Best Push Notification Ad Networks

Push Notification Ad is also referred to as push ads. It could be in a notification form that displays on the customer’s web browser or user screen as an icon & preview with a media or alert message.

Push Ads are one of the best methods to deliver your advertising message to the entire list of subscribers at once.

This ad format is used widely to drive conversions through media buying, affiliate marketing, and CPA Marketing campaigns. This happens when webmasters with a list of push subscribers share their inventory with an ad network, which lets advertisers send ads to those subscribers. In return, the ad network will pay the webmaster for clicks or impressions from their subscriber list. We are talking about such networks in this list.

Best Push Notification Ad Networks

Check the list of the top push notification ad networks to join as an affiliate, publisher, or advertiser and start making money quickly.

Push.House – Editor’s choice

Push House Featured is one of the leading push notification ad networks specializing in giving you the highest ROI of your advertising spend. has almost everything you need in an idea push ads network.

Detailed and precise targeting options and time-targeting are other great features that offers. A detailed review also has everything you need about this fantastic push notification ad network.

1. RichAds

Richads Push Notification Ads Platform

RichAds is a high-quality global self-serve ad network. Get more conversions with a new advertising format designed to catch the eye. Attract new users at scale. With more than 4B daily impressions, RichAds is one of the most significant push notifications ad networks in the world:

  • PPC – (only pay when a user clicks your ad)
  • High CR & ROI
  • 100% ad visibility
  • 4+ billion daily impressions
  • Worldwide traffic
  • 450M users
  • Minimum CPC – $0.003

Cool RichAds features:

  • Target CPA – Leverage machine learning algorithms to get as many conversions as possible within your target cost per conversion.
  • Micro bidding – Optimize your campaigns for maximum performance and accuracy. Make bid adjustments for parameters like OS, location, hour, site, etc.

Automated Rules – Get more control over your campaigns without spending more time. Make optimizations automatically based on the conditions you choose.

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3. Traffic Nomads

Traffic Nomads Website Image

Created by experienced media buyers, Traffic Nomads is one of the few push ad networks with its own push notifications user base and third-party inventory.

Advertisers can seamlessly achieve their desired results with an intuitive self-service push advertising platform and expert media buying advice. While there are so many push notification ad networks in the affiliate marketing industry, it is rare to find an ad network run by a team of experienced media buyers.


  • Own push notifications userbase 
  • Tested Premium Sources 
  • Dedicated campaign managers to help you reach your goals 
  • Personalized optimization & media buying tips every week 
  • Self-service platform w/ multiple targeting options 

Ad Formats Available:

  • Push notifications
  • Pops 
  • In-Page Push  NEW! 
  • Banner (New!)
  • Native (New!)
  • Calendar

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2. ActiveRevenue

ActiveRevenue Display

Out of several push notification ad networks in the market, ActiveRevenue is a self-serve traffic platform that allows advertisers access to high-performing ad units, granular targeting, real-time bidding on CPM/PCP, and multiple optimization capabilities, including a sophisticated auto-optimization algorithm.

The available ad formats are web push notification ads, PPR (Zero Click), and pop-under.

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4. PusHub


PusHub is a traffic source for advertisers, granting effortless access to valuable and converting audiences. With more than 200 million direct and fresh push traffic, PusHub has become the industry’s favorite push notifications ad network by advertisers and agencies.

Why should you buy push notification traffic from PusHub?

  • Push from premium sites (For example –
  • Quality traffic and a real Audience.
  • Millions of potential users Worldwide.
  • Great exposure and increased awareness of your brand/product (even without clicking).
  • Advanced “Targeting” Options.
  • Easy pricing model with high return on investment (ROI).
  • Pay Per Click (CPC) – You only Pay once a user interacts with your message.

5. IcyAds

Icyads Website

IcyAds is one of the coolest self-serve advertising platforms where you can buy traffic for your push notification ad campaigns. The platform is not limiting you to run push ads only. There are more ad types available for you to customize your media plan and make the best use of your advertising budget.

  • Push Notification ads, pop ads, Domain redirect advertising and more
  • $50 minimum deposit
  • Publisher platform to also monetize your inventory with IcyAds

6. PopCash

Popcash Ad Network Website

The minimum deposit of $5 will offer new affiliates and a nice feature to try the small-budget push traffic campaigns. You can’t buy the cheapest push traffic. The $5 will also provide good CTR results and as well as good traffic quality. Compared to others, some verticals can work much better with the tendency of Popunder traffic. Popcash was the first ad network from where I started my affiliate marketing journey to buy push traffic and generate ROI.

You can try it if you run nutra, dating, gambling, pin submits, coupons, etc. Targeting includes web browsers, carriers, OS, devices, GEO, and other customized parameters. PopCash also offers pop ads traffic and you can look for that too.

7. Propellerads

PropellerAds Website New

PropellerAds is the largest advertising network that specializes not only in push notification ads, but also several new-age winning ad formats. For a great ROI and ad-revenue, you can go ahead with their automatic bidding optimizer to scale your ad campaign.

With a combination of great automation tools and real time bidding (RTB), you can take your push notification advertising tasks to touch new heights of success. They also have published several case-studies on their blog.

If you know your target audience well, make sure you use the right creative in their local language to get the most CTR. Web push ads is prevelant these days and you must take advantage of it with the expertise of PropellerAds’ account managers.

8. SmartyAds

Smartyads Website

This is one of the program-based push ad network models that can be used by cutting-edge technologies, marketing agencies, advertisers, and much more.

It uses the smart RTB bidder to facilitate the KPI achievements, assist the customers with budget maintenance, and process the media buying.

Advertisers and publishers can use it to promote their services or CPA offers with push notification ads about the demanded products and its exclusive discount offers. With the help of brand security, it scans the in-house solutions, protected media, and traffic with IAS. The users are allowed to create their customized campaigns to work on it accordingly.


AdMachine Ad Network Website

Admachine has advanced and specific features that can be preferable and accessible within the market like quick onboarding, statistical reporting, high conversion ads, ads with active moderation, intuitive UI, and multi-network advertising.

It also increases the ROI of your website by getting more high-quality push traffic.

They can be easily integrated with Androids, Mac OS, Windows OS, iOS, etc. Your campaign can be optimized, website performance can be tracked, communicate with the targeted audience, and filter the high-quality traffic.

10. DigitalPUSH

DigitalPUSH Monetization Website

DigitalPUSH is one of the most popular push notification ad networks that can offer advertising parts and monetization. DigitalPUSH will allow the members to interact and as well as work along with its push service at free of cost.

It also serves 2 in 1 service with push notifications usage to offer advertising and monetization. The team with vast experience in dating and online marketing industry can easily groom to the next level.

11. Adsterra

Adsterra InPage Push Ads

Adsterra is one of the most popular networks in terms of scale and popularity. It runs the campaigns from advertisers and affiliates to maximize for downloading the apps. Recently, the AdSense publishers are banned by Google and even Adsterra are promoting redirects and malware issues.

It maintains the visitors with the best interests. Adsterra is named for serving numerous billion impressions across various countries each month. Further, they are expanding and growing.

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12. EZmob

EZmob Push Notifications Ad Network

EZmob the best mobile advertising company, will assist the users in setting up campaigns and purchasing mobile traffic with the help of a self-serve interface and as well as real-time bidding with the true power of leverage.

This enables to spend numerous advertising dollars to waste less time, make faster decisions, and more efficiently.

It has an unlimited reach and allows traffic from various countries to use the self-serve dashboard. You can also create your own campaigns and even select your favorite manager for assistance.

13. ExoClick

ExoClick Push Ad Formats

ExoClick is one of the best ad networks that offer performance, targeting options, and ad formats. With numerous billion cost control, precision targeting, and ad impressions over your campaigns, you can utilize the ExoClick with advanced tools, especially for serious advertisers.

Real-time bidding and State-of-the-art technology along with tracking implementation & excellent security will offer perfection. Advertisers can gain access to a rich source of high-quality traffic even at affordable prices.

Targeting includes Day-parting, Frequency capping, Site, Mobile Carrier, Device, OS, Web Browser, Contextual, GEO, Language, IP Range, and keywords.

15. Datspush

Datspush Website

DatsPush is one of the fairly new networks that can offer a high bar to follow with other self-serving ad platforms. This platform can be utilized for the affiliates and by the affiliates.

120 GEOs are targeted across 250 countries with daily payouts, high-quality traffic, and low bids. In the entire major vertical, this could be the most popular platform, especially for CPA marketers.

Publishers can be benefited from the Revshare or CPA model, with the most attractive platforms to get the supply end or demand of the spectrum.

Targeting includes Audience or Source, White or Blacklists, Platform or Web browser, IP or Carrier, GEO, and Mobile or Web.

How does a Push Notification Ad Look Like?

Push notification ads look very similar to the app notification that you receive for incoming messages and updates in your smartphone or desktop. No matter which push notification ad networks you’re using, it will look the same on similar devices.

example push ad notification


The above list of the top push ad networks contains trusted traffic sources. You can not only buy traffic from all of these sources but also look forward to monetizing your own website’s traffic with them.

Some of the networks accept advertisers with huge budgets only. Make sure you have enough advertising budget to start a sound push advertising campaign.