Nimble Proxies Review – Best Web Data Collection Tool & Proxy Browser

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Overall Verdict

Nimble simplifies online data pipelines for every business need and at any size. It addresses problems with data collecting from the ground up. Using Nimble, you can bypass technical obstacles and upgrade to a smooth flow.


Out of 10


  • Easy-to-use API interface
  • Unlimited web data collection
  • Easy to integrate browser
  • Fully-managed
  • Fingerprinting technology


  • Only 10 pipelines in the Essential plan
Overall Rating: 5
Price: 300 $/mo

Data collection is not simple, especially if you don’t know where to start. Not only is it hard to gather data from the web, but it’s also incredibly time-consuming. 

You could spend hours upon hours scraping websites and gathering data that may or may not be accurate.

There are several hurdles while you collect data online. Rate Limiting is one of them. 

To bypass this hurdle, you can use Nimbleway’s Residential proxy network.

Let us check out the Nimble proxies review in detail.

Bottom Line UpFront

No brainstorming, no long hours needed to collect accurate web data. Nimble streamlines data collection with ML and automation, so you can focus on what’s important for your business.

Nimble browser can be integrated in minutes and data can be delivered to any storage effortlessly.

You can enjoy unlimited data access from any website in any location faster than ever before.

What is Nimble?

nimble proxies review homepage

Nimble is the simplest way to get the data you need when you need it. Their IP optimization engine streamlines your data pipelines, so you can focus on what’s important – your business. 

Nimble provides access to an IP optimization engine that gathers reliable, clean data from any public web source, so you can make better decisions and keep your business running smoothly. 

Nimble is the leading web scraping tool for extracting data from websites. Nimble’s unique browser technology is specifically designed from the ground up for data collection, making it the most smooth and easy way to gather data. 

In addition, Nimble’s proxy network offers quality-assured peer pooling, granular geotargeting features, and elite performance for the most seamless web scraping experience.

Who Can Use Nimble?

nimble for ecommerce marketing sales brands


“To be the man, you got to beat the man.” Nimble helps you take a huge leap over your competitors. It helps you get data insights, analyze, and boost sales & conversions. 


SEO is the backbone of any website. Nimble helps you enhance SEO strategies with tools to track competitors’ rankings.
Find out what’s trending, determine the loopholes, and optimize your site accordingly.


Key metrics and data help understand customer behavior and built a strong sales funnel. Generating quality leads and converting them to potential subscribers is no more a big deal. Find out what’s trending, determine the loopholes, and optimize your site accordingly.


How would you know if someone has copied your website data, or hammered your brand image?
Nimble helps protect your brand identity with real-time notifications, so you could take action immediately.

Now, Let’s look at the Nimble platform with a birds-eye view.

nimble official logo

Nimble Proxies Unique Features

  • Intuitive API interface
  • Unlimited data gathering
  • Seamless Browser integration
  • Data delivery to any cloud storage
  • Fully-managed, automated & zero maintenance API
  • In-depth tracking & analysis.

Nimble APIs

nimble apis

Nimble APIs are cost-effective, automated, fast, and flexible. The service is fully-managed offering data collection from any website hosted globally.

Hassle-free Data Collection:

hassle free data collection

Enjoy enhanced functionality with no manual effort or maintenance – just you and the necessary data. 

Versatile APIs:

versatile apis

Nimble’s Data APIs strictly conform to the industry-standard RESTful design for a familiar, straightforward, and speedy integration procedure. Simply query the API endpoints with the required parameters, and your cloud storage repository will get the most recent data.

Instant Data Delivery:

instant data delivery

Get your desired data delivered right where you need it. Whether you want it delivered to Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage, Nimble makes it quick with pipeline permission.

No Data Restriction:

no data restriction

Focus on what’s more important to build your business. This is why you need Nimble APIs to let you focus on important tasks and leave data collection on them.

With the in-house Nimble technology, you get only accurate data delivered that makes a difference to your business.

Precise Data With No Coding Skills:

precise data

Even a layman can use Nimble APIs as it does not require any coding. Not only that, but it also saves maintenance costs by offering a fully-managed data collection solution.

Data collection and analysis are two different aspects. But both can be done instantly with Nimble APIs, thereby reducing tons of hours.

Here are the three different types of API offered by Nimble – 

Web API:

web api

Using Nimble’s Web API, you can gather the desired data from any website around the world seamlessly.

eCommerce API:

ecommerce api

Nimble offers eCommerce API to outperform your competitors with accurate & precise data. Travel fare aggregators can benefit hugely from the eCommerce API for dynamic pricing on their websites.


serp api

To stay ahead of your competitor, you need to analyze keywords and rankings. Nimble SERP API helps you stay updated with your competitor’s strategies.

Nimble Browser 

nimble browser

Doesn’t matter which modern browser you use, Nimble integrates effortlessly with any browser.

Novel Browser Technology:

novel browser technology

How should be a proxy browser?

A proxy browser should help collect data effortlessly and securely. This is what the Nimble browser does for its users globally.

It helps users collect data seamlessly with useful data insights.

Easy To Integrate:

easy to integrate

With just three lines of code, Nimble helps you replace your Puppeteer, Selenium, Playwright, or other browsers. The Nimble browser integrates with any browser framework, thereby saving you time.

Effortless Integration:

effortless integration

With a single line of code, you may upgrade and expand your current data-gathering pipelines. 

The Nimble Browser simplifies integration at any project stage by natively supporting all current browser automation frameworks.

Save Time and Cost:

save time and cost

Eliminate maintenance time and expenses with Nimble’s premium proxy network, robust device emulation, and dynamically scaled elastic cloud environments. 

Automated Browser:

automated browser

The Nimble browser works faster than other automated browsers such as Puppeteer, Selenium, and Playwright. This is because the Nimble browser is 70% lighter than other browsers.

It helps you in handling complex features like TLS fingerprints, canvas checks, headers, and cookies automatically.

Enjoy versatile delivery options, such as synchronous, asynchronous, and batch cloud delivery. 

Their always-on, always-available infrastructure guarantees dependable uptime and superior success rates. 

The Nimble Browser manages requests from start to completion for the best outcomes. 

Top Reasons to Choose Nimble Browser

Multilevel Fingerprinting:

multilevel fingerprinting

Enjoy unfettered access to any public online data source with the Nimble Browser’s fingerprinting layer. It functions at the browser, network, hardware, and user levels. 

Emulate any device, browser, operating system, or combination with excellent accuracy while evading WAFs.

Built-in Proxies:

built in proxies

The Nimble Browser integrates natively with Nimble IP, the company’s premium proxy service. 

Enjoy a market-leading success rate because of their quality-assured proxy pool, which comprises only the most trustworthy IPs.

Serverless Infrastructure:

serverless infrastructure

Enjoy a fully-managed, maintenance-free, and functional workflow. Utilizing cloud computing technologies, the Nimble Browser can dynamically scale up indefinitely and accommodate any demand. 

Create as many or as few browser instances as necessary without sacrificing speed or adaptability.

Nimble IP infrastructure

nimble ip infrastructure

Save your cost, experience zero downtime & optimum performance. All of this with the Nimble IP infrastructure.

Complete Control:

complete control

Nimble proxies were built to be compatible with your existing deployment, allowing for simple and rapid integration. 

In addition to their user-friendly interface, you can control your operations through a variety of one-click settings or a versatile API.


nimble support

Collaborate with Nimble’s experts to overcome technical obstacles and construct your perfect data collection pipelines. 

The comprehensive use and analytics data provided by Nimble give you complete command over your pipelines and budgets.

Single Interface:

nimble interface

Utilize an intuitive dashboard to monitor your data-gathering initiatives, which includes consumption statistics, budget control, real-time notification management, and more. 

Without writing a single line of code, easily construct, edit, and remove pipelines. 

Use Cases:

nimble proxies use cases

Nimble offers a centralized dashboard to use Residential, Datacenter, ISP, or any IPs making it user-friendly.

It helps you in two ways:

  • Eases the data access to reach even the most complex locations.
  • Launch multiple requests at a dime.

In-depth Insights:

in depth insights

All IPs in the Nimble infrastructure are premium, safe, reliable, and offer fast performance.

The dashboard provides insights into the IPs. This includes data transferred, total requests, success rate, and more.

A graphical representation of these metrics can also be seen for better understanding.

Why Choose Nimble IP Proxies?

Brand Management:

brand management

Protects your brand from copyright issues and helps you recognize potential vulnerabilities on the web.

Also, it ensures hassle-free access to major websites like Amazon, Shopify, etc.

SEO Insights:

seo insights

Competitor analysis is a key factor in SEO. With Nimble IP, you can build efficient SEO strategies to outperform your competitors.

Tracking your and competitors’ rank will help you analyze your site for trending keywords.

E-commerce Intelligence:

ecommerce intelligence

People tend to compare prices on multiple websites. For an eCommerce brand, it is essential to monitor competitors’ prices and provide dynamic pricing with actual data.

Nimble’s high performance and reliable proxies ensure hassle-free data collection.

Top-Notch Security:

top notch security

Whether you are an individual, an agency, or a company, security is a big concern for everyone.

Nimble’s 256-bit AES encryption and compliance ensure you are in safe hands.

Nimble Pricing & Plans

Like any other proxies (Bright Data, SmartProxy), even Nimble offers a good discount on its annual plans. So, when you choose a yearly subscription, you are entitled to a 15% discount.

nimble pricing

There’s not much to explain about the Nimble pricing as everything can be seen in the above image.

All the plans include 24/7 global support along with 256-bit SSL encryption. 

Considering every second of your time to be important, I would like to move on to the next section. 

How To Use Nimble IP for Different Use Cases? (Sign Up Steps)

This is the most important section of the Nimble proxies review. Here, you will learn how to register a free Nimble account and use its IPs for any purpose.

I will also show you the basic settings that you need to look out for while using IPs.

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Nimble and click on ‘Pricing’.

nimble sign up step 1

Step – 2: Choose the plan of your choice and below it click on ‘Get started.

nimble sign up step 2

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for and click on “free registration.”

nimble sign up step 3

Step 4 – You can now log into your Nimble dashboard. This is what it looks like:

nimble sign up step 4

Step 5 – You can quickly start by adding a pipeline. Click on the Add Pipeline button.

nimble sign up step 5

Step 6 – Add a pipeline name and choose the optimization engine. These are different use cases of Nimble proxies.

You can choose account management, eCommerce, SERP, Social, Travel, or other uses.

nimble sign up step 6

Click on Next.

Step 7 – You can add different pipelines. Once you have added a pipeline, it will be shown under Nimble IP.

nimble sign up step 7

Step 8 – To edit the usage and other settings, click on the pipeline. In the usage, you can change the location and domain. By default it would be worldwide and All domains.

nimble sign up step 8

Step 9 – Click on the Setting tab to change the optimization engine, default configuration, and advanced setting.

nimble sign up step 9

In the Default Connection configuration setting, you can switch between Datacenter, ISP, and Rotating proxies.

You can also change the location by choosing a country, state, and city.

nimble sign up configuration step 9

Step 10 – Finally, you can switch between Fixed or Rotating IP.

nimble sign up step 10

Nimble Pros and Cons


  • Simple, intuitive, and single API interface. 
  • Get data delivered to any storage including S3 and GCP.
  • Fully managed & automated data collection solution.
  • Nimble browser offers unlimited data collection.
  • Integrate with a few code lines.
  • Advanced analytics with key metrics performance.


  • Includes only 10 pipelines in the Essential plan. 

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Nimble is one of the finest platforms out there. I specifically prefer to use their browser and proxies over its competitors. 

I hope this review cleared up some details on Nimble. Please share your experience with Nimble in the comment section.