Richads – Review & Ratings 2024 – Paying or Scam?

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A million-dollar idea is worth nothing if it is only accessible to a few people and a simple idea is worth a million if it turns out to be beneficial for a large group of people. This Richads review will shed some light and fill you with strategic insights that will help you be beneficial to everyone out there. 

About RichAds

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For Publishers

Ad Network:Richads (
Commission type:CPC
Payment Threshold:No Minimum
Payment Frequency:Bi-Weekly (every two weeks)
Available Payment Methods:WebMoney, Capitalist, Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal
Referral CommissionN/A
Joining Link (aff):Join Now

For Advertisers

Ad Network:Richads (
Advertising formats:Push, Popunder
Minimum Topup:$100
Available Payment Methods:WebMoney, Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Paxum, ePayments
Top VerticalsVPN & Proxies, Crypto, Gambling, Betting, Sweepstakes, Dating and Antivirus
Daily Impressions4 billion
Joining Link (aff):Join Now

RichAds is one such name that you can rely on to boost the reach and value of your products. They are a performance advertising platform generating more than 4 billion daily ad impressions where they focus not to grow by their performance alone, but by helping their clients (direct advertisers, affiliates, performance marketers, or agencies) to perform.

The points listed below, are the best ones that they have incorporated to serve us better, according to my honest opinion:

Self-serve Platform

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Being a self-serve platform, RichAds helps in promoting transparent reporting and analysis. Some useful guides are also offered in the interface for more smooth work. It’s by users, for the users! They are offered during the creation of the campaign.

API Integration

The RichAds platform has a modern and fast interface in addition to API integration. Wait, what? In simple words, you get top-level technology, for a break-free and smooth performance. Who doesn’t want the best experience? 

Premium Group of Sources

The choice of sources to run your ads influences their performance as not of them convert equally. With this in mind, all the sources on the ad platform are divided into 4 groups according to their average conversion rate:

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The Premium group serves as a pre-built whitelist. The conversion rate here is 221% higher than in the Remnant group and 61% higher than in the Standard group. RichAds recommends premium sources to test if your offer is successful itself, and if yes, optimize and scale it with other sources.

This strategy is much more cost-effective than RON, isn’t it?

CPC & CPM Payment Model

RichAds has two payment models depending on a format: CPC for push ads, CPM for pop and native ads. Before you say that the words went over your head, let me explain. As for CPC, it means that you are only charged for those clicks that finally deliver a user to your site, and if someone closes the link without the page loading, you will not be charged. Neat! 

Micro Bidding 

Some more big words, for the beginners out there! With this feature, the marketing campaigns you run, are protected with a bubble of high-quality performance and accurately targeted audiences. How, you ask? You can set custom bids for particular parameters such as sources or creatives, within one campaign. Thus, you don’t need to create split campaigns to reach the best performance!

Automated Rules

What do you do, if you come across a bad egg? You can report them, obviously. But you can immediately take control by creating parameters to blacklist the advertiser. With this feature, you can also manage your whitelists, optimize for higher ROI, and more, with 0 efforts. Some of the most popular automated rules are premade by RichAds and available for use in your campaign. 


Proprietary anti-fraud solutions and independent verification by Adscore help in safeguarding traffic quality. No bots and low-quality human traffic here.

Customer Support  

Personal ad representative, 24/7 moderation, Whitelists, Creative Production, and education along with consulting are the constitutes of their Customer Service department which is my favorite part.

Getting started with RichAds 

You can follow the following steps to get started as I did.

  1. Creating a free account for which you have to visit their homepage and follow simple steps after that you have to make the first deposit. Choosing an ad format. You can also import campaigns from other ad networks like PropellerAds or Zeropark to scale your ads.
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  1. Meeting their ads expert and discussing the plan, requirements, etc is the second step. Their team can provide you with whitelists, the best-performing sources for your ads.
  2. Launch the campaign and wait for the first results for getting data relating to your campaign.
  3. Observing and analyzing the received data and exploring the sources that work best for you.
  4. Finally scaling with best performing sources and achieving your campaign goal.

Types of Ad formats offered 

The following are the ad formats that you can use as per the requirement of your product and productivity of that particular ad format.

  1. Native ads
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Sometimes when you visit some webpages you might notice a few ads appearing on the sidebar or while reading a blog or an article you might have found a few ads placed in between two separate paragraphs. These are known as native ads and they appear basically as ‘recommend content’ in the form of editorials or videos.

Why should you select native ads?

One should opt for native ads for the following reasons :

  • You can post ads on reputed websites that a lot of people visit.
  • You pay >$0.1 CPM (cost per mille) for every thousand visitors who view your ad.
  • It has that highest level of performance as compared to the other types of advertising.
  1. Push ads 
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A heap of ads always accommodates in your notification bar, am I right? These types of ads that are delivered to people in the form of notifications are called push ads. This type of advertisement is sent to the user’s smartphones or desktops even when they are not browsing on the net. As soon as a user clicks on such ads they are directly taken to the landing page to view the offer.

Why should you select push ads?

The reasons for selecting push ads are :

  • They are fully visible and do not get hidden by banners.
  • You pay as little as $0.003  only when a user clicks your ad.
  • It offers the highest ROI (return on investment) because of a combination of various factors like traffic quality, huge demand, and a reasonable price.

In-page push ads are also available. It’s the format allowing you to send notification ads to iOS devices (while traditional push ads do not).

  1. Popunder ads
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Have you ever tried downloading pirated movies and songs from the web? Yes, yes I know that’s illegal. But I bet that all of you have tried doing it at least once. Haven’t you? While downloading you must have been irritated by the advertisements that always direct you to a new web page. Such ads are called pop ads. Their variation called popunder ads appear under the active tab and are 100% visible yet less irritating. That’s the ads you can run with RichAds.

They are used to get immediate attention from the viewers and create traffic to expand their profit margins.

Why should you select pop ads?

The benefits of choosing pop ads are :

  • It is easy to use and a very convenient method of advertising as you don’t need to be very creative, all you need is to convert the landing page, and you are done!
  • It has the lowest bidding price and is even cheaper than Instagram and Facebook.
  • It drives in a larger amount of audience and works well on all devices.

The benefits of appointing an Account Manager

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Along with a hike in the amount of profit, appointing a well-trained account manager on the RichAds platform, has numerous other benefits as an account manager will :

  • Organize the black and whitelists.
  • Suggest you with verticals, combinations, and GEOs that are profitable.
  • Keep a check on the features of your campaign performance.


The minimum deposit amount for any ad campaign is $100. There are various payment options available such as e-pay, Webmoney, Paxum, wire transfer, and bank card money transfer. You can choose whichever payment method you find secure and which suits you.


Digital marketing has been a revolutionary invention that has changed the world and today we look at various digital marketing strategies to grow our reach and conversions. 

With RichAds, you’ll find the underlying potential in your offer and you can also garner more customer engagement and ensure that the product reaches a wider audience. Resonable costs, advanced and simple optimization features, prepared whitelists, and personal support help to do it most effectively.

Richads Pros

  • Fast and intuitive UI
  • Worldwide reach
  • High performance
  • Auto optimization and micro bidding
  • Instant personal support

Richads Cons

  • Separate campaigns for each country
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