1win Partners Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Overall Verdict

I recently explored 1win Partners, an affiliate program in the online gaming industry, and was thoroughly impressed. Established in 2017, 1win Partners offers a lucrative revenue share model, starting at 50%, along with CPA and hybrid options. Their platform is user-friendly, providing affiliates with a variety of promotional tools like banners, ad creatives, and promo codes. The program supports multiple languages and offers diverse payment methods, catering to a global audience.


Out of 10


  • 50% Revenue share.
  • Many traffic sources are allowed.
  • Create your own Promo Codes.
  • Library of pre-designed ad creatives.


  • Choose either CPA/Revshare.
Overall Rating: 5
Price: 70 $

Are you looking for a reliable affiliate program that offers excellent benefits? Look no further than 1win Partners. Our comprehensive 1win Partners review will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

First, we will provide an overview of 1win Partners, highlighting its key characteristics. Following that, we will conduct an extensive analysis of their software, covering aspects such as user experience, interface, optimization for conversions on the official site, and offers for attracting new users. Subsequently, we will dive into the primary features of 1win Partners, examining various geographical locations, supported languages, payment methods for affiliates, and permissible types of traffic.

Overview of 1win Partners

1win partners review homepage

1win Partners presents an extensive selection of promotional materials catering to affiliates. Its affiliate program offers diverse commission models for varied needs and daily access to detailed statistics and reports. The official 1win Partners site is available in multiple languages, ensuring a global reach. Additionally, the program provides a dedicated account manager for personalized support, enhancing the overall experience for affiliates.

Established in 2017, this gambling program has emerged as one of the most lucrative options available.

Commission modelRevenue share (50%), CPA, and hybrid
Promotional toolsBanners, ad creatives, links, promo codes
SupportEmail, Skype, Telegram
ReportingDetailed Statistics
Allowed Traffic typesDisplay, Content, Push, Emails, Native
PaymentsUPI, Phonepe, Gpay, Bank transfer, BHIM, Paytm, UPI,
PhonePe, Payment, IMPS, Perfect Money, and Tether

Benefits of 1win Partners Program

1. Lucrative RevShare Rates:

  • Default RevShare rate: 50% (unchanged, ensuring generous compensation).
  • The rate never drops below 50%, guaranteeing fair payment for consistent active player referrals.

2. Dedicated Personal Manager:

  • Assigned personal manager for each partner.
  • Assists in onboarding and remains accessible for issue resolution.
  • Offers valuable tips and tricks as industry experts.

3. Player Retention Initiatives:

  • Standard measures: SMS, email newsletters, and push notifications.
  • Additional efforts:
    • Multilingual 24/7 call center.
    • Vouchers (no-deposit bonus) for players.
    • Discount promo codes for deposits.
    • VIP-statuses for special clients.
    • Money bonuses and individual support for VIP-players.

4. Social Media Engagement:

  • Active efforts to engage players on social media.
  • Various accounts, including localized versions for specific GEOs.
  • Regular updates and promotions for prospective and existing players.

5. Individualized Partner Approach:

  • 1win Partners prioritize an individual approach.
  • Every registered member is treated as a full partner.
  • Emphasis on experience sharing, bonuses, and perks.
  • Access to qualified experts for consultation.
  • Webmasters receive quality advice and professional tips.

Analyzing 1win

1win Partners’ software caters to a diverse audience by supporting different languages. It ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience, accessible from various devices. The developers effectively engage the target audience, enhancing the platform’s appeal. This flexibility is essential for affiliates looking for the best software developers to effectively promote an online casino or CPA plan. The software’s adaptability accommodates the most thrilling sports events and gambling activities.

User Experience and Interface

The software’s interface ensures a visually appealing and user-friendly experience optimized for conversion rate to maximize earnings. Affiliates can effectively target their audience using the interface and leverage support services to enhance user experience. 1win’s software developers ensure an engaging interface to engage the target audience.

How optimized is their website for conversions?

Their website is expertly optimized for conversions, maximizing affiliate earnings. Affiliates can effectively target their audience through this optimization. The support service enhances user experience, providing a seamless and intuitive interface. The website is accessible in various languages, catering to a diverse audience. The optimization ensures a high conversion rate, making it a lucrative platform for affiliates.

The landing pages are also very effective and attractive.

1win partners affiliate landing pages

Offers for New User Acquisition

1win Partners offers a variety of promotional tools, such as banners, to boost user acquisition. Affiliates have access to these materials, allowing them to effectively target their audiences. The affiliate program features different commission rates designed to attract new users, while also providing support services in multiple languages through email, Skype, and Telegram. This comprehensive approach facilitates successful new user acquisition and engagement with the platform.

You can also create promo codes from your dashboard and offer unique offers to new prospects to get more conversions.

1win Partners Main Features

1win Partners features

The affiliate program at 1win offers an extensive range of online casino games, appealing to diverse audiences. Affiliates can leverage the CPA model and the best type of alternative scheme to earn from first deposits and the most thrilling sports events. The program also provides support for webmasters, including the best software developers and annoying negative balances. Additionally, affiliates can promote gambling through the app, registration, and various payment methods like WebMoney and Bitcoin.

Exploring Different Geographical Locations

1win Partners extends its affiliate program to various geographical regions, including Latin America, Europe, Africa, and India, allowing affiliates to target diverse audiences. The program offers valuable insights into geo-specific trends and preferences, with the affiliate manager providing guidance on regional marketing strategies. Partners can leverage the program’s expertise to navigate regional nuances successfully, enhancing their online casino promotion efforts.

Languages Supported by 1win Partners

1win Partners caters to affiliates targeting diverse language-speaking audiences, offering promotional materials in multiple languages. This broadens global reach and enables effective engagement with specific language-speaking demographics. Affiliates benefit from tailored materials to effectively communicate with their target audiences. The program’s multilingual support ensures seamless communication with affiliate partners worldwide, facilitating successful promotional strategies.

Payment Methods for Affiliates

Partners benefit from a diverse set of payment methods, blending web wallets and traditional options. Payouts are reliably and securely processed. Moreover, the affiliate account manager assists in selecting the most suitable payment method. Partners can conveniently manage their earnings and withdrawals through the program. The payout options are tailored to accommodate the preferences of diverse affiliate partners, ensuring a seamless experience.

Allowed Traffic Types

Affiliate traffic from reputable sources is welcomed by 1win Partners, ensuring a trustworthy partnership. The program offers guidelines on acceptable traffic types, promoting transparency and compliance. You (affiliates) can leverage various traffic channels, including web, email, and social media for maximum reach. Program support services are available to assist in optimizing different traffic types effectively, allowing partners to explore innovative approaches within the program’s guidelines.

The Variety of Available Games at 1win

With a comprehensive array of casino games, 1win caters to diverse player preferences and enables affiliates to appeal to a broad audience, For example, poker, blackjack, and other roulette games. The exhilarating gaming experience these popular casino games offer attracts new players, while the affiliate program provides promotional materials tailored to each game. Designed to engage various audiences, 1win’s casino games open up valuable opportunities for partners in online gambling.

The diverse range of casino games offered by 1win Partners appeals to a broad audience, ultimately enhancing affiliate earnings. Affiliates have the opportunity to promote a variety of casino games catering to different preferences, thereby supporting a global audience with games available in different languages. The thrilling experience provided by these games attracts and engages new players, further maximizing affiliate earnings through the promotion of different game types.

Understanding the 1win Partners Tools and Banners

Affiliates leverage promotional tools, like banners, to boost user acquisition. 1win Partners provides various promotional materials, supporting affiliate marketing. The program offers detailed insights into tool performance and alternative schemes for maximum earnings. These tools cater to diverse target audiences, enhancing affiliate efforts in attracting new users and maximizing their earnings.

How to Effectively Use Promotional Tools?

To effectively use promotional tools, affiliates can access a range of banners and other materials provided by 1win Partners. The program also offers support services to assist affiliates in optimizing their use of these tools. With different commission models and multilingual support, affiliates can target a global audience and maximize user acquisition and earnings.

1win Partners Promo Codes in Header menu

You can create your own Promo Codes here.

Create Promo Codes in 1win Partners portal

Choose a code, select the source, and click on “Create”.

Creating Promo Code in 1win Partners

You can now find all the codes. Add, delete, and check statistics of specific codes.

All Promo Codes PR Tools in 1win Partners portal

How Do 1win Partners Stand Out in the Market?

With a wide range of promotional materials, competitive commission rates, and excellent support service, 1win Partners stands out in the market. Their hybrid commission model and target audience ensure great conversion rates for affiliate partners.

The biggest plus that 1win Partners has is “50% revenue share”. This revenue share option allows you to invest your time and money in driving traffic to your affiliate link without worrying about the revenue share percentage decreasing in the future.

1win Partners Pros and Cons


  • 50% Revenue share.
  • Many traffic sources are allowed.
  • Create your own Promo Codes.
  • Library of pre-designed ad creatives.


  • Choose either CPA/Revshare.

Conclusion – 1win Partners review

1win Partners offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for affiliate marketing in the online gaming industry. Its attractive features, optimized website, and wide range of games provide ample opportunities for affiliates to succeed. The availability of multiple languages, flexible payment methods, and allowed traffic types make it a highly versatile program. Additionally, selecting promotional tools and banners allows you to effectively market the platform.

Overall, 1win Partners stands out in the market due to its strong software, diverse game options, and commitment to supporting affiliates in their journey to success. If you are looking for a reliable and profitable affiliate program in the online gaming industry, 1win Partners is worth considering.