Best Affiliate Marketing Conferences in 2024 You Must Attend

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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, affiliate marketing emerges as a critical strategy for business growth and networking. These conferences are not mere gatherings but pivotal hubs of knowledge and innovation. Attendees gain a deep dive into affiliate marketing, from advanced technologies like AI to practical SEO and social media tactics. 

As an influencer and affiliate marketer, I attended Affiliate World Asia 2022 Bangkok, Affiliate World Asia 2023 Bangkok, and Affiliate World Dubai 2023. I gained invaluable insights into the dynamic world of affiliate marketing by meeting like-minded people and attending sessions with great speakers. Hence, I am sharing a list of must-attend affiliate conferences worldwide in this post. Hop on and explore the world of endless affiliate marketing events.

Why Should You Attend Affiliate Events & Conferences?

Vashishtha Kapoor with Neil Patel

Got a chance to meet Neil Patel in Dubai for Affiliate World Dubai 2023.

Affiliate marketing conferences are characterized by their comprehensive content, delivered through workshops and seminars by industry experts. These sessions combine success stories with practical advice, offering valuable insights into the industry.

The networking opportunities at these affiliate marketing events are unparalleled, connecting participants with top marketers, successful affiliates, and leading brands. These interactions are essential for career advancement and collaborative opportunities. Additionally, these affiliate marketing conferences’ global perspective and exposure are essential for understanding diverse market trends, a crucial aspect of the digital marketing.

This article will explore each affiliate marketing conference in detail, emphasizing their unique contributions to professional growth in affiliate marketing. The goal is to demonstrate how these events go beyond traditional conferences, serving as transformative experiences that can shape a marketer’s career trajectory.

I met Gary Vee in Sigma World Dubai in 2023.

Vashishtha Kapoor with Gary Vaynerchuk

What are Affiliate Marketing Conferences?

Affiliate marketing conferences are specialized events that bring together professionals from the affiliate marketing industry, including advertisers, publishers, affiliate networks, and advertising technology providers. These conferences serve as a platform for sharing the latest trends, strategies, and innovations in affiliate marketing. Attendees can learn from expert speakers through workshops, panel discussions, and keynote presentations. 

Affiliate events are crucial for networking with other media buyers and affiliates, allowing you to forge new business relationships, collaborate on projects, and exchange ideas. Additionally, affiliate marketing conferences often showcase new tools and technologies in the industry, giving attendees firsthand experience with emerging solutions. 

They are ideal for marketers looking to stay ahead in the competitive digital marketing space, offering insights into effective tactics and the future direction of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing conferences play a significant role in professional development and are key to keeping pace with the rapidly evolving online marketing world.

Benefits of Attending Affiliate Marketing Events

Affiliate marketing conferences updated

Attending an affiliate marketing conference offers numerous benefits for affiliate marketers, enhancing their skills, knowledge, and professional network

Learning and Development: These conferences provide access to knowledge through workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches from industry leaders. Attendees can learn about the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in affiliate marketing, helping them stay current in a rapidly evolving field.

Networking Opportunities: Conferences are ideal for meeting and interacting with various industry professionals, including successful affiliates, influential marketers, advertisers, and vendors. These connections can lead to future collaborations, partnerships, and mentorship opportunities.

Discovering New Tools and Technologies: Conferences often feature exhibitions of new tools, platforms, and services in affiliate marketing. This exposure can help affiliates find innovative solutions to enhance their marketing campaigns and operational efficiency.

Market Insights: Speakers and panel discussions provide insights into market trends, consumer behaviors, and emerging niches. Understanding these elements can help affiliates adapt their strategies to market demands and stay competitive.

Top Affiliate Marketing Events (2024)

Here is the list of the top affiliate marketing events happening this year. 


1. Affiliate Summit West

Date: 15-17th January

Venue: Las Vegas, Nevada

Affiliate Summit West is the world’s biggest affiliate marketing event and focuses on marketing and performance marketing. It’s a hub for mass media publishers, bloggers, cashback sites, and tech partners. The event is renowned for its extensive networking opportunities, with thousands of affiliates, advertisers, and tech specialists attending.

This event distinguishes itself as the globe’s foremost gathering in affiliate marketing. This summit is a meeting point for diverse participants, including digital publishers, bloggers, rebate platforms, and technology collaborators. Celebrated for its unparalleled networking scope, it draws a vast assembly of affiliates, marketers, and technology experts.



Date: 29-30th January

Venue: New York, United States

The International Conference on Affiliate Marketing and Management (ICAMM) offers academic scientists, researchers, and scholars an interdisciplinary platform. It’s an ideal venue for sharing research and experiences in affiliate marketing and management, making it a must-attend for researchers and scientists.

The ICAMM is organized by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. This conference focuses on various aspects of affiliate marketing, including web 2.0, internet marketing, online advertising, eBusiness, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

It provides a significant platform for discussing diverse topics related to affiliate and performance marketing, attracting a wide range of participants involved in these fields. This event is a key gathering for those interested in the latest trends and practices in affiliate marketing.

3. iGB Affiliate London

Date: 6-9th February

Venue: London, UK

This event empowers affiliates and operators in the i-gaming space. It’s known for its award ceremony and digital and physical sponsorship opportunities, attracting over 5,000 attendees and 100+ exhibitors.

The iGB Affiliate London conference, a leading event in the affiliate marketing sector, is renowned for its focus on iGaming. This conference provides an unparalleled platform for affiliates, affiliate networks, operators, and speakers to converge, share insights, and explore the latest trends in the iGaming world.

It’s a pivotal networking and learning opportunity, offering attendees informative sessions, innovative technology showcases, and invaluable business connections. This makes it a key destination for professionals aiming to expand their expertise and networks in the iGaming affiliate marketing industry.

4. TES Affiliate Conferences

Date: 24-27th February

Venue: Cascais, Portugal

TES Affiliate Conferences cater to affiliates, media buyers, advertisers, and publishers in the e-commerce field. The event features around 80 speakers covering topics from SEO to Crypto and AI, making it an excellent opportunity for those interested in these areas.

The TES Affiliate Conferences, renowned in the affiliate marketing industry, bring together a diverse group of professionals to share insights and foster growth. This event is known for its engaging format that includes seminars, presentations, and panels, along with a ‘Meet Market’ where over 150 exhibitors showcase their services. The conference is a key destination for those in various sectors, such as online entertainment, e-commerce, financials, gaming, and more, offering valuable learning opportunities from international experts. It’s an ideal platform for both seasoned professionals and beginners in affiliate marketing to network, learn, and explore new business avenues.

5. Affiliate World Dubai

Date: 28-29th February

Venue: Dubai, UAE

Affiliate World Dubai, scheduled for February 28-29, 2024, is a premier two-day conference in the UAE for top affiliate and e-commerce marketers. It offers a rich program with over 20 hours of expert content and a marketplace featuring 220+ advertisers and networks. Attendees can engage in diverse networking events, including niche-focused mixers and evening socials, and gain insights from leading industry figures on current hot topics in affiliate marketing. This event is a key opportunity for professionals to connect and learn about the latest trends and strategies in the field.


Date: 25-27th February

Venue: Dubai, UAE

The SiGMA Eurasia Summit, set to take place in Dubai, UAE, is a significant event in the innovation ecosystem. This summit is notable for its impressive scale, featuring 600 sponsors and exhibitors and attracting over 10,000 delegates. It boasts an extensive lineup of 400 speakers, making it a knowledge and networking hub.

Held back-to-back with Affiliate World, the SiGMA Eurasia Summit provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet top affiliates and companies in the iGaming vertical and engage in two networking cultural tours. The event also includes a VIP Formula 1 retreat in Bahrain, two startup pitches, and 15 networking dinners, offering diverse and rich experiences for attendees. In 2023, I met Gary Vaynerchuk and David Meltzer in this event only.

  • 🏠 600 sponsors and exhibitors
  • 👫 10,000 delegates
  • 🔈 400 speakers
  • ✊ Held back-to-back with Affiliate World
  • 🤝 Meet with top government officials
  • 🗺️ 2 networking cultural tours
  • 🏎 VIP Formula 1 retreat in Bahrain
  • 🚀 2 startup pitches
  • 🍽️ 15 networking dinners
  • 🥊 MMA fight night
  • 🎉 2 parties
  • 🏆 3 Gala Awards
  • 🤩 Celebrity guests
  • 🚦 High-value traffic

7. Marketing 2.0 Conference Dubai

Date: 20-22nd February

Venue: Dubai, UAE

The Marketing 2.0 Conference in Dubai at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City, is a prominent event for marketing and advertising professionals. This conference is set to feature visionary leaders discussing crucial topics in modern marketing, offering insights on MarTech, content strategy, customer engagement, and traditional advertising.

It’s an ideal platform for innovators, digital marketers, data scientists, and technologists to share effective marketing strategies and network with industry peers. The event promises to be an engaging experience with sessions that address present-day marketing challenges and opportunities for exceptional business growth.

8. ClickBid Dubai

Date: 27th February

Venue: Dubai, UAE

ClickBid World is an event that focuses on innovative strategies in affiliate marketing. It’s an ideal platform for those looking to explore new trends and network with industry leaders.

ClickBid World will be held in the scenic locale of Dubai. This conference is at the forefront of pioneering strategies in affiliate marketing, offering a unique opportunity for attendees to delve into the latest industry trends. It’s a crucial gathering for networking with leading figures in the field and exploring innovative marketing approaches.

9. Marketing 2.0 Conference USA

Date: 18-20th March

Venue: Las Vegas, USA

This conference sheds light on the latest trends in content marketing, B2B marketing, new MarTech tools, effective digital strategies, and the evolution of advertising. It’s ideal for staying at the forefront of the industry, emphasizing networking and mastermind-level content.

The Marketing 2.0 Conference USA provides a deep dive into the latest developments in the marketing field, including content marketing, B2B strategies, and new MarTech innovations. It’s an essential platform for professionals looking to stay ahead in digital marketing and advertising, offering rich networking opportunities and insights from industry leaders.

10. LeadsCon

Date: 8-10th April

Venue: Las Vegas, USA

LeadsCon is a significant event in the lead-gen industry, featuring top experts in lead gen, lead acquisition, and performance marketing. It’s particularly beneficial for mortgage/lending, insurance, FinTech, EDU, legal, home services, and healthcare businesses.

LeadsCon 2024 is the lead generation industry’s premier event. Hosted at the Paris Hotel & Casino, it features high-level speakers offering insights and strategies for nurturing and converting quality leads. Attendees span various sectors like mortgage, insurance, FinTech, and healthcare. The event provides excellent opportunities for networking, brand exposure, and learning from industry leaders, making it a key gathering for affiliates and professionals in related fields.

11. PI Live Miami

Date: 16-18th April

Venue: Miami, USA

PI Live Miami focuses on partnership marketing, bringing together America’s most fearless brands and publishers. The event is centered around retail-based affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and performance-based marketing, ideal for building profitable partnerships.

PI Live Miami at the Intercontinental, Miami, is a pivotal event for the partnership marketing community. It’s an opportunity for brands, retailers, publishers, creators, and tech companies to ignite profitable partnerships and develop consumer targeting strategies.

The conference offers a comprehensive agenda focusing on outcome-based marketing, covering areas such as e-commerce-led affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and performance marketing.

12. Affiliate Huddle by brightonSEO

Date: 23rd April

Venue: London, UK

Hosted by BrightonSEO, Affiliate Huddle is a one-day search marketing conference. It offers training workshops, fringe conferences on niche topics, and networking opportunities, making it an excellent event for SEO experts. Affiliate Huddle at the historic Brighton Dome is a key affiliate industry event hosted by RoughAgenda Ltd and TopCashback. This one-day gathering provides essential learning and networking, featuring talks and panel discussions with industry experts.

It’s an opportunity for professionals in the sector to connect and exchange ideas in the scenic city of Brighton, just a short journey from London. The event is recognized for its educational sessions and ample networking opportunities, catering to a wide range of professionals within the affiliate marketing sphere​.

13. Web Summit Rio

Date: 15-18th April

Venue: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Web Summit Rio is one of the world’s biggest tech and innovation conferences. It features networking opportunities and business discussions, making it an essential event for those looking to stay updated with the latest tech innovations. The Web Summit Rio conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a significant event in the tech and innovation sector. Known as one of the largest technology events globally, it draws over 30,000 attendees, including top industry leaders and companies shaping the tech industry.

The conference features an array of influential speakers and provides unparalleled networking opportunities, making it a must-attend for those interested in the latest developments in technology and innovation.

14. SiGMA Americas

Date: 23-26th April 

Venue: Sao Pao

SiGMA Americas focuses on the gaming, iGaming, casinos, and sports betting industry. It’s a primary gathering for Brazil’s companies and professionals in these sectors, offering opportunities to explore emerging technological advancements and strategies.

SiGMA Americas is a focal event in the gaming and iGaming industries. This conference is a significant hub for professionals and businesses in casinos, sports betting, and gaming. It offers a platform for exploring new technological innovations and methodologies, making it a key venue for networking and growth in these industries in the Brazilian and broader South American markets.

15. Affiliados Brasil

Date: 23-25th May

Venue: Brazil

Affiliados Brasil in São Paulo is the largest Portuguese-speaking affiliate marketing event. This premier conference is designed to unite professionals, including bloggers, webmasters, affiliates, companies, and agencies. As Brazil’s first affiliate marketing conference, Affiliados Brasil focuses on monetizing projects through educational lectures and networking. It’s an excellent opportunity for those seeking to join Brazil’s affiliate marketing community.

It offers a comprehensive platform for networking, learning, and showcasing the latest in affiliate marketing, catering to a wide audience directly or indirectly linked to this dynamic industry. The event is recognized for its significant role in bringing together key players in the affiliate marketing community in Latin America.

16. DigiMarCon South Atlantic

Date: 24-25th June

Venue: Charlotte, North Carolina

DigiMarCon South Atlantic is an engaging two-day event filled with valuable content on digital marketing, current trends, best practices, and innovative strategies. It’s an exceptional choice for those seeking top-notch affiliate marketing events.

DigiMarCon South Atlantic is a premier event for digital marketing enthusiasts. Over two days, it delivers rich insights into digital marketing’s latest trends, best practices, and innovative strategies. Ideal for those keen on mastering affiliate marketing, it’s an event that combines learning with industry-leading networking opportunities.

17. Affiliate World Europe

Date: TBD

Venue: Budapest/Barcelona

Affiliate World Europe is an opportunity to connect with leading experts in the affiliate industry. The event brings together industry specialists to share up-to-date insights, data-driven strategies, and innovative affiliate and eCommerce marketing ideas. I have met so many ad networks in the past Affiliate World Conference events.

Affiliate World Europe is a renowned event for affiliate marketing professionals. It serves as a pivotal platform where leading experts in affiliate and eCommerce marketing converge to exchange the latest insights, data-driven strategies, and pioneering ideas. This event is a key opportunity for networking with industry specialists and staying updated on cutting-edge trends and practices in the affiliate marketing arena.

18. Affiliate Summit East

Date: 28-30th July

Venue: New York, USA

Like Affiliate Summit West, this event focuses on marketing and performance marketing, offering a wealth of insights into company management techniques, tactics, and strategies. It’s an excellent opportunity for networking and learning from industry experts.

Affiliate Summit East mirrors the success of its Western counterpart, focusing on cutting-edge marketing and performance marketing strategies. The conference is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering insights into effective company management and marketing tactics. It’s a prime networking venue, allowing attendees to learn from and interact with industry leaders.

19. AWSummit Bucharest

Date: 12-15th September

Venue: Bucharest, Romania

AWSummit Bucharest is the largest European hub for affiliate marketers, digital companies, entrepreneurs, content creators, and social media specialists. It offers keynote speeches, workshops, expos, and networking events, covering various industries and specializations.

AWSummit Bucharest is Europe’s premier gathering for affiliate marketing professionals, digital businesses, and innovative entrepreneurs. It provides a rich experience with insightful keynote addresses, interactive workshops, and exhibitions. This summit is an excellent opportunity for content creators and social media experts to network and explore diverse industry trends and practices.


Date: 18-19th September

Venue: Cologne, Germany

DMEXCO is a conference that focuses on digital marketing and e-commerce. It’s known for its comprehensive insights into digital trends and strategies, making it a must-attend for digital marketers and e-commerce professionals.

DMEXCO is a prominent conference focused on digital marketing and e-commerce. Recognized for offering profound insights into the latest digital trends and strategies, the event is an essential platform for digital marketing professionals and e-commerce experts. It is an invaluable opportunity for industry leaders to convene, share knowledge, and stay abreast of evolving digital marketing.

21. GAME

Date: 17-18th October

Venue: Athens, Greece

GAME | Eventus International focuses on gaming and affiliate marketing. It’s an excellent platform for networking and learning about the latest trends in the gaming industry.

The GAME Conference, occurring on October 17-18 in Athens, Greece, is a pivotal event hosted by Eventus International, focusing on the intersection of gaming and affiliate marketing. This conference is an essential venue for professionals seeking to network and stay informed about the latest developments in the gaming industry. It offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into current trends and practices, making it a valuable event for those involved in gaming and affiliate marketing.

22. DMIExpo

Date: TBD

Venue: Tel Aviv, Israel

DMIExpo is a significant event in digital and affiliate marketing. It offers a platform for learning and networking, ideal for digital marketers looking to expand their knowledge and connections.

The DMIExpo, hosted in Tel Aviv, Israel, with dates yet to be announced, is a notable digital and affiliate marketing conference. This event is recognized for providing a comprehensive platform for education and networking.

It’s particularly beneficial for digital marketers aiming to enhance their expertise and forge key industry connections, offering valuable insights into evolving digital marketing.

23. Web Summit Lisbon

Date: 11-14th November

Venue: Lisbon, Portugal

Web Summit Lisbon is one of the largest tech conferences globally, featuring discussions on cutting-edge technology and digital marketing. It’s a must-attend for those looking to stay ahead in the tech and digital marketing sectors.

The Web Summit Lisbon is one of the world’s premier technology conferences. This event is distinguished by its comprehensive coverage of the latest advancements in technology and digital marketing. It is an indispensable gathering for professionals eager to remain at the forefront of technological and digital marketing innovation, providing a stage for in-depth discussions and networking opportunities in these rapidly evolving sectors.

24. Affiliate World Asia

Date: TBD

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

Affiliate World Asia is a premier event in the affiliate marketing industry, offering insights into the latest trends and strategies. It’s an ideal platform for networking and learning from the best in the industry.

Affiliate World Asia is a prominent conference in the affiliate marketing. Renowned for its focus on the latest industry trends and effective strategies, this event provides a valuable opportunity for professionals to network and glean insights from leading experts in the field. It is a crucial platform for those seeking to stay updated and engaged with advanced affiliate marketing strategies.


Whether you’re taking baby steps in affiliate marketing or a veteran in the field, this lineup of conferences is your golden ticket to success. Imagine the possibilities: a few attendances could catapult your business and spin a web of invaluable connections.