile for different needs.


Out of 10


  • Wide range of residential and datacenter proxies available.
  • User-friendly interface and easy setup process.
  • High-speed and reliable connection for smooth browsing.


  • Relatively higher cost compared to some competitors.
  • Customer support may sometimes be slow in responding to queries.
  • Limited locations for residential proxies.
Overall Rating: 5
Price: 7 $/GB

IPRoyal stands out as an excellent choice when choosing a reliable proxy provider. With its extensive network of high-quality IP addresses, IPRoyal offers seamless browsing/scraping experiences with enhanced privacy and anonymity. IPRoyal ensures you can confidently navigate the web while protecting sensitive information by providing fast and secure connections.

Proxy servers ensure privacy, security, and unrestricted access to internet browsing and online activities. Proxy servers act as intermediaries between you (or your bot) and websites by masking your IP address, making it difficult to trace online activities back to you.

IPRoyal offers a broad range of proxy services, providing an extensive selection of proxies sourced from various IP addresses, including those originating from mobile devices, residential areas, and data centers.

TL;DR? – In this IPRoyal Review

IPRoyal review summary

“IPRoyal is exceptional! Their service exceeded my expectations. They provided top-notch proxy solutions for my intellectual property from start to finish.”

Using IPRoyal proxies has been a game-changer for me. As someone who has tried proxies from multiple providers, I can confidently say that IPRoyal proxies stand out. Their seamless integration with my anti-detect browser (Undetectable.io) made the entire process easy and hassle-free.

Easy configuration, multiple payment options including cryptocurrencies, and exceptional support make it my preferred Proxy provider.

What is there for you in this IPRoyal Review?

In this IPRoyal review, we will discuss various aspects of the service, including pricing, pros and cons, and other essential factors. Stay tuned to get a comprehensive understanding of IPRoyal and its features.

  1. Pricing: The pricing structure of IPRoyal.
  2. Features: Key features offered by IPRoyal and their usefulness for users.
  3. Pros: The advantages of using IPRoyal.
  4. Cons: You should be aware of the potential drawbacks or limitations of IPRoyal.
  5. Speed and Reliability: Speed and reliability of the IPRoyal service, including uptime and response times.
  6. Customer Support: Level of customer support provided by IPRoyal and its responsiveness to user inquiries.
  7. User Interface: The user interface of IPRoyal and its ease of use and functionality.
  8. Security and Privacy: Security protocols and privacy measures implemented by IPRoyal.
  9. Compatibility: Compatibility of IPRoyal with various devices and operating systems.
  10. Overall Verdict: Overall assessment of IPRoyal based on the above points and offer our final verdict.

What is IPRoyal?

IPRoyal residential proxies

IPRoyal is an exceptional residential proxy provider that offers unparalleled services for individuals seeking reliable and secure internet connections. With a vast network of real residential IP addresses, IPRoyal ensures anonymity and unrestricted access to the web. Whether for browsing, data scraping, or online marketing, their high-quality proxies deliver top-notch performance and peace of mind. Trust IPRoyal to meet your residential proxy needs with utmost professionalism.

IPRoyal is a trusted partner for businesses and individuals seeking premium quality residential, data center, or mobile proxies.

How Does IPRoyal Work?

IPRoyal sources IP addresses through its extensive network of residential proxies. These proxies are real IP addresses assigned to devices owned by regular users, such as individuals or businesses. These IP addresses are obtained legally and ethically, ensuring their authenticity and reliability.

To buy IP addresses from IPRoyal, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the IPRoyal website. Or use my IPRoyal affiliate link.
  2. Sign up for an account or log in to your existing account.
  3. Navigate to the IP address purchase section.
  4. Select the desired quantity of IP addresses you wish to purchase.
  5. Choose the location or country for the IP addresses (if applicable).
  6. Review the pricing and plan options.
  7. Proceed to the checkout page and complete the payment process.
  8. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive access to the purchased IP addresses.

Please note that the availability and pricing of IP addresses may vary based on your requirements and the current market conditions. It is recommended to contact IPRoyal directly for any specific inquiries or further assistance.

How to Buy Proxies from IPRoyal?

After registering with IPRoyal, You can buy proxies and pay via Card, PayPal, or over 70 cryptocurrencies.

After making a purchase, you can manage your proxies using IPRoyal’s user-friendly interface.

Consider that you have acquired some traffic for the Royal Residential proxy. You may choose a country and a state/region inside that country (if available).

The best thing about the Royal Residential is that you can easily generate a list of more than 1000 IPs and configure it in your bot/software. You will only be charged for the bandwidth you consume. You can check your usage also in the IPRoyal dashboard.

You may adjust your session type (rotating or sticky IPs) and the time for single/sticky IPs to change. Additionally, you may choose between HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 proxy types.

Once everything has been configured, you may generate a list of up to 1,000 proxies in the format you choose and export it to your proxy management, scraping solution, sneaker bot, automation tool, anti-detect browser, or any other tool you desire to use. 

IPRoyal also provides API integration and a free proxy tester that can be used to ensure that all of the proxies in your freshly built list are operational before deployment.

There’s a free proxy manager for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as an extension. You may use these extensions to:

  • configure individual proxies for various protocols (HTTP/HTTPS/FTP), 
  • establish several profiles, 
  • and switch between them with a single click without going via the browser or operating system proxy settings.

IPRoyal Review: Pricing Plans

Proxy typePricing Starts
Rotating Residential (Royal)$1.75/GB
Static Residential$2.40/proxy
Sneaker DC$1.00/proxy
Pricing plans of IPRoyal

What Type of Proxies Does IPRoyal Offer?

Mobile Proxies

IPRoyal’s mobile proxy network relies on SIM-card-equipped, specialized devices. It indicates that you can only access one IP address at a time, but the service does not restrict traffic, and you may switch to a new address anytime. This strategy is popular with account managers with several accounts.

The fact that IPRoyal exclusively provides mobile proxies in Lithuania reduces their use when accessing location-sensitive data. Positively, they provide extensive rotation options, including the ability to get a new address through API requests.

Static Residential Proxies

IPRoyal’s ISP proxy service started solely with U.S. and Austrian IP addresses but has since expanded substantially. Today, you may choose from 18 destinations, from the United States to India and Australia. 

Similar to the datacenter proxy IPs, these IPs are listed and have minimal restrictions. They are affiliated with internet service providers instead of cloud hosting services. In other words, they are less detectable.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are IPRoyal’s greatest strength. They are aware that the provider’s network of peer-to-peer proxies surpasses 250,000 monthly IP addresses, even though IP addresses are not widely publicized.

You can choose residential proxies from over 150 locales, including nations, cities, and even regions like Africa. The rotation possibilities are similarly extensive since the dashboard allows for any period between one second and twenty-four hours to be entered. There is no assurance that you will retain the IP for the whole term.

Datacenter Proxies

IPRoyal owns an unknown number of datacenter proxy servers. The proxies are devoted to your usage, meaning nobody else will use them simultaneously. Similar to other proxy services, they provide limitless bandwidth and connection requests.

The IPs are either situated in the United States or Western Europe. Here is the complete list of accessible locations: Reston, LA, Chicago, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy. 

Sneaker Proxies

There are both essential and specialized sneaker proxy plans available. Both have the exact specifications, but the shoe plans assure you that they will not be prohibited upon release. Before purchasing, you must input your favorite sneaker website (just one).  

IPRoyal Use Cases

IPRoyal proxies use cases

IPRoyal’s residential proxy service is not meant for any particular purpose. They provide high-quality proxies of all kinds that are intended for all use cases. These proxies have been proven effective for a range of applications.

Web Crawling and Web Scraping

IPRoyal offers rotating proxies that are compatible with many online services. You can submit as many requests as possible without being reported or banned. Because the IP will rotate with every request you make to the target website.

The goal of web crawling and scraping includes pricing monitoring, ad verification, market research, testing of site translation, and many other tasks. Using IPRoyal residential proxies, you can do all of these actions undetected.

Brand Protection

Proxies are used for brand protection by allowing companies to monitor their online presence and prevent unauthorized use of their brand. Proxies enable businesses to browse the internet anonymously, making identifying counterfeit products, trademark infringements, and fake social media accounts easier. Using proxies, companies can gather evidence of brand misuse and take appropriate legal action to protect their reputation and intellectual property.

Using IPRoyal residential proxies, you may conceal and disguise your IP address when surfing the web.

Multiple Account Management

IPRoyal offers a range of residential proxies, including Sticky Proxies and Static Residential Proxies. With sticky proxies, you can enjoy the convenience of using the same IP address for an extended period. This feature is handy when you require a consistent online presence or need to access certain websites or services that require a stable IP. If you prefer even more control, you can opt for Static Residential Proxies from IPRoyal, which allows you to keep an IP for as long as you desire. Whether you need uninterrupted browsing or reliable data scraping capabilities, these options provide flexibility and stability.

Static Residential proxies are ideal for multiple account management. However, rotating proxies cannot be used for multiple account management since online platforms would flag your account for accessing your account from unknown IP addresses.

IPRoyal Security

IPRoyal takes the security of its services and customers’ data seriously. They employ a range of measures to ensure utmost security:

  1. Encryption: IPRoyal uses industry-standard encryption protocols to protect customer data during transit and storage. This ensures that sensitive information remains secure.
  2. Access controls: Robust access controls are implemented to safeguard customer data from unauthorized access. Only authorized personnel have access to the systems and customer information.
  3. Secure infrastructure: IPRoyal’s infrastructure is built with security in mind, employing firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other technologies to prevent unauthorized access attempts.
  4. Regular audits and monitoring: Continuous security audits are conducted to identify vulnerabilities or potential threats. This proactive approach helps maintain a secure environment.
  5. Data privacy: IPRoyal adheres to stringent privacy policies and regulatory requirements. Customer data is treated with strict confidentiality and never shared with third parties without explicit consent.

IPRoyal safeguards its services and customers’ data by implementing these measures, providing a secure platform for users to perform their tasks confidently.

IPRoyal Pros and Cons

  • Wide range of residential and datacenter proxies available.
  • High-speed and reliable connection for smooth browsing.
  • User-friendly interface and easy setup process.


  • Relatively higher cost compared to some competitors.
  • Limited locations for residential proxies.
  • Customer support may sometimes be slow in responding to queries.

Why Do I Recommend IPRoyal?

Why buy IPRoyal proxies

Dedicated 4G Mobile Proxies

From site scraping and SEO optimization to competition research and social media management, their mobile 4G proxies eliminate the chance of being blocked by using extremely dependable IP addresses from an authentic cellular network. With instantaneous IP change or automatic rotation, every 4G proxy is held for you exclusively.

Analyze search engine results, collect useful data, and manage your social media presence incognito. Their industry-leading hardware and security ensure reliable and secure connectivity.

Blazing Fast Sneaker Proxies

If you really must get an elusive pair of sneakers or other rare and limited edition products, their shoe proxies will put you ahead of the competition. Just tell them what you’re looking for, and they’ll discover a solution that meets your needs.

Their proxies are compatible with the most prevalent sneaker bots currently available.

Additionally, they provide IPs closest to the retailer’s location to prevent latency concerns and dramatically improve your chances of success. 

Superior Performance Datacenter Proxies

Their datacenter solutions provide unlimited bandwidth, simple integration, and lightning-fast speeds at no additional cost. 

You may choose from a variety of global locations, rendering geo-blocking obsolete. Every IP is reserved for you, allowing you to enjoy anonymous site scraping, SERP data collection, and unfettered content from any location on the planet.

Their datacenter proxy solution provides 100% safe browsing with no possibility that your sensitive private data will be compromised. 

Support for HTTPS and SOCKS5 enables simple, anonymous data extraction and crawling. 

Their datacenter proxy solutions are unparalleled for market research, brand protection, and bolstering the security of your infrastructure.

100% Genuine Residential Proxies

Their residential proxy network comprises IP addresses from actual users, ensuring that you are never identified or blacklisted. There is no sharing, so you have exclusive access to your proxy. 

Residential proxies are perfect for trustworthy data scraping since they cannot be distinguished from real visitors. They developed their network of residential proxies with authentic users from across the globe.

Why You Should Trust my IPRoyal Review?

write about why you should trust my IPRoyal review. I have used their proxies for a few months now, and I have got good results with it. I also bought proxies from various proxy providers but found them very affordable and easy to use.

You can take my words on the IPRoyal review because I have been using their proxies for several months and have consistently achieved positive results.

While I was using IPRoyal to test their proxies and utilizing them for my use case, I purchased the following products –

  • Royal Residential Proxies – 10GB
  • Static Residential Proxies – 30 IP addresses for 3 months

Compared to other proxy providers I have used in the past, I found IPRoyal to offer a reliable and efficient service. Their residential proxies have allowed me to carry out trustworthy data scraping without being detected as a bot. The network of authentic users worldwide ensures that the proxies cannot be distinguished from real visitors, adding an extra layer of security to my activities. I have experienced consistent performance and excellent customer support using IPRoyal proxies. Trusting my IPRoyal review will allow you to make an informed decision and benefit from their affordable and easy-to-use proxies.

Conclusion – IPRoyal Review (My Honest Opinion)

IPRoyal is an excellent service for maintaining your online anonymity. It may not have many IP addresses, but its service remains high quality. 

The most effective IPRoyal proxies are their premium residential proxies. Given the quality of their services, it won’t be long until they are in the same league as the big ones.

Their network of authentic users ensures that the proxies are virtually indistinguishable from real visitors, providing an added layer of security. In my experience, IPRoyal proxies consistently deliver high performance, allowing me to carry out my activities smoothly. Additionally, their customer support has been exceptional, promptly addressing any concerns or issues I have encountered. Trusting my IPRoyal review will enable you to make an informed decision and benefit from their affordable, user-friendly proxy services.