Free SEO Ready Blogger Templates of 2024

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Many of us started blogging with the free platform and then went on a journey to shortlist the best SEO-friendly blogger templates. Isn’t it?

All SEO friendly blogger templates have a few things in common. Responsiveness, clean design, and fast lading speed are the essential features of any SEO-optimized template.

Upgrading blogs on Blogger is now simpler than ever, thanks to the pre-made alternatives! Finding one isn’t difficult at all when you know where to look, especially with so many fantastic SEO friendly blogger templates available on Google’s free platform.

So, I have put together a short, comprehensive list of the best free blogger templates for your Blogspot blog that are both elegant and attractive in look.

With the help of my strong memory power, I found free SEO-ready blogger templates that give you an amazing feel of WordPress. 😎

Top SEO Optimized Free Blogger Templates in 2024

#1. Flat mag SEO friendly Blogger template

flatmag blogger template

The easy-to-use interface and clean, responsive coding greatly assisted me in creating my first professional blog. I’ve used this template for a long time when I ranked well for several competitive keywords.

This is how the templates work. All that you are required to do is to make your own blog look professional, elegant, and classy would be

  1. Good Content
  2. High-Quality Stock Images
  3. The right choice of widgets
  4. Better Ad Placement

#2. Magone


The most popular free blogger templates provide the elements you expect in an SEO-friendly template. After writing a handy and SEO-optimized article for your Blogspot blog (blogger), you must ensure that your theme’s code is highly optimized. And Magone treats you the same.

#3. Simplify

simplify blogger template

My niche websites and the Simplify Blogger template help me put money into my pocket. Everything is excellent with these sites’ compatibility and friendliness with the Google bot because they all receive organic traffic.

It accomplishes one thing poorly: to display only an extract of a post’s content on the site. Unless you check the page source, there is nothing wrong with this that you would be able to see.

I hope you can understand after looking at the page’s source code. I use read more tags to fix this and make my small blogs SEO-friendly.

#4. G Vusion 2

G vusion 2 blogger template

Indeed, Arlina Design has produced another responsive design, and the template has a fantastic SEO rating. Some free blogger templates appear elegant and beautiful but have the worst coding ever.

But, This is not the case with the G Vusion 2 blogger template.

#5. Elice Blogger Template – New SEO Blogger Template

elice blogger template

This fantastic template, in fact, looks like a Genesis kid’s theme (Generate Pro). However, it appears to be a pretty polished and logically designed blogger theme that deserves to be on the list of the best SEO-optimized blogger templates. Talking about well-written, quick, tidy, and efficient code will help you outrank your rivals on Google.

#6. Timeline

Do you want something similar to Facebook’s timeline? The ” Timeline ” free blogger template offers the features any regular user would need. It is ideal for those who want a platform where they can regularly post content. Due to its responsiveness, it enables the display to fit any screen size, whether it be on a laptop or a mobile device.

It has an SEO-friendly atmosphere and makes it easier to use major browsers by facilitating cross-browsing. The template is also ad-friendly because several types of ads can be displayed on the site. The user can contribute content daily thanks to its simple installation function.

#7. Fashion blogger

Fashion blogger is the most popular template that acts as a virtual storyteller and has various customizing options. It is ideal for those who love fashion. With the freedom to manipulate color, widgets, fonts, and social media icons used in marketing, you can create the template you’ve always wanted. The slider form can be used to share essential blogs. The template is also image-friendly, allowing for the usage of numerous images to enhance the appeal of the material.

#8. Viral Mag

Want a place where the world can see your fantasies? Viral Mag offers you a means of visually appealing and distinctively expressing your ideas. For magazine readers and designers, it has the best layout and design and the top features in SEO optimized blogger templates list.

The contents can be exhibited in various ways depending on how important a piece is exposed. The box’s several authors make it easier for readers to learn about the authors by providing pertinent details. In addition to being a responsive template, it is SEO-friendly and compatible with various browsers. A route for the user to get what they want is formed by the range of fonts and colors available.

#9. Avocet

Avocet is the solution to use if you want to demonstrate your ability to write numerous blogs using a traditional template. Such a template is intended for those who enjoy writing about the fashion industry, cuisine blogs, and travel articles. With the fantastic typographic features and freedom to use spaces, users may be able to draw in an increasing number of readers. The core layout of the template, which has four headers, three slides, and is responsive, may be changed in a matter of minutes. You must put in a lot of effort to keep your blogs at the top of any search engine.

#10. Gamer

Gamer is an excellent template for those who want something special to show off their passion for video games. SEO optimization and a traditional theme style allow users to display news feeds, reviews, and the newest games on their templates. Its SEO-friendly function will be more enjoyable with the validation requirement of HTML5 and CSS3 code. Keep putting your ideas into words through Gamer, making it straightforward and professional. Enjoy the madness of being a game fan by setting your preferred layout and color.

#11. Food and lifestyle blog

Food and lifestyle blogs are the ones that come with a decorous display, making them the finest templates for people who wish to show their opinions on food and lifestyle. The textual contents and ideas will be handled with excellent responsiveness if the right color combination is used. The template is best suited for personal bloggers looking for the most effective way to present their work. It has various features; among them is the ability to be SEO-friendly.

#12. Perk Misty

Perk Misty is the way to go if the user wants something distinctive yet elegant because it shows the content with all the necessary forms of a magazine. It is designed to be fully SEO-friendly and targets users who want their content to rank highly across all search engines. A component of the template offers a variety of icons for use in social media marketing platforms. The user can take advantage of the freedom by choosing a lovely image to serve as the background of their “online magazine.”

#13. Minimalist

Are you looking for something to capture the style and clarity of your content? The elegant design that uses a grid to represent the number of contents is evident from the template’s name. Because of its SEO friendliness and availability in two forms depending on the requirement—carousel and slider—it is regarded as one of the best responsive templates.

It has the ability to resize the thumbnail image, which is useful for those who frequently use smartphones and can now view the same page as they do on their laptops. For personal bloggers specifically, this template is intended.

#14. Sugar

One should be able to elegantly show their content using the most appropriate template. Through its well-cut design and gorgeous and vibrant color scheme, the “Sugar” blog aids you in making your representation as sweet as sugar. Regarding features, the template offers several options, including cross-browser compatibility, widgets, comments, and SEO optimization. The greatest blogging template is called Sugar, and it’s perfect for personal blogs because of how beautifully it presents them.

#15. Feminist

Feminist is the ideal template to utilize if the user is looking for something that can accurately define feminism. Feminism offers a two-column blogging design with a sidebar to display the names—the ideal way to convey one’s content. Additionally, the theme was made to be SEO-friendly, making it simple to obtain search results that’s how it got included in SEO optimized blogger templates. Additionally, the template offers additional features like subscription, personal page, social media bookmarking icons, and much more.

As everything could be found in the color pink in icons, backgrounds, and other alternatives, femininity is also characterized by its color.

#16. SEO Mag Blogger Template

A well-coded blogger theme, SEOMag loads swiftly, looks fantastic on all platforms, and is search engine optimized. It is, therefore, the ideal option for developing a smaller specialized website. Talking about SEO optimized blogger templates and not considering this beautifully designed theme would be unfair.

Free Download

#17. CBTheme

A quick-loading, lightweight blogger template is CBTheme. It comes with many features and is simple to configure. Some of these features include responsiveness and Adsense compatibility.


A nice theme for making your blog entries look appealing is Sora SEO. It is a blogger template that is responsive, attractive, and SEO-friendly.

#19. SEO Rocket

The SEO Rocket Blogger Template is an easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing Blogspot theme that loads quickly. Since it is a fully responsive theme, it will display appropriately on any device. You should try this design because it is suitable for almost any type of site.

#20. WriteUp

A great and beautifully designed template is The WriteUp. It is appropriate for tech, review, and NEWS blogs and has a stunning appearance that could create a lasting impression on your reader.

The template satisfies the demand for a contemporary design while maintaining a high level of elegance, simplicity, and SEO optimization.

#21. Micro

Micro is a complete, contemporary blogger template with a fairly straightforward and attractive design. The quality of the design is not at all affected in the meantime. The design is great, beautiful, user-friendly, and, most importantly, quick to load.

#22. Mini APK

Have you ever considered starting a tiny blog to discuss mobile apps? If so, Mini APK would be a good choice.

Because of this, I would choose to use this blogger template to create a blog on mobile apps. Its appearance is similar to that of the Google Play Store.

The most crucial element, SEO-friendly and quick to load, is not overlooked in the template.

#23. Mini Site

I don’t know how many of you adore the little iPhone; nevertheless, I have a mini iPhone 12, and I love it. It has a nice appearance, is practical to carry in the pocket, and has adequate strength. The template feels and appears the same.

Appears rather elegant, compact, and straightforward enough to attract the user’s attention.

#24. Asal SEO

As its name implies, it is the most SEO-friendly blogger template of the year. The free version has restricted but fundamental functions.

However, there is tremendous potential to create a stunning blog with this theme, as it includes more than four premium samples. Styles 1, 2, 3, and the dark variant of the template make it a one-of-a-kind template for new bloggers.

Over to You …

After evaluating a range of blog themes, one might select the optimal one and enjoy their internet blogging experience. Out of all the templates we’ve discussed, they provide the most excellent assistance regarding display satisfaction and SEO optimization to make the content accessible to a large audience. Choose the one that best fits your writing style and continue blogging.

Final Verdict on Best SEO Friendly Blogger Templates

It is up to you how neat and clean a blog can maintain. You just have to keep it clutterless. You may also want to look for free blogger templates without copyright. Still, eventually, you will understand how important it is to pay the developer a minimal price for their efforts. Many professional blogger templates are freely available with credits you can not easily remove. You can simply pay a minimal amount to own it 100%.

Well, any of the above SEO-friendly free blogger templates can help you rank higher.