SimilarWeb vs SEMrush: Which Keyword Research Tool Is The Best? [Pricing, Pros & Cons]

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SimilarWeb vs SEMrush

Talk about SEO, we all know how SIGNIFICANT it is in today’s extremely competitive world. So, it is essential to find out the best one for your website. Here we are with the biggest comparison of all- SimilarWeb vs SEMrush.

Now, without any further ado, let’s begin comparing these two SEO giants with their pricing, features, and more.

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SimilarWeb vs SEMrush


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SimilarWeb vs SEMrush


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Screenshot of SimilarWeb

Screenshot of SEMrush

SimilarWeb vs SEMrush

Features of SimilarWeb

You can analyze all the categories and create benchmarks

SimilarWeb offers its users a category analysis tool that comes with 187 pre-existing categories and further, it permits the users to have an easy analysis of any of these categories.

You can have quick and easy access to Weekly Keyword Data

SimilarWeb offers its users an analysis of keywords every week which helps the users in getting an understanding of the real-time trends and patterns and is extremely important for their marketing strategy.

You can uncover the visitors data

SimilarWeb provides its users with this unique feature wherein you are provided with the visitor’s data on a daily and monthly basis.

Uncovering the top trends of Keyword

SimilarWeb provides for the Top Keywords feature with the help of which the users can quite easily analyze how traffic is being driven on a level of category.

Offers you niche specific options

SimilarWeb is there to offer you more industry specific results to you. If you need very particular thing, this is a good tool for a market or niche oriented suggestions.

Relies on its web crawlers

SimilarWeb relies on its web crawlers and user panels as data sources to generate critical insights.

Features of SEMrush

You get access to an On-Page SEO Checker

With SEMrush its users get access to an On-Page SEO checker which is a highly essential feature when the user is looking to improve the rankings of their page or site.

You get a fantastic Organic Traffic Insight

SEMrush provides its users with the organic traffic insights tool which is absolutely fantastic for finding great opportunities. It is a feature that can be relied upon by the users for improving the search rankings of their website or page.

You can track links with the LinkTracker Feature

SEMrush offers its users the link tracker feature which assists them with tracking down lost as well as new links. It further helps users to find and sort inbound links.

You get a Keywords Magic Tool

One of the most prominent features that SEMrush offers its users is the Keyword Magic tool which is one of the most comprehensive keyword research tools available that further makes finding keyword opportunities rather easy.

Find and fix your SEO needs.

This tool is amazing because it helps you find faults and literally suggests you ways to help you work it out.

Built on databases

Built on databases which hold more than 7.7 billion keywords from different areas of the globe.

🏆 Winner: SEMrush
Variety of features available for SEMrush

More about SimilarWeb

similarweb vs semrushSimilarWeb is a very popular SEO tool that boats analyzing more than 8 million websites and over 4.7 Million app downloads.

They provide their users with over 550 million keywords every month. They have a client base of thousands ranging from global enterprises to small businesses.

SimilarWeb aims to provide the most trusted, detailed, and comprehensive view of the digital world easily to their users and help them excel and win the markets.

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More about SEMrush

SimilarWeb vs SEMrushSEMrush is a globally renowned SEO Tool that claims to have assisted over 7 million marketers around the globe.

It has been offering quite remarkable SEO services to make things easier and effective for the user. This one was launched back in 2008.

Ever since they are one of the world’s leading competitive research services for the online market.

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🏆 Winner: SEMrush
Better customer reviews as compared to Similarweb

SimilarWeb's Pricing

SimilarWeb vs SEMrushSimilarWeb provides its users with a free package. In this package, they provide 5 results per metric and 1 month of mobile app data with 3 Months of web traffic data.

Big enterprises can go for its Enterprise package which sort of a customized one. In other words, you pay for what services you need.

It offers you to talk to an expert for a consultation after which they will create the package as per your requirements. 

This one has features like:

  1. Ad global and country-level data,
  2. Up to 28 days of mobile app data,
  3. Up to 3 years of web traffic data,
  4. Keyword analysis,
  5. Industry analysis, & more 
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SEMrush's Pricing

SimilarWeb vs SEMrushSEMrush provides its users with a 7-day free trial plan which the users can easily subscribe for and enjoy the features for 7 days free of cost.

Further SEMrush provides its users with 3 different paid plans which are –

  1. Pro (For Freelancers) – $99 per month
  2. Guru (For SMB and growing marketing agencies) – $191 per month 
  3. Business (For agencies, E-commerce projects, and businesses) – $374.95 per month
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🏆 Winner: SEMrush
SEMrush is more affordable as compared to SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb's Support

similarweb support

The support options that SimilarWeb offers are a little limited as they provide an option to send an email.

So, no matter your problem is big or small, you would have to write them an email to get the help. Another option they offer is to fill in the “Support” form on their website.

You can choose options between pricing, contact support, or whatever suits you the best. 

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SEMrush's Support

semrush support

SEMrush provides its users with excellent and extensive support in comparison to SimilarWeb.

They offer the users options such as contacting the support team, the option of getting a personal demo to understand the working of SEMrush. Besides, the option of finding a custom solution by contacting SEMrush’s sales team.

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🏆 Winner: SEMrush
SEMrush provides its users with excellent and extensive support

So, what did you learn from the SimilarWeb vs SEMrush comparison?

We know that both of these are a few of the best SEO and keyword research tools you can find on the internet.

But if we talk about popularity between SEMrush vs Similarweb, then SEMrush is the clear winner. However, it doesn’t mean that SimilarWeb is any less. So, it’s better to understand your requirements and then choose a perfect SEO tool for your SEO needs.

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🏆 Winner: SEMrush
SEMrush is the clear winner as it offers best features at low price.

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