Best Private Proxy Providers of 2022 – (Cheap and Trusted)

If you scrape the web or cook shoes via sneaker bots such as the AIO bot, you might have got a network restriction error? That only means the websites have blocked your network. Using a private proxy, you can bypass the network restrictions. 

In fact, even sneaker websites have difficulty blocking or banning Residential Proxies. To tackle this problem, you can buy a private proxy and use it with your browser or scraping software.

You can specifically buy a private proxy in the UK or choose a private proxy server in Poland. This will help you reduce the bandwidth cost and help you browse fast.

The following is a list of the top 5 residential proxy service providers operational in 2022. Let’s begin.

What are Private Proxies?

An IP address assigned by an ISP to a household is referred to as a residential IP address. Whenever you access a website through the Internet, you do so via your residential IP address, which is assigned to you when you set up Internet in your house or apartment. You are now officially cooking with residential proxies when you use these IPs as proxies.

This type of proxy comes from an Internet Service Provider, so it is much more trustworthy than others. Cloud-based, virtual servers, such as datacenter proxies, are typically created in bulk and enjoy much less trust from websites.

In addition, residential IPs have the advantage of having proxies scattered around the world. So, you have access to pretty much any content they have available. Once you have a private proxy in dozens of countries, geo-restrictions aren’t an issue.

Residential IPs represent the best, highly anonymous proxy service that gets the job done where other IPs fail. A backconnect proxy that automatically switches between IPs at a fixed interval or every request would be the best solution (both in terms of functionality and ease of use).

List of Top 9 Private Proxy Providers (Cheapest Proxies)

After reading about residential proxy services, you probably wonder which provider is best for you. In my opinion, these are the best options available:

1. WebScrapingAPI

webscraping top residential proxies

WebScrapingAPI is our first choice as private residential proxies since it provides both a proxy and web scraping service at the same time.

We have over 100 million proxy pools available, so you can find the proxy pools you need at any price point – be it a free trial, a business plan, or a custom plan.

You can try various geolocation options for free during your 14-day trial period. After that, you will have to pay $20/month for 200,000 API calls, although you can still use the free package.

API calls are allowed in different numbers per package, and you can use them as you wish with unlimited bandwidth. Successful API calls are also counted. Requests can be retried without worrying about running out of API calls.

Despite its name, WebScrapingAPI can do far more than just serve as your proxy and proxy server. Any page can be scraped using the API, regardless of CAPTCHAs, JavaScript rendering, or request throttling. With this web scraping tool, you have everything in one place.

2. OxyLabs

oxylabs homepage

With over 70 million IP addresses available worldwide, Oxylabs is a well-known private residential proxies provider. With their filtering options, you can find the best proxies to suit your project.

A large proxy pool will give you access to Residential IP addresses from around the world, which will let you bypass geographic restrictions.

Moreover, there is no limit to the number of concurrent sessions, so you can simply scale up or down your tasks according to your needs.

Some people, however, may find the costs prohibitive. The cheapest IP package for residential use costs $300/month for 20GB of traffic. You can also incorporate machine learning, which should improve your success rate. The price would be about $360/month for the same bandwidth in that case.

3. GeoSurf


GeoSurf has 2 million residential IP addresses in 192 countries and is a residential proxy network. Geolocation shouldn’t be a problem with that much variety.

They have a large number (close to a million) of proxies in Asia. GeoSurf is a good option if you’re going to target mainly Asian-hosted websites.

Additionally, the site provides a toolbar browser plugin that enables you to view online material from across the globe through different IP addresses. Ad verification through proxies is especially useful for those who use their proxies. Web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, and Firefox for Mac, are all compatible with GeoSurf Toolbar.

Although $450/month for 38GB of traffic is steep, it comes with access to more than 130 countries through residential IP addresses. A scraping project of this size may be worth considering. Otherwise, you might be better off using less expensive services.

4. Bright Data


As a global provider of proxy services and data collection platforms, Bright Data claims to be the biggest. The company deserves its spot on the list because of its 72 million IP addresses and excellent load speed.

Geologically, they cover a large area. In fact, there are 14 IP addresses in North Korea. That seems impossible, but here we are.

It’s pretty standard for data center proxies to be able to be shared or dedicated. There is less choice with residential IPs, but Bright Data does offer it. To save as much money as possible, you should stick to dedicated proxies.

‘Exploring’ is the cheapest option, with each GB costing $15. To create your own custom plan, you can use their complex pricing calculator.

5. Smartproxy


Smartproxy offers servers at a low cost and a premium proxy service. If you do not like the service, you can get your money back. There are more than 195 locations with over 40 million IPs.

You will receive a live and tested proxy after every rotation since all the proxies in the network are anonymous. Whether it comes from a specific country or completely at random, the choice is yours. Residential proxy networks are the easiest to set up, and maintaining them is eliminated.

If your project is still in the experimental stage, the Micro plan is an excellent choice. If you wish to go over your limit, there is also a $15 per GB charge. It costs 75 dollars and provides 5GB of bandwidth.

6. NetNut

netnut ip proxy service

Compared to some of the other providers, NetNut’s 20M+ residential proxy servers seem small at first glance. Nevertheless, a solid infrastructure makes sure your access to IP addresses is always available and operational.

Approximately 50 IP addresses belong to them, according to our research. Although not ideal, this is a reliable way to determine their location.

They have an attractive pricing model. Like many other options, many clients choose to pay according to bandwidth. The number of API calls you get for their API is also calculated based on the size of your project.

You get 20GB of bandwidth for $300 per month with the starter plan. For $7500, you get 50M API calls with the lowest request-based package.

7. StormProxies


StormProxies seems more focused on lone developers than some of the other service providers on this list. They are also considerably cheaper, making them a good option if you are just getting started making scrapers.

There is a choice between 40,000 residential proxy servers and 70,000 IPs comprising both data center and residential. We won’t be talking about their datacenter-only options today, though they do have them.

You get access to 5 residential proxy ports with the rotating proxy packages, which start at $50 per month. It’s only $10 for five private proxies if you’d prefer to have dedicated IP addresses.

However, they are severely restricted in their geographical coverage, geo-targeting capabilities, and authentication mechanisms.

8. RSocks

rsocks high quality proxies

RSocks provides a lot of transparency with their stats: 8M residential proxies and 68 countries where personal proxies can be found.

They may be limited when compared to providers who offer 195 geolocation options, but depending on your needs, this can be a great provider.

They offer a variety of packages to choose from. Depending on your geolocation, rotation options, or even themes (for specific platforms like YouTube and Twitch), you can choose from various options.

Since prices heavily depend on what’s being offered, telling you one won’t do much good. Prices are determined by:

  • The number of IP addresses;
  • If rotating proxies are in place;
  • Frequency of updates;
  • Options for geolocation;

Despite it being difficult to draw a clear conclusion, we found their prices reasonable. Even though the prices are not the cheapest, they’re certainly not the most expensive.

9. Shifter


Many Internet users have given Shifter, which claims to have the most prominent peer-to-peer network on the Internet, their vote of confidence. They have 31 million IP addresses.

They offer two packages: basic backconnection proxy plans and unique backconnection proxy plans. They differ in the number of extra features they include. A particular proxy plan allows you to choose the location from which to send your request and allows you to access high-demand websites.

Ensure you get the right package if you know you will be dealing with geo-restricted content. There’s a money-back guarantee of three days if you’re not satisfied.

You would have to pay $250 for 10 unique backconnect proxies (which access many more IP addresses). The same price gets you 25 basic proxies. The backconnect proxy also lets you select how often it should refresh its IP pool. From 5 minutes to 1 hour is the minimum amount.

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Conclusion: Do Private Proxies Really Work?

In the face of so many benefits, how do you choose the best private residential proxies? The scraper may be banned or restricted if it does not use the best proxy service, so carefully examine all of the options before making a choice.

To learn more about how to buy a private proxy or to understand how to set up a private proxy in your chrome browser, head over to my Bright Data review.

So, out of so many private residential proxies from our list, which one would you like to go for?