Anstrex Review 2023: [Features, Pros & Cons]

Anstrex is an ad marketing platform that provides all the features you need to run a successful campaign. It includes analytics, audience targeting, creative production, and optimization. The best part about Anstrex is its ability to create tailored campaigns for your company’s needs.

We are confident that this blog post will help you gain clarity on what it takes to be successful in today’s demanding marketplace.

Whether you are a content creator, brand marketer, digital expert, affiliate marketer, or blogger, you are always in search of targeted viewers who genuinely read, appreciate, react and make use of what you have done for them digitally.

Using search engine optimization, you try to give exposure to your content, however, most often it fails to reach the expected audience because of stiff competition, content population, medium authority, and whatnot.

However, if your content attracts initial viewers who get any value out of your content then it slightly comes to the top. But in reality, it takes a lot of time and according to the content velocity, content population, traffic value, and competition entrance, it becomes pretty hard.

To overcome the tackles to reach the targeted audience many people take advantage of paid advertising.  

Many get successful and many people face disappointment as their campaigns don’t work the way they had expected. Online campaign creation is an art and in this art only a few have expertise.

Bottom Line Upfront-

Anstrex is a legit and one of the best Native Ads spying tool that is available out there in the market. With Anstrex, you can stay ahead of competition by spying on other best working native ads.

anstrex testimonial

If you are looking for an effective way to improve your native advertising campaigns, then you should definitely check out Anstrex. This tool can help you understand the latest trends and stay ahead of the competition.

You can explore the current trends right in the native ads industry and ramp up your ROI and sales conversion.

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Why AnsTrex?

The best part about online advertising is that you are not the one doing it. In fact, there are hundreds and maybe thousands of doing it for a similar competition.

In such a situation, you have to make sure that your campaign content, target audience, and other relevant factors make you feel happy or your efforts are going in vain.

Your success in online advertising depends not only upon the successful execution of the campaign but mostly depends on a well market research.

Doing market research is frustrating and at the same time, it is time taking too.

To handle this job, there is software named AnsTrex which helps you analyze the competitor’s campaigns, their results, content strategy, target locations, and a lot more.

What is Anstrex?

Analyzing the competitor’s campaigns makes your task 70% easier. It not only explains what you can do well but also provides you with some ideas and secrets that many of your competitors are implementing.

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AnsTrex has many features to provide you with a competitive edge over your competitors.  Full Alexa & SimilarWeb integration helps you analyze where your competition is getting clicks. It helps you to be in the game while exploring the moves of your competitors.

Setting alerts can be used to get an email whenever any of the competition takes any action according to the set rules.

Anstrex is a full-suite, end-to-end ad marketing platform that is perfect for all your ad campaigns. With features such as analytics, audience targeting, creative production, and optimization, you can create a tailored campaign that’ll work for your business.

Plus, Anstrex is always up-to-date with the latest trends in ad marketing, so you can be sure that your campaigns are reaching their full potential.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your ad marketing needs, Anstrex is definitely the platform for you.

Who Uses Anstrex?

who uses Anstrex

Anstrex is used by performance marketers and affiliates worldwide to uncover the secrets of world-class advertisers.

Direct sales marketers also use Anstrex to boost their revenue.

Brand advertisers, such as Dell and Dunkin Donut, also use Anstrex to embrace native advertising.

Content creators also use Anstrex to build the perfect ad arbitrage. Anstrex is the perfect tool for all of your advertising needs.

Pricing Comparison

There is a lot of software like Anstrex but its features make it stand out from the crowd.  This feature-rich software also competes for similar ones in pricing.

anstrex pricing plans

With Anstrex you will get all the data to design winning performance marketing campaigns that are proven to work or your money back!

Anstrex Native allows marketers & advertisers to track & spy on what works best for other top-performing competitors in real-time so they can adapt for their own campaigns.

With Anstrex Push, you will have access to relevant user data in real-time which makes it easy to share relevant, timely ads without being too overbearing or spammy.

Anstrex Dropship lets you see your competition’s successful products so you can find profitable dropshippers who are guaranteed to give you a good return on investment.

Stop guessing what works and start using Anstrex to make data-driven decisions for your marketing campaigns! Get started today for free!

Well, the pricing starts from $69.99 where they have more plans for extended use.

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Features of Anstrex

Anstrex offers a wide range of features to help businesses with their marketing efforts. These features include 24/7 support, analytics, data import and export, and more.

1. 24/7 Support

Anstrex offers 24/7 support to ensure their customers’ needs are met as quickly as possible. Their agents can be reached via a contact form or email, and they will reply promptly. They also offer a FAQ page with links to helpful resources for both their app and general marketing knowledge.

Anstrex’s support is available in English only at this time.

2. Analytics

Anstrex offers powerful analytics to help businesses understand their marketing efforts. The analytics dashboard includes data on website visitors, traffic sources, social media followers, and more. This data can help businesses track their progress and make changes as needed.

The analytics are available in both English and French.

3. Data Import & Export

Importing contacts is quick and easy with Anstrex, and can be done in a variety of ways such as uploading a CSV file, copying the data from an existing source, or using Mail Merge to upload your mailing list.

You can also make bulk changes to duplicate contacts all at once, which is helpful when importing email lists for Mail Merge. The sub-modules under the contacts section are contact groups, leads, and social profiles.

The data export gives you the option to download your mailing list as a CSV file. It can also be exported into an Excel sheet or accessed directly in Microsoft Excel through Anstrex’s integration with Microsoft’s add-on.

4. Better Images to Advertise

You may get confused when it comes to deciding which ad creative will work for the campaign. You can learn from your competition. Check out what creatives are working for them. Get an idea, Create one for yourself and start promoting it.

There is a tool to find great converting images in your images similar to your competition. It is really helpful when you’re the solopreneur sitting in front of your machine finding some great creative ideas to start your campaign in the market.

5. See what is working for your competition

Not just images and videos work in a campaign. Targeting, text, hashtags, links, emoticons, and many more aspects of a campaign impact the conversion rate of a campaign. As a result, it impacts your success.

details about the ads anstrex

If you’re a marketer, you can use Anstrex for a long time just to keep an eye on your competition and help your marketing team in generating more promotional ideas.

6. Powerful filters to Learn the secrets of competitors

When you search for campaigns, you may get lost finding the right inspiration for your campaigns. But AnsTex helps you find the right inspiration and the right competition to help you do great marketing campaigns.

7. Save on Marketing by Increasing your success rate

When you spend less time experimenting with your marketing and advertising, you definitely save more on marketing.

8. User Community

Yes, I could easily ask questions and my doubts about the features whenever I found any problem or confusion using the platform. The community is dedicated to helping each other.

forum anstrex

9. KnowledgeBase

There is a tutorial-based knowledge base that can easily teach you how to use Anstrex to reach your advertising and marketing goals. I know, as a marketer, it is not easy to run a successful campaign in any industry. AnsTrex just makes it easier for me to know what is working for others. Learning AnsTrex would be the first step right after deciding to use it.

PS: You can use it for 2 days for FREE. Why not go and have your hands on it before buying a plan?

10. Ticketing:

Anstrex can be used as a “ticketing engine” so that an event’s tickets can be sold online from the organizer’s website.

11. Event Management:

The admin panel of Anstrex includes features to help with the management of events. These include a calendar, a list view of all registered participants, widget support for contact forms and sponsorship, and the ability to export data in CSV format.

12. Alerts:

Anstrex provides alerts via email or instant messaging system (e.g., Google Hangouts) to keep you up-to-date on important event occurrences, such as when a ticket is sold or when a participant registers.

13. SEO:

Event organizers can customize the title and metadata for their event pages to improve their website’s search engine ranking.

14. Landing Pages:

Anstrex provides the ability to create custom landing pages for events that include all of the information an attendee would need, such as the event agenda, speaker bios, and a map of the venue.

15. Widgets:

Anstrex includes widgets that can be embedded in websites to provide contact forms and sponsorship information.

Pros & Cons of Anstrex


  1. Free Database with multiple countries
  2. Professional UI (User Interface)
  3. Ease to use tools like advanced filters, advanced search, quick compare, etc.
  4. Easily find competitors price and product description
  5. Product research tool with images, sizes, colors, etc.
  6. Multiple Payment Gateways.


  1. Only one country database.
  2. No automatic updates on the products.
  3. Manual labor is required to add competitor’s products in Anstrex’s database for further price comparison and search etc.


Anstrex Integration With Other Platforms

Anstrex is an easy-to-integrate platform that promises to boost your productivity.

One of the platforms that Anstrex integrates with is Shopify. You can use it to create app stores that are integrated into your Shopify shop automatically.

It also features direct API integration so you can create product catalogs and purchase pages for both iOS and Android devices. The API also includes a developer API which simplifies the process of integrating Anstrex into existing websites or apps.

Also, WooCommerce integration lets you import your products from WooCommerce into Anstrex, perfect for the makers who want to turn their Etsy shop into a WordPress website!

AliExpress integration can help you find suppliers for other products you’re looking for whether they’re Chinese or not.

AWS (AWS) and Digital Ocean are two powerhouse cloud providers that Anstrex has teamed up with to offer an even more integrated experience. You can use the Anstrex platform to quickly and easily create and manage your own cloud servers without having any prior experience.

Anstrex Alternatives

Anstrex comparison table with others

1. NativeAdBuzz

native ad buzz review

NativeAdBuzz is a tool for advertisers and agencies to find the best creative ads from across 10 ad networks. It allows you to search native ads across all your favorite platforms, filter based on your criteria, and find what competitors are doing.

NativeAdBuzz also has a library of your favorite campaigns so you can quickly reference them later. You can also filter ads by desktop, mobile, and tablet.

This is a great tool for investigating trending content and creativity to inform your campaigns, understanding your industry competitors, and identifying content and landing page designs. You can use this to help set your offering apart from other competitors.

Features of NativeAdBuzz

  • Find the best ads from 10 ad networks.
  • Search native ads across all your favorite platforms.
  • Filter based on your criteria and find what competitors are doing.
  • NativeAdBuzz also has a library of your favorite campaigns so you can quickly reference them later.
  • You can filter by desktop, mobile, and tablet to help with targeting.
  • Get creative inspiration for your next campaign or page design from other top performers in the industry.
  • Discover what your competitors are doing and adopt the same creative if it’s working for them.
  • We have a team of data scientists who have been analyzing ads from around 100,000 advertisers so you don’t have to.
  • Gain competitive intelligence about your industry peers.
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2. Advault

advault review

Advault provides a way for you to spy on ads across 10 major native advertising networks. You can identify the best-performing campaigns based on platform analytics.

The pro feature even comes with credit-matching coupons across multiple ad networks. This makes it easy for you to get started with native advertising and see which networks work best for you.

With Advault, you can get the most out of your advertising dollars. Try it today!

If you’re looking for a way to spy on ads across multiple networks, then I highly recommend using Advault. It’s a great tool that you can use to instantly identify the most effective campaigns and even compare their performance based on platform analytics.

Features of Advault

With Advault, you can track campaigns based on keywords or relevancy. When you want to get an instant understanding of your competitor’s funnel strategy and conversion tactics, this feature is for you.

AdTracker lets you know when new ads appear which helps with lining up your timelines and giving you the chance to combat them.

Here are some other features that are included in the service:

  • 1) Email notifications when competitors match your keywords
  • 2) Track changes in ad copy
  • 3) Identify when keywords convert into traffic
  • 4) Sort by cost or eyeball impressions
  • 5) Track ads that use any campaign name
  • 6) Filtering by keyword
  • 7) The ability to export data for offline analysis
  • 8) Track changes in creative
  • 9) Filter by ad type
  • 10) Export campaign information to an offline spreadsheet for further analysis.
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3. Adplexity

adplexity review

Adplexity is one of the best ad spy tools in the market. It comes with a lot of features and all of them are dedicated to giving out detailed insights into marketing campaigns. This makes it a favorite tool for affiliate marketers, who can use its data to improve their own campaigns.

One of the best things about Adplexity is its price. It’s a lot cheaper than other ad spy tools out there, and yet it offers just as many features. This makes it an affordable option for anyone looking to improve their marketing campaigns.

Adplexity is also very easy to use. Even people who are not familiar with ad spy tools can use the software to find the data they need. It’s a brilliant tool for any marketer, although it’s especially good for new marketers who have just started their careers and are looking to expand their business horizons.

It supports all major networks, including Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft AdCenter. This means that you can get insights into all of your campaigns from a single source.

Features of AdPlexity

Adplexity takes a holistic approach to the management of brand advertising on the web. It gives you absolute control of your advertising on more than 14 million websites, including Yahoo!, AOL and MSN. Adplexity helps you drive traffic with TV-style ads that generate leads 24 hours a day.

With the Adplexity Landing Page Downloads feature, you can offer visitors free downloads from your website in exchange for their email address or other contact information.

Once the visitor enters their email address on your landing page, they are automatically entered into your database.

Next, use their simplicity-driven popup tracking tool to create popup ads to promote your business anytime, anywhere.

Banner ads monitoring tracks all banner advertisements no matter where they are placed on any website. Our banner ad campaigns give you the ability to manage your online advertising in one place, across multiple websites.

Last but not least, their World Class Support team is available 24x7x365 to help ensure that your campaigns are successful. When you partner with Adplexity there is no guesswork involved in managing your online brand ads.

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ConclusionAnstrex Review In 2023

Now, we know that Anstrex is one of the best and most legit native ads spy tools. With this tool, you can easily explore all of the advertising campaigns as well as all of the data insights which will make your competition better. Anstrex is a premium Native Ads Spy Tool that provides you with all of the data insights and search capabilities to make your competition better.

With its help, you can explore all ads along with their landing pages so you know what works best for your campaign. 

It offers all of the superior search and filter capabilities like filtering by country, platform, ad strength, etc., so now it’s easy to find what you need in seconds! Get started today by signing up for a free trial!

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